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Gas Price Reporting (Or How To Make Good News Sound Bad)

I have not heard one story about falling gas prices that did not either "question the timing" or warn of future increases. Evidently the reporting I have seen is representative, according to Newsbusters:

  • In 35 straight business days of falling gas prices, evening news shows emphasized "high" or "rising" gas prices more often than falling prices.

  • In half the stories where journalists mentioned falling gas prices, they undermined the news with warnings of future price increases.
  • It took NBC three weeks to report falling prices on the "Nightly News." By that time, the average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline had fallen 24 cents.
Where I live in NC the average price now is about $2.15, but about an hour drive away it is under $2. How much is gas where you live?

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Knoxville, Tenn. $2.08... (Below threshold)

Knoxville, Tenn. $2.08

Bellevue NE (Just south of ... (Below threshold)

Bellevue NE (Just south of Omaha) bewteen $2.06 and $2.08

Knoxville, Tenn. ... (Below threshold)
Knoxville, Tenn. $2.08

Posted by: jhow66

Greetings from Gatlinburg jhow66.

I think we are slightly higher here. Of course it has nothing to do with market prices. We just gouge tourists for a few more cents here.

Rochester, NY $2.72<p... (Below threshold)

Rochester, NY $2.72

No, thank YOU, Gov. Pataki! Really!

I live in Alaska and here (... (Below threshold)

I live in Alaska and here (where we produce 25% of domestic production) when I filled up yesterday it was $2.64 a gallon....

As to your observation about the main stream media, what do you expect? They hate Bush and most Republicans, and they do what they can to color the news to make them all look bad. That being said.....they HATE Bush with passion.

They hate Bush so much they don't care what their stories do to the safety of the rest of us.

Kansas City, MO. $1.97. T... (Below threshold)
Hal Duston:

Kansas City, MO. $1.97. Two weeks ago. Today the price is $1.99.

So, if it's "high," blame ... (Below threshold)

So, if it's "high," blame Bush.

If it's low, blame Bush.

If you're Democrat, you're a shit.

Virginia (non-DC) 1.98 for ... (Below threshold)

Virginia (non-DC) 1.98 for 87 and 2.13 for premium.

$2.539 in the Mira Mesa are... (Below threshold)
Dave is San Diego:

$2.539 in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego.

$1.90 in Kansas City. SUV'... (Below threshold)

$1.90 in Kansas City. SUV's are bounding about with extra spring in their step.

Greetings from Juneau, Alas... (Below threshold)
Elroy Jetson:

Greetings from Juneau, Alaska where it just now went down to $2.99.
Our price trends lag behind because deliveries are infrequent. Some folks up here are bent out of shape, but they don't realize that in order for stations to drop their prices, they have to have cheaper gas available to them first. When the storage tanks refilled with cheaper gas, our prices started going down.
This started to occur last week.

Around $2.50 in the Portlan... (Below threshold)

Around $2.50 in the Portland metro area...

Here in NC there is a stick... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Here in NC there is a sticker on many of the pumps that lets consumers know how much of their gas price is due to state taxes with NC having some of the highest. I don't know who put the stickers out, but they make my blood boil everytime I see them. My guess is that "big oil" came up with them. :-)

$2.28 in Milwaukee (in tax ... (Below threshold)

$2.28 in Milwaukee (in tax hell of Wisconsin).

1.99 - Lookout Mountain, Ga... (Below threshold)

1.99 - Lookout Mountain, Ga.

Virginia (non-DC) 1.98 for ... (Below threshold)

Virginia (non-DC) 1.98 for 87 and 2.13 for premium.

How far out of DC? In NoVa ~ 2.34 for 87

Eventually the MSM is going... (Below threshold)

Eventually the MSM is going to push the DEMS over the top in an election year. Man alive, I hope it's not 2006.

In Denver, I'm still paying... (Below threshold)

In Denver, I'm still paying about $2.70. What's up with that?

Its notable that many stori... (Below threshold)

Its notable that many stories mention the conspiracy that Bush engineered the prices to fall...

Arizona, outside Phoenix me... (Below threshold)

Arizona, outside Phoenix metro

$2.21 / gal for 87

$0.19 State tax / gal

DFW TX $2.07... (Below threshold)

DFW TX $2.07

$2.39....$2.59 for diesel</... (Below threshold)

$2.39....$2.59 for diesel

Hilo Hawai`i is now $3.17 a... (Below threshold)
Ken Hupp:

Hilo Hawai`i is now $3.17 a gallon. Honolulu, where most of the population is hovers just above $3, but there are some places under $3.

Not surprising the MSM is trying to throw cold water on this. They reported with glee the pain at the pump angle over the spring and summer because it fit their template and agenda, which was to hurt Bush and the GOP and help the Democrats. They don't like this any more than Bush having rising job approval numbers, which you have to drag them kicking and screaming to report. For them it was alot more fun to report every hour that Bush job approval ratings were at an all-time low. You don't see the PMSNBC home page report Bush approval ratings rising with any where near the joy and prominence the falling numbers were reported.


Marysville, Ohio:B... (Below threshold)

Marysville, Ohio:

Between 2.15 and 2.20 for regular. Around 2.30 for premium.

$2.59 per gallon (SF bay ar... (Below threshold)
Alan M.:

$2.59 per gallon (SF bay area)

Minneapolis, $2.08 this mor... (Below threshold)

Minneapolis, $2.08 this morning.

About $2.33 a gallon for re... (Below threshold)

About $2.33 a gallon for regular unleaded 87 octane in Central Florida.

$2.06 for Sunoco in the Sou... (Below threshold)

$2.06 for Sunoco in the South Carolina Lowcountry, but the Charleston TV stations reported yesterday the first spotting of $2.06 for Sunoco in the South Carolina Lowcountry, but the Charleston TV stations reported yesterday the first spotting of

At $62 per barrel, oil is still selling at a 25-35% premium over the supply and demand figures maintained by those who analyze the oil market. This reflects the fear factor which spurred speculation over the last four years, with prices propped up by troubles in oil-producing nations, starting with Iraq, Nigeria, Venezuela, Russia, and Iran. The Iraq and Iran situations will probably have to be resolved and stabilized before the rest of the premium can be squeezed from the price, but the long-term outlook for oil prices is most definitely DOWN.

Carlsbad, CA (30 mi. north ... (Below threshold)

Carlsbad, CA (30 mi. north of San Diego) at Costco: $2.499 for regular, $2.729 for premium.

I filled up yesterday in Ca... (Below threshold)

I filled up yesterday in Carollton, TX (Dallas County) for $1.94 a gallon. People were actually grinning while they filled up.

Saw $2.13 near Milwaukee to... (Below threshold)

Saw $2.13 near Milwaukee tonight. I wanted it to get down to $2.50 and it blew right by that!

I'm from Bakersfield, Calif... (Below threshold)

I'm from Bakersfield, California, and I don't know the prices yet (because I'm still overseas). I do know we'll probably have some of the highest prices around (California taxes + whatever else thrown in). I thought that dhimmicrats liked the higher prices of gas because it's "good" for the environment for people to be buying less gas or something. Let's not forget that they would probably tax the heebee jeebees out of it if they could (in some areas they already have).

Why woudl oil companies wan... (Below threshold)

Why woudl oil companies want a large tax on gasoline products which make people more likely to use less of their product?

Are the oil company executives more of those "Evil Genius MOrons out to rule the world?"

Right now in California... (Below threshold)

Right now in California the rat faced weasel aka Phil Los Angelides or Scandaledes is so desparately trying to blame Governor Schwarzenegger for the high price when it has in fact dropped over a dollar. It was as high as $4.00 in some places and is now well under $2.50 all over the place. Not only are Democrats complete liars and frauds , they are just plain stupid.

Hi all,It's about ... (Below threshold)

Hi all,

It's about $2.37 for regular unleaded here in western NH.

As for the reporting on energy matters, I am utterly appalled at the lack of *any* research on the part of media! For anyone who is interested in the energy markets, please go to the following link:


This site has a wealth of data, not only current market prices for energy commodities, but historical data and forecasts.

Why CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, et. al would try to twist this to a political end by injecting kooky conspiricy theories is beyond me, but it serves to show not only their ignorance but their dishonesty as well.

It's $2.04 in League City, ... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

It's $2.04 in League City, TX. This is in Galveston County, just south of the Harris County Line, and part of the NASA/Clear Lake area of the Houston-Galveston Metropolitan Area. In Harris County it is a few pennies more, but I am not sure what. I generally wait until I get home (in League City) before filling up.

Fairfield, CT $2.55... (Below threshold)

Fairfield, CT $2.55

I saw prices from 2.19 to 2... (Below threshold)

I saw prices from 2.19 to 2.49 on my drive home from work yesterday. The higher prices were in Cook County, Il where one can expect gas to always be 10 to 20 cents more per gallon. My sister-in-law told me that gas in Highland, Indiana was under 2.00.

I blame Bush :-)

two-fitty in tampa!c... (Below threshold)

two-fitty in tampa!
cheaper than scotch!

Morning jumpinjoe. I forgot... (Below threshold)

Morning jumpinjoe. I forgot to add that my diesel fuel cost about $.60 per gal. (my son and I make our own bio-diesel-awww good old french fries)

Morning jumpinjoe... (Below threshold)
Morning jumpinjoe. I forgot to add that my diesel fuel cost about $.60 per gal. (my son and I make our own bio-diesel-awww good old french fries)

Good Morning j,

Personally I am waiting for that "Mr. Fusion" gizmo that was on the "Back to the Future" car where you throw a banana peel and other garbage in to make it go.

Evidently we are real close to this becoming reality. Why else would Democrats oppose drilling in ANWR if we weren't?

Northern Minnesota, 2.29 fo... (Below threshold)
914 Jeff:

Northern Minnesota, 2.29 for regular unleaded this morning..Keep it dropping Bush..Ha ha.

Brooklyn New York, $2.99...... (Below threshold)

Brooklyn New York, $2.99....which certainly beats $3.20.

Good thing I ride the subway.

Prices dipped below $2.00 a... (Below threshold)

Prices dipped below $2.00 at a couple of stations yeseterday. http://www.knoxvillegasprices.com/

http://www.gasbuddy.com (down ATM) is very useful for finding the best prices in your area.

Jhowe66 and Jumpinjoe ... small world, eh? Did ya'll know there is a blogger bash thingy tonight at Barley's? Wide open invite to anyone that writes or reads blogs in the East Tenn area.

it's $2.78/gallon for the c... (Below threshold)

it's $2.78/gallon for the cheap stuff where i work, and about $2.70 if you drive all the way into town (wenatchee, WA)

$2.65 in Chicago, but I don... (Below threshold)

$2.65 in Chicago, but I don't buy gas for my car anymore. ;)

mantis - be careful with th... (Below threshold)

mantis - be careful with that siphon hose

Last night I saw it at $2.1... (Below threshold)

Last night I saw it at $2.16. I'm in the Orlando FL area

gas is 2.01 in perrysburg, ... (Below threshold)

gas is 2.01 in perrysburg, ohio, at kroger's...if you buy food there, it's .05 less...1.96$ a gallon...

Seattle: $2.65Seat... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Seattle: $2.65

Seattle (suburban): $2.45

$2.65 in Chicago, but I ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

$2.65 in Chicago, but I don't buy gas for my car anymore. ;)

Hookin' now, mantis?

(Relax, I'm kidddddddding....)

$1.99 in Abilene, Tx.... (Below threshold)

$1.99 in Abilene, Tx.

$2.29 in central PA. I fil... (Below threshold)

$2.29 in central PA. I filled up the other day for $25 and I felt special. I've definitely been conditioned to think that $2.29 is good.

I understand oil is purchas... (Below threshold)
Ben Dover:

I understand oil is purchased by futures traders. Many of them former Enron employees...YET just as I predicted, the price of gas is DOWN just in time for ELECTIONS. And I predict this, it will rise again, dispite what they have been telling us, as soon as the elections are over. Notice every bit of bad news translates into higher oil prices? While good news has no effect? The only thing slightly raising this embattled presidents dismal popularity ratings is the decline in the price of a gallon of gas. Folks, their working the strings, you're doing the dance. Wise up.

<a href="http://www.gasbudd... (Below threshold)

http://www.gasbuddy.com is usually a good site to find gas prices around the country. Or you can go to http://www.michigangasprices.com and get to other states prices by browsing around there.

The lowest I've seen in RI ... (Below threshold)
K in RI:

The lowest I've seen in RI is $2.39 for regular unleaded...$2.59 for super. I actually got super for the first time in months....my car must love me right now! ;)

Ben DoverIm saving... (Below threshold)
914 Jeff:

Ben Dover

Im saving bucks! Leave well enough alone..

Around here in the Portland... (Below threshold)

Around here in the Portland and Salem areas of Oregon it's still in the $2.59 - $2.79 range for 87 octane. Out on the coast in the Lincoln City and Newport areas it's still $2.79 and higher. We're getting shafted out here compared to a lot of the country.






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