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Just how stupid are they?

With the dustup yesterday about the faked Michelle Malkin bikini photo, I am once again reminded why I dislike so much of the left side of the blogosphere: above and beyond everything else, they are STUPID.

1) Michelle Malkin is one of the top-rated bloggers.

2) Michelle Malkin is widely admired by many on the right, especially in the blogosphere.

3) Some of her best friends and most loyal admirers on the right are the same people who busted Dan Rather's fake documents and Reuters' fake photos -- Charles Johnson, Rusty Shackleford, and Ace, just to name three.

4) One of the blogosphere's best PhotoShop artists -- a master of crafting fake photos -- is the thank-heavens-he's-back-from-retirement AllahPundit, who works for Michelle.

5) Also among Michelle's legions of friends, colleagues, and admirers are numerous attorneys, such as law professor Glenn Reynolds, who know all about things such as libel laws.

Given all that, just how long did they think that such an incredibly poor PhotoShop picture would go unrevealed? And that she would not at least consider legal action?

Regardless of one's opinion of Michelle, any reasonable person has to admit that this was one of the dumbest attacks on her that could have been made. And I, for one, simply can't wait to see how it plays out.

As Napoleon advised, "never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake."


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And now, a <a href="http://... (Below threshold)
Jay,Thanks for the s... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the story on poor Michelle. The jackasses just don't let up. Please keep us informed.

...as an aside - after five... (Below threshold)

...as an aside - after five kids, I'd kill to be a victim of the photoshopped bikini pic :)

This is the best post i've ... (Below threshold)

This is the best post i've read in months. Keep up the good work and keep digging for the truth. You have the democrats pegged now to get others to look at them in the daylight. The only mistake was, there is no longer a left side, it is now the main stream democratic politicians. May the voters figure them out.

I despise much of what Malk... (Below threshold)

I despise much of what Malkin espouses. That said, I hope she sues the jackass responsible for it and puts the fool out of business. I'd fight her any day on her ideas and that's the only way it should be.

It's because she is a top r... (Below threshold)

It's because she is a top rated and admired blogger that she is so maligned by the left. This is how the liberals counter the opposition. Sad part is most of the country is buying into their version of the "truth".

i used to be an avid fan of... (Below threshold)

i used to be an avid fan of wonkette, but have noticed a decided shift in the site over the last month or two. it was always vicious in its attacks (which i loved even when it was lacing into someone i admired) but it's lately gotten much more mean-spirited. i think it coincides with a marked shift leftward for the site. sure it was always a left leaning site, but it was never above taking potshots at the left and it seems to have become more and more an outlet for random posting of dnc talking points culled from the warm breast of the firedoglake crowd.

As a local NC Conservative,... (Below threshold)

As a local NC Conservative, it is UNC-CH is a constant affront to diversity of thought and learning.

It's a typical modern university, i.e. the inmates run the asylum.

Link to a picture of this professor, and you will see what we're dealing with here. A childish, insulated young man who probably has very little to offer outside his academic expertise.

Here is a <a href="http://w... (Below threshold)

Here is a picture of Muller.

No, it's not photoshopped.

I enjoy what Ms. Malkin wri... (Below threshold)

I enjoy what Ms. Malkin writes and envy how well she writes it. However, the situation could have been worse. The miscreants could have put Malkin's head on Helen Thomas' body.


Almost but not quite....the... (Below threshold)

Almost but not quite....the worst would have been Michelle on the body of Madelline Albright...by the way, is she still trying to find a man by announcing she can bench press 400 pounds with her legs!!?? Yikes...I'm a lot younger and would hate to get caught in those clutches!! Besides she would probably inform Pakistan before she did it to me just in case I thought it was a hot babe attacking me.

Malkin doesn't have an iota... (Below threshold)

Malkin doesn't have an iota of integrity.

She makes things up and ignores facts that don't fit her diatribes.

She wouldn't make a good journalist for a 3rd graders school newspaper.






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