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God Be With The Amish, And Grant Them Solace

Six young girls are known dead in a shooting at an Amish school in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. According to MSNBC, there are also three additional shooting victims, also all young girls between the ages of 6 and 12. The girls are listed in critical condition at this time.

The Amish are frequently ignored or mocked for their unconventional beliefs and practices. This makes them easy targets for thugs and monsters, because the Amish are the most peaceful of pacifists, who refuse to condemn anyone, trusting in the Providence of a merciful God and quick to forgive. Do not be deceived by the quiet manner in which these people will bear the pain of today's abomination - the Amish treasure their children above their own lives, and having given up so much of the material world they focus keenly on their family.

God loved Abraham, says the Bible, because he trusted God enough to give up his own son if that should be required by God, though God spared Isaac. Surely God will love these people greatly, since they were not spared such grief and pain. There is no sense to this, but to depend on faith in such a time.


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Comments (13)

Being a Pennslyvanian who's... (Below threshold)

Being a Pennslyvanian who's business is in supplying mainly Amish farmers, I know them well... and all you say is correct.

About the only thing that could make this situation worse would have been if the shooter was also Amish (but I assume from the article that he's not).

I'm simply mortified by this.

My prayers are with the fam... (Below threshold)

My prayers are with the families effected.

This is one of many mass slaughters in the past few weeks right here at home. It looks like BDS has spread it's wings and the projected actions are taking place. Hate followed by insanity.

The democrats and the people of this country should let the hero's in Iraq do their job of spreading freedon and start worrying about what is happening in this country. There are actually more violent deaths in the U.S. per day that per week in Iraq. But that fact don't suit the purposes of the anti-war cut and run democrats who only believe 'Politics above all else'.

Scrapiron - Dude or Dudette... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron - Dude or Dudette,

Lay off the politics here. There was nothing in the article about the shooting that indicates this was anything political. For all we know, some 13 year old girl shot him down when he asked here to the freshman dance.

I have been to Paradise (and to many places in Lancaster, as I live a little west of there). I can not imagine how hard that must be for such a close knit, yet isolated community. I pray the God will send comfort and grace to them that are left.

As for the gunman, at least he spared us having to house him for life.

Agreed. "Lay off."bu... (Below threshold)

Agreed. "Lay off."
but then...
"God loved Abraham, says the Bible."

And He loves a Mighty "Beat them into paste" and told old Abe to whack the bastards when they showed their heads.

yeah, God loved these peopl... (Below threshold)

yeah, God loved these people so much he thought he would remind them who was boss.Ive been to that part of Pennsylvania. Lovely country. The Amish are really strange.. But at least they are peaceful strange not homicidal strange so more power to them. Horrible thing to have happen to any community, large or small.

Not "freedom from religion"... (Below threshold)

Not "freedom from religion" but rather "freedom of religion" is the rule in this country.

The Amish, bless their peaceful and loving hearts, are truly inspirational people. I have gotten to know some of them during my many years living in Ohio and they are admirable people in every way.

To the outside world - obsessed as it is with having and striving and achieving - they may look strange. But not to themselves.

May the peace of the Lord be with them in their unimaginable pain, may He comfort them and help them to find their way through this most wrenching of times.

Pray for them and for heaven's sakes, yes, leave politics and "they seem strange" out of this discussion entirely. It is not at all appropriate.

How anybody could go all po... (Below threshold)

How anybody could go all postal about an Amish gradeschool just leaves me speechless.

In an absurd piece of TV "journalism" this afternoon, a Fox commentator interviewed some idiot from the Philadelphia District Attorney's office who actually suggested that this school district should install metal detectors and security checkpoints to avoid future incidents of this type.

It's a frickin' one-room country schoolhouse.

God save us from "experts".

Scrapiron: "Th... (Below threshold)


"The democrats and the people of this country should let the hero's in Iraq do their job of spreading freedon and start worrying about what is happening in this country."

1) This is an awful tradgedy for the victims and their families and an act of unspeakable wickedness by the perpetrator, but it was in Pennsylvania, not Iraq.

2)The Democratic party didn't do this, mate.

3) May I suggest Strunk and White? You mean the plural "heroes" not the posessive, "hero's." Hardly the first time - sort it out.

4) These frothing, wild-eyed rants are a bad sign. You need to get some help, seriously.

I really don't understand w... (Below threshold)

I really don't understand why anyone would target the amish. They are in their own world not bothering anyone else. Maybe the shooter is making a statement that they don't care about anyone even if they are pacifists.

I live a hop skip and jump ... (Below threshold)

I live a hop skip and jump away from Lancaster County. There are plenty of Amish in my area. Why anybody would attack them is beyond me. They don't hurt anybody. The only complaint I have against them is their treatment of animals, but not all Amish are like that.

This world is going stark raving mad.

Let me get this straight,th... (Below threshold)

Let me get this straight,the shooter left a note to his wife that he wasn't coming back and that the act was revenge for something that happened 20 years ago.They gave his age as 32 that would make him twelve,and Amish girls? In the end times wrong will be right and right will be wrong,can you see it?

I find it extremely cowardl... (Below threshold)

I find it extremely cowardly for this man to take his own life while sparing the family members of the children whose lives he took - they are the ones that will have to cope and deal with the unimagineable consequences of these actions.

The Amish are indeed among ... (Below threshold)

The Amish are indeed among the most peaceful folks. They do not harm anyone. I deeply respect the Amish for their reaction to this whole thing : for their strong faith in god.

It goes without saying that any parent that's being confronted with the murder of his children would like to see the killers lynched. I really respect the Amish. They're amazing people with TRUE faith in god.






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