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The Left's Lies and The Liars Who Tell Them

It becomes very obvious when the nutroots on the left know they've lost the debate. They resort to the politics of personal destruction. Take a look at what they are doing to Michelle Malkin.

UNC professor Eric Muller (who has been obsessed with Michelle for a while) and Wonkette are trying their best to embarrass her with photos that are supposed to show her engaging "slutty" behavior back in 1992. There's just one itsy bitsy problem. The photos they're using are completely fake.

Update: Allahpundit responds.

Here's the column Michelle wrote about Charlotte Church that inspired all this, by the way. Or rather, here's the column Michelle wrote about Charlotte Church that Muller and Layne used as a pretext to run that photoshop of Michelle. It's "hypocritical," you see, for a woman who's worn a bikini to criticize celebrities for selling sex to children. Why? Because women who wear bikinis are whores.

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I guess these are supposed ... (Below threshold)

I guess these are supposed to be more shocking that the flash photos of Maureen Dowd going down on a guy that were circulated a few years ago.

All of this is disgusting, but please don;t think that this kind of dispicable behavior is limited democrats who've "lost the debate" whatever that means.

Sad to see the derangement ... (Below threshold)

Sad to see the derangement of Ken Layne in all this too. He hasn't recovered since he pissed his pants watching Zell Miller at the RNC.

Read the disgusting article... (Below threshold)

Read the disgusting article. Sent a message to the dean of UNC warning him that he is employing someone obsessed with Michele and obsession leads to crime. This is a fact supported by the history of attacks on women and childred.

Is there any slime that someone will not try to protect? answer: Rob would go back to the days of Ceasar trying to find someone that did it before to try and excuse a crime today. The fact that the same crime happened a thousand years ago makes it ok today. That is why the democrats are so dangerous, any democrat that comitts a crime in not guilty by reason of insanity, that I may just agree with.

Yesterday a lot of righty b... (Below threshold)

Yesterday a lot of righty blogs came out in defense of what the NYP said about Keith Olbermann's episode with white powder being mailed to him. Anyone taking bets on whether or not ONE of the top, oh, let's say ten, lefty blogs will defend Michelle Malkin?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to feed my flying pigs.

Ack - the above should say ... (Below threshold)

Ack - the above should say "in defense of the deplorable Keith Olbermann because of what..."

Is there a difference in th... (Below threshold)

Is there a difference in the actions of the democratic party and the actions of a Pee Wee ball team that just lost three games? None, every loss is someone else's fault.
The entire democratic party is now operating with the mental capacity of a group of six years old. Well maybe not that high in some cases.

They monday morning quarterback every thing in the world and still lose. That is sad.

Yeah, <a href="http://blogs... (Below threshold)

Yeah, here's a past example of Muller's obsession.

He needs psychiatric help and a restraining order against him.

I sent an email to the Dean... (Below threshold)

I sent an email to the Dean of the UNC Law School. I also asked if the Islamic terrorist there who tried to run over UNC students---an incident thrown into the memory hole by MSM---was being defended by the UNC Law Dept pro bono. BTW, the Law School Dean evidently avoided Vietnam by going to Divinity School for seven years---then turned into a heathen lawyer [cognate with "liar"]


Is it just me or does anyon... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Is it just me or does anyone else think the photo is not even slutty to begin with? I realize it is a fake, but even if it were real, I just don't see it as anything but a girl in a bikini having fun. She isn't exposing anything. Is there another picture that I am not aware of?

It is a good idea to email ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

It is a good idea to email the UNC people about Muller, but they already know all about him and I doubt anything will come of it unless the incident gets lots of publicity.

Lorie, How dare a ... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:


How dare a conservative revel in their body? The fact that she's not in a burqa shows that she's really a slut (b/c, after all, conservatives hate their bodies and sex and fun).

And, besides, it's not the clothing, it's the hypocrisy. B/c if conservatives don't live like the caricature that the Left envisions, then folks like Muller can say anything they darn well please.


OT: Drudge is reporting tha... (Below threshold)

OT: Drudge is reporting that Soros is quitting (financing) politics.

Go to the Wonkette site and... (Below threshold)

Go to the Wonkette site and read the comments. The readers know the photo is a fake yet make excuses that it's ok because Michele is a conservative. There aren't enough mental health facilities in the country to provide the care for the metal defects that infect the democratic party today.
How many want to bet that the latest string of gruesome murders in the U.S. were comitted by people suffering BDS. Hundreds of thousands of democrats are now over the edge with hate and into total insanity.

Is it just me or d... (Below threshold)
Is it just me or does anyone else think the photo is not even slutty to begin with? I realize it is a fake, but even if it were real, I just don't see it as anything but a girl in a bikini having fun. She isn't exposing anything. Is there another picture that I am not aware of?

Lorie, that's the worst of the photos from what I can tell, which is why I put the word slutty in quotations. I don't think the picture is that bad either. What's disgusting is that someone faked a photo of Michelle in order to embarrass and malign her.

How strange...those that be... (Below threshold)

How strange...those that believe that MM is a real articulate voice for what the believe is right see this for what it is...those that believe MM is a shril voice who supports the "Camps" for Japanese/Citizens in WWII will see what they want to see...
Both sides need to understand...most of what we "is wrong"...until we have the personal courage to admit dogma on either side...is simply dogma..
...Soros?..yep..If you can't trust Drudge..who can you trust?

OT on the OT - I've been a ... (Below threshold)

OT on the OT - I've been a Drudge fan for 10 years, but in that time I've seen him get it wrong enough times to not automatically buy into his "breaking" news.

Kim,I agree complete... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I agree completely that it was a terrible thing to do. I was just surprised it was as tame as it was considering some of the things those on the left have done.

What's disgusting is tha... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

What's disgusting is that someone faked a photo of Michelle in order to embarrass and malign her.

On top of that, it's not even remotely decent Photoshop work. The word is "proportion". If it wasn't intended to harm or discredit, it might be laughable.

The fact that some tool went out of their way, actually taking hours out of their pathetic and meaningless existence to concoct such a "response", only proves who's truly responsible for the disintegration of reasonable and adult-like discourse in the West.

Grow the f*** up.

I remember about 6 months a... (Below threshold)

I remember about 6 months ago, Michelle Blogged with pictures of vandalism at the ROTC on campus were they wrote anti-war stuff and left red paint to look like blood....maybe this professor was behind it and has a vendetta for her exposing?

Muller's Blog asks the ques... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Muller's Blog asks the question, "Is This legal?"

Yes, Eric it is, rarely does enviousness, jealousy, and stupidity get you arrested. So, I guess you are off the hook.

Grow the f*** up.</p... (Below threshold)

Grow the f*** up.

Agreed, at least as far as Muller and Wonkette go. As for the photoshopper, after looking at the flickr page it seems that its actually a fan of Michelle's, who I guess decided to photoshop her into the pictures like they were friends or something. If you visit the girl's flickr album, you can see her and her friends at a Bush rally, and two totally innocent photos with Malkin photoshopped in (including one labelled "me and Michelle, during my trip out west...miss you!"). It's weird, but I don't think it's a smear job on the part of the photoshopper. Just a kind of creepy fan.

The lefties are only follow... (Below threshold)

The lefties are only following the leader, without a leader. A review of a little history of the democrats show they pushed the idea that "lying" was good when Slick Willie got caught lying under oath.
Now losing your temper and making an a** of youself in public is "good' since Slick Willie did it. Funny, I saw a 5 year old throw a fit in a department store today because he didn't get the toy he wanted. No one, including the parents thought that was good or funny. He was removed to sit in the car with his father while his mother finished the shopping.
Hellary should have removed Slick and taken him to a mental facility. He's getting extremely stupid and stupid people are dangerous. Next thing you know he'll be cheating on her with another dozen women, or men. The Men because no one has ever answered 'which' of them Ken Lay was sleeping with on his many nights in the white house.
You guys can't possibly win, there is too much slime in the background of the democrats. Call someone a racist (Allen) one of the few real gentlemen in congress, and find your candidiate has ridden through Watts pointing a gun (fake) at blacks and calling them the N word and worse. Democrats are all slime all of the time. Guess when you don't have an agenda for the country you try to cover it up by slime the other guy.

Hey, don't you guys know nu... (Below threshold)

Hey, don't you guys know nuthin? It's okay to lie so long as you're telling the truth. Malkin even *admited* that she has worn a bikini before.

So there!

Kim; Michelle Mocking wishe... (Below threshold)

Kim; Michelle Mocking wishes she looked like that. She ought to be flattered, and shut her self hating mouth.

Alright, Field Niggra, the ... (Below threshold)

Alright, Field Niggra, the slaves aren't allowed to talk about the white womens like that. Back to the field. F'n idiot. Get rid of that stupid name, and I'll call you something respectable. If you don't respect yourself, don't expect me to.

Ok, a show of hands for all of us who think Lee has been a "fan" of Drudge for 10 years. Please.

By the way, I thought about... (Below threshold)

By the way, I thought about sending an email to UNC-CH about this boy they have for a professor. But then, it really would be a waste, wouldn't it.

I mean; they hired him and retained him, didn't they. And, it's a public University. We shouldn't expect a whole hell of a lot from them given the "genre."

He wouldn't last 2 minutes in a court room, the panty waste. I think my spaniel could scare him into a settlement, by the looks of him.

Well it seems that the whol... (Below threshold)
Dave K:

Well it seems that the whole site where those pictures were posted was faked.
http://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
is where they were posted
Here is where they came from.
notice especially on the spring break pictures
http://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/197843844/
has 1992 but then
has it was taken in 2006

Ahh brilliant NC faux lawye... (Below threshold)

Ahh brilliant NC faux lawyer Mitchell, Moking is not white she is Phillippino. You might want to think before you post next time. If you are indicitave of the type of lawyers that practice in that state, I need to move there ASAP, cause "there is gold in dem dere hills"

BTW, if you are ever in the position to look across a court room and see me; may I suggest that you ask to be allowed to withdraw. Because I will whup your sorry little house loving rethuglican ass like you stole something.

That's fact not fiction from your friendly neighborhood field niggra. Now go back to the house to lust some more over Missy ;)

Oh, and Mitchell, self resp... (Below threshold)

Oh, and Mitchell, self respect is something you seem to be in very short supply of. I can tell from the obsequious nature of your posts. This constant fawning over all tings "Charlie" has become rather pathetic, and I think it's time someome called you on it. You are obviously the lawn jockey on this site-the resident house boy if you will-and that's fine. But please stay in your lane and stick to your maudlin affections for your fellow rethuglican friends. Don't stray into areas you know nothing about-like the field negro house negro dichotomy for instance-You make youself look like a complete ass, and an embarrassment to your profession.

BTW, you will thank me and the people that started Wizbang one day for your education.

Peace ;)

F'n Negro, I would be much ... (Below threshold)

F'n Negro, I would be much more satisfied with this thread if we had something really salacious photoshopped here, rather than a thick girl in a bikini.

Maureen Dowd going down on Pinch Sulzberger or somethig. See what you looney left can come up with.






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