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Is Mohammad Atta's Martyrdom Video a Warning of an Attack?

Mary Katharine watched an interview with Hamid Mir, a Pakastani journalist with contacts within al Qaeda, in which he was asked why Mohammad Atta's martyrdom video would suddenly surface now. He said it could be a warning to other al Qaeda operatives of an impending attack. Scary considering Hamid Mir also reported of a possible nuclear attack inside the US during Ramadan.

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This absolutely gives me th... (Below threshold)
Melissa In Texas:

This absolutely gives me the creeps.
Shukrijumah may have been spotted a couple of times in Austin, TX.
According to the interview with Mir, Shukrijumah smuggled "dangerous materials" across the border.
Perhaps all the warnings are incorrect?
I hate to say it, but I am not holding my breath.
We still have weeks to go before the end of Ramadan.






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