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"You can pay me now, or you can pay me later"

Someone needs to make Dafydd ab Hugh stop blogging and go back to writing novels. He's really, really getting on my nerves.

For the most part, Dafydd is a pretty good blogger. But every now and then, he writes something that just makes me gnash my teeth and pound my head on my keyboard, because he's taken something I've been bouncing around, trying to get my hands on, and just nails it -- far better than I could have.

Well, the jerk's done it again.

He's managed to blend two notions I've been wrestling with into one seamless whole -- an actual analysis of the tactics of the terrorists, showing how both their successes and failures have been tactical flops, along with a careful consideration of how a Democratic success at the polls will not spell the end of Western civilization, just raise the butcher's bill a bit. They're just as capable of fighting -- and winning -- the war on terror as the Republicans, but they aren't ready to do so just yet.

It's good analysis, the kind I'd like to do. But that miserable jerk beat me to it -- and did it better than I would have.

Quick, someone throw him another book contract or something.

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Who will rid me of this pes... (Below threshold)

Who will rid me of this pestilent priest?

Surely you realize that in the conspiracy world, you just put a hit out on Dafydd.

Daffyd doesn't get nearly t... (Below threshold)

Daffyd doesn't get nearly the acclaim he deserves as both a writer and an analyst.

DHIMMIcRATs are ... (Below threshold)
paul a'barge:

DHIMMIcRATs are just as capable of fighting -- and winning -- the war on terror as the Republicans

I can't even begin to imagine how you could even entertain this idea.

Paul a'barge,I thi... (Below threshold)

Paul a'barge,

I think the idea is somewhat akin to the idea that a liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet. Imagine the terrorist setting off a nuke that destroys New York. Do you think they would then decide that they are in an all out war, its us or the terrorist and the only measuring stick is does an action make it more or less likely we win the war? Maybe, maybe not. Now imagine a second bomb in Los Angeles. Would the democrats be ready to enter into a knife fight to the death? How about if the third target was Chicago?

At some point the democratic party would realise what is at stake and act appropriately. The only real question is how many lives would have to be lost first. The university students in England in the 30's were just as sure that appeasement, thinking good thoughts and not being bad fellows was the path to security as the democrats are today. That didn't end when England went to war. It ended when they pulled the troops off Dunkirk beach and realised that a precious few in Spitfires and Hurricanes stood between them and the dark curtain of Hitler snuffing out their freedom. Even the "Michael Moore" of the day realised that you just couldn't reason with Hitler.

It isn't really a question of if they can, the real question is how much the country will have to pay before the democrats realize they must.






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