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Al Gore: the voice of experience

One of the bigger news stories today is that Al Gore is now saying that cigarette smoking is a factor in global warming.

Well, considering that as a youth, Al worked on the Gore family tobacco farm. In fact, in 1988, while campaigning for president, he said "Throughout most of my life, I raised tobacco. I want you to know that with my own hands, all of my life, I put it in the plant beds and transferred it. I've hoed it. I've dug in it. I've sprayed it, I've chopped it, I've shredded it, spiked it, put it in the barn and stripped it and sold it."

So now he says that cigarette smoking is a factor in global warming? well, if anyone ought to know about tobacco, it's him.

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It's not Al's fault if his ... (Below threshold)

It's not Al's fault if his family had a tobacco farm. This does mean that he's not going to be able to use that fact to try to appeal to tobacco farmers again any time soon, however.

Bend over. He too will blow... (Below threshold)

Bend over. He too will blow smoke up your *.

Former U.S. Vice ... (Below threshold)
Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore warned hundreds of U.N. diplomats and staff on Thursday evening about the perils of climate change, claiming: Cigarette smoking is a "significant contributor to global warming

Let's be honest here, this is borderline retarded. Let's see, because there is a fire at the end of the cigarette, it's hot, so collectively all these hot cigarettes are helping to raise the earth's temperature.

But fear not Al Gore, whenever I smoke, I counterbalance the Jumpinjoe household by opening the freezer to get ice for my bourbon and coke.

The only thing I have to fear is that cold front hitting that warm front and causing a thunderstorm in my house.

And if I ever get hit by lightning inside my house while consuming adult beverages, the weather pattern inside would not be my first thought as to why this phenomenon happened.

Is it worse than cow farts?... (Below threshold)

Is it worse than cow farts?

"Borderline" retarded.... (Below threshold)

"Borderline" retarded.

No. I think it's full bore retarded. And then some.

But, so are those who voted for this loser.

"Vote Democrat. Because we're losers, just like you!"

Snowballs, you made a funny... (Below threshold)

Snowballs, you made a funny but only a few years ago they wanted to put fart bags on all the cattle so the gas wouldn't contribute to global warming.
Today i read an article by a university professor (expert) that says the entire global warming scare is a crock of cow dung.

The temp went up a few years and now it's going back down. Just one of the normal cycles. Old Algore is in it for the money. He sold National Security Secrets to the Chinese for money and someone thinks he won't lie to you for money. joke

This shouldn't shock anyone... (Below threshold)

This shouldn't shock anyone, this is the same guy who talks about resource depletion then lives a life of excess: http://www.anotherblogger.com/2006/08/11/al-gore-faces-inconvenient-reality/

Does it contribute to globa... (Below threshold)

Does it contribute to global warming if you don't inhale? Oh wait, that was Clinton and pot. Well, if pot and crack contribute to global warming, Al will lose the support of his (free)base.

Well, if you don't inhale .... (Below threshold)

Well, if you don't inhale ... you can't exhale.

barrydauphin is onto something ...

To reduce their personal carbon footprint, it is hereby requested that all global warming disciples cease the practice of breathing. Compliance is expected immediately.

Does it contribute to gl... (Below threshold)

Does it contribute to global warming if you don't inhale? Oh wait, that was Clinton and pot.

Right. Apparently, Bush's cocaine binges weren't a problem, though.

Back in 2003, Queen Helen's... (Below threshold)

Back in 2003, Queen Helen's leftist Labour government suggested surcharging farmers for their share of greenhouse gas emissions (NZ is mainly agrarian, with sheep and cattle farming comprising a significant percentage of industry here). Due to the usual source of greenhouse gas emissions from farms, the surcharge was quickly dubbed the "fart tax".

The proposal didn't sit well with farmers, so it eventually died an ignominious death.

I shit you not.

Now every time I feel a moment of flatulence coming on, the warmth of that moment is all the sweeter, knowing that somewhere in the world, some idjit who worships in the First Church of Global Warming will actually worry whenever they fart.

Oh, and vegan diets tend to cause more intestinal gas than the diets of those of us who choose to be carnivorous.

Given that the bulk of the vegan crowd tend to not be either conservative or republican, somehow knowing that vegans contribute to global warming makes my enjoyment of those flatulent moments even...sweeter.

More salad, anyone?

Well, we should be TAXING t... (Below threshold)

Well, we should be TAXING them for their environmentally-unfriendly farts, then. Darned vegans . . . always suspected they were a bit subversive.

Let someone else pay the taxes for awhile! I should be practically exempt: in the immortal words of the late H. Allen Smith, "I fart sparingly, if at all."

Next thing you know:<... (Below threshold)

Next thing you know:

Heating your home during icy winter causes global warming

Those running a fever from flu epidemic causing global warming

Great, something shows up o... (Below threshold)

Great, something shows up on Drudge and NewsMax (and nowhere else!) and you all immediately take it as true, even going so far to call it "one of the bigger news stories of the day". And you call yourselves "skeptics".

Anyone have a transcript?

Yes, if he did say all that I'll be the first one to admit he's gone over the deep end; but a Newsmax/Drudge story doesn't exactly cut it as evidence.

Earl,You don't kno... (Below threshold)


You don't know what evidence is and don't realize that Matt Drudge, as always, knows what he's talking about. Did the nazi Clinton dem conspirators brainwash you? I guess they did. If there's any skeptic, it's you. If it were up to me, I'd put on my lipstick and rouge, strap on my Gloria Vanderbilt bra and shimmy and sway to the soothing sound of Richard Marx as I curse your ignorant rant. Sometimes I like to bark in Russian and do silly walks down my street. Sometimes I don't.

Great, something ... (Below threshold)
Great, something shows up on Drudge and NewsMax (and nowhere else!) and you all immediately take it as true, even going so far to call it "one of the bigger news stories of the day". And you call yourselves "skeptics


Drop the words "big tobacco global warming" into your search engine and you will see hundreds of left wing web sites spouting that big tobacco is funding anti-global warming messages, which has lefties in a tizzy.

So it only makes sense for Al Gore to claim big tobacco contributes to increases in earth's temperatures to make them out to be hypocrites if it were true.

Think of it as a verbal "photoshop" job by Gore where he pastes the head of tobacco on the body of earth's temperatures to make his point.

Makes sense to me.

Jumpinjoe:"So it o... (Below threshold)


"So it only makes sense that..." and "Think of it as..." does not constitute evidence. Maybe in your mind. But given that GW deniers love to scream things like "Show me the conclusive proof!!!", this "evidence" is pretty pathetic.

(And no, I don't view left-wing websites as any more reliable than Drudge.)

Al Gore opening his mouth c... (Below threshold)

Al Gore opening his mouth causes global warming...so much hot air.

I'm sure Tipper ought to come out soon and say swearing contributes to global warming as well.

Jumpinjoe: Excellent point... (Below threshold)

Jumpinjoe: Excellent point.

I'll do all I can to limit the effects of cigarette "pollution" by refreshing my scotch and soda with liberal helpings of ice from the freezer.

If we all band together, I bet we can actually reverse global warming.

But then I suppose we'd have a resurgence of the set that gave us the Global Cooling scare of the '70's.

Ha ha, cigarettes cause glo... (Below threshold)

Ha ha, cigarettes cause global warming? Yeah right, Its freezing here in Minnesota and when i burn in My woodstove one nights worth of wood has got to be equivalent to at least the heat 3,000,000 cigs put off all in one night.

And I notice it does not get any warmer outside? In fact its hard enough to keep a little house warm let alone 1 foot outside the door.

What a cosmic joke of a fool Treegore is..

So far only Drudge and News... (Below threshold)

So far only Drudge and Newsmax (notoriously unreliable, both) have reported that Gore said this, despite the fact that many reporters supposedly heard it. Dubious, to say the least.

Of course Al Gore has exper... (Below threshold)

Of course Al Gore has experience when it comes to global warming. As a politician, he has created plenty of hot air.

Man-tic, "notorioulsy unrel... (Below threshold)

Man-tic, "notorioulsy unreliable?"

Like, the Lewinsky scandal unreliable, or take your pick of any of a number of breaking news items that were, in fact, news.

You grasping again; the No Facts Squad is always on the prowl for an over-reach.

Open mouths contribute to G... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Open mouths contribute to GLOBAL WARMING so maybe AL GORE should keep his big trap shut becuase his mouth is producing a lot of HOT AIR






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