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Should I submit my resume?

Yesterday, I touched upon a political scandal here in New Hampshire. It seems that a staffer for one of our two Congressmen, Charlie Bass, was posting comments to a couple of liberal New Hampshire blogs aimed at helping his boss. In the guise of a liberal, he posted comments hoping to deflect criticism of Bass and urge people to support other political races besides the one to defeat Bass, saying they would do more good if they focused on more "winnable" races.

Well, it's all over now. Tad Furtado, Bass's Policy Director and #2 aide, admitted to posing as "IndyNH" and "IndieNH" and resigned.

As far as scandals go, it's pretty small potatoes. It's petty crap. I personally have no problems with what Furtado did in and of itself, but doing it from the office computer was downright stupid and unethical. The guy might know all the ins and outs of the legislative process and how the House works, but he's a moron when it comes to blogging. I'm probably the most technologically inept poster here at Wizbang (I'm damned good with hardware, but software is my weak spot -- just ask Kevin how many times I've completely messed up the main page here), and even I can find the originating IP of a commenter, and can trace it back to their ISP. I've done it several times, and busted a couple of sock puppets with ease.

So now Congressman Bass has a vacancy on his staff, and Mr. Furtado has learned a rough lesson in just how the blogosphere works. Bass needs someone on his team who has a fairly good grasp of how blogs work, how bloggers think, and just what they do -- and don't do.

Hmm... I wonder...

Nah. I don't live in Bass's district (although I did for over half my life), and I sure as hell wouldn't want to move to DC. Besides, I like not being a part of any political party, and certainly not beholden to one.

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Does anybody still read this site?

Just wondering.

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I do and obviously so do you.






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