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People with way too much time on their hands

Here in New Hampshire, we finally found out the answer to one of life's troubling questions:

What happens when an idiot with way too much time on his hands runs into a petty official with nothing better to do with himself?

The answer is, apparently, "relief for a slow news day."

Update: The paper's apparently pulled the story. It was about a guy protesting the IRS in Nashua who got into an argument with a Homeland Security guy who was trying to give the protester a citation.

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Hmmm....Link just ... (Below threshold)


Link just snaps to the homepage.

As seen at this moonbat "<a... (Below threshold)

As seen at this moonbat "Philadelphia-based Psy-Trance collective" (that's actually on this group's home page and yes, I'm laughing out loud, aren't you?) -

For the third time in the last four days, Keene resident Russell Kanning finds himself in Federal custody. The 36-year-old libertarian activist isn't in trouble for selling drugs, threatening officials or endangering anyone. Instead, he's the target of Federal wrath because he attempted to enter the Keene IRS office with...a piece of paper.

Last Thursday, after announcing his intentions publicly, Kanning appeared in front of Keene's IRS branch wearing overalls and a straw hat, clutching a pitchfork in one hand and a leaflet in the other. His intent was to enter the IRS office - sans pitchfork - and hand the leaflet to any government employees working there.

"I want them to quit their jobs," he said, referring to the one or two IRS agents who staff this part-time office on Keene's Main Street. His flyers contain a form which he is asking IRS agents to sign, pledging they will stop working for the agency because of what he considers the evil things it funds.

But Homeland Security agents, as well as some from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, stood ready to defend this tiny office from the dangerous flyer.[...]

Agents then gently cuffed him, transported him to Keene Police Department and released him.

Kanning then immediately went back to the IRS office, got arrested again, released again, and vowed to return for a third visit at noon on August 3. He also declined to appear in court.

So on Monday, July 31 around 10:30 a.m., Federal agent seized him again, this time inside his home, this time not so gently.

Ya think?! This appears to be the brochure.

Lets talk some common sense... (Below threshold)

Lets talk some common sense. First, why could the agents quit? Pay is good, work isn't bad (but management is ruled by "The Peter Principle") Trust me, I speak from experience.
Second, the Homies overreacted. If he had delivered the flyer to me, I would have date stamped it as received, thanked him for his concern, and asked if there was anythin else I could do for him.
Think about it, all he wanted to do was hand someone a flyer. The Homies could have just watched, and sent him on his way. What ever happened to common sense? Oh, never mind, I know.....






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