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Them's the breaks

It takes a hell of a lot for the Boston Glob to turn against a liberal politician from Massachusetts -- but it appears that they've finally had their fill of state senator Dianne Wilkerson.

Wilkerson has a lengthy history of supporting more and more government spending and higher and higher taxes. Almost as lengthy as her own record of not living up to her own financial obligations. She didn't even bother to file tax returns for several years, resulting in a conviction for tax evasion and having to serve part of her time in office while under house arrest. She's fallen behind on loans, mortgages, and other bills. And most recently, she was sued by her condo association for unpaid dues.

That's where things get interesting.

Wilkerson knew she owed the money and had no defense, so she didn't even bother to show up or send a representative to the hearing, fully expecting and accepting that the judge would rule against her by default. But he didn't.

At least, not right away.

By an odd coincidence, the hearing was scheduled barely a week after it was announced that Wilkerson had fallen short of the 300 signatures she needed to get on the ballot for re-election, and would have to run a write-in campaign. That prompted a challenger to announce that she would be taking on Wilkerson for the Democratic nomination for her seat. The news that Wilkerson was suffering yet another financial scandal could have seriously hurt her chances for re-election.

Fortunately for her, the judge didn't issue his default judgment right away. He sat on it, weighing the matter and pondering it, for some time, until issuing his ruling -- coincidentally, right through the entire campaign. A week after Wilkerson squeaked by to victory, he decided that yeah, she did owe the money and ought to pay it.

Just why did it take the judge so long to rule? I see several possibilities. Perhaps Wilkerson asked the judge to sit on it until after the election. Perhaps the judge, on his own, felt sympathetic to Wilkerson and chose to do so independently. Maybe it was lost in the shuffle. It could have fallen behind a filing cabinet. Hell, maybe the judge's dog ate his notes.

All I know is that the coincidences are quite remarkable, and Wilkerson's streak of getting amazingly lucky "breaks" and "deals" and "favors" is still unbroken.

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Jay, this is easy to explai... (Below threshold)

Jay, this is easy to explain. Republicans have been the party of law and order over the years. Therefore if one is caught up in an unsavory situation it goes against the principles of the party.

Sooooo. since Democrats are the party of criminal coddlers it is no big deal to them because they are not acting outside of the party's principles therefore unsavory activity is greeted with a "YAWN" by the left.

This blog references examples often:

Drug use: Rush verses Kennedy. (The left expects this from a Kennedy, so "YAWN".)

Security leaks: Plame verses NYT (End justifies the means so "YAWN")

I won't waste a lot of your bandwidth citing other examples of politicians engaging in sex, bribery, etc, etc, etc...

But the point is Republicans tend to throw the bad apples overboard while the left makes excuses for their own because it is not part of their core values.

I bet you already knew this though.

Well I for one am happy tha... (Below threshold)

Well I for one am happy that you are not suggesting that politics or favoritism could have played any part in the judges decision. After all everyone knows that republicans form the party of corruption. By the way, I wonder how that William Jefferson of Louisiana thing is going?






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