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I Love Michael Steele!

I love Michael Steele's latest ad. He, like Mike Bouchard, shows that Republicans not only have the right ideas, but they have a great sense of humor also. Check it out:

If you live in Maryland, please, please, please vote for Michael Steele. If you can't vote for him but want to support his candidacy, donate to his campaign through Rightroots.

Hat tip: Mary Katharine.


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Comments (6)

That is the best political ... (Below threshold)

That is the best political ad in a long time, not to mention he seems very comfortable, he sells the "scary music" part with his little hand actions.

He has brilliant political and entertainment instincts.

Very nice! How refreshing! ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Very nice! How refreshing! And from a Republican...

I smiled all the way-----fa... (Below threshold)

I smiled all the way-----fantastic!

The Democrats have answered... (Below threshold)

The Democrats have answered this ad.

Grainy B&W pictures of Steele? CHECK
But one of them includes that one of him with the puppy.

Spooky music? Well, no... "Kooky" music is more like it... like a calliope.

V/O "Yes, Michael Steele loves puppies... but he really loves George Bush!"

Picture of Michael & George inside a heart frame.

No approval message from the Democrat candidate.

Are you sure he's a Republi... (Below threshold)
Just John:

Are you sure he's a Republican, Peter?
He doesn't mention his party in the ad.
No gifts from lobbysists? No last minute amendments? The current GOP senate don't seem to think those are very important. You think they'd take up those issues for a freshman?

Shirley Chisholm managed to... (Below threshold)

Shirley Chisholm managed to make a big mark starting her Freshman year. And she was a Democrat.

I'd give him a chance.






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