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Reconsidering a few things

Normally, I am a fan of things that are tacky, stupid, and useless. In fact, whenever someone I know takes a trip, I inform them that they are to bring me a souvenir that is cheap, tacky, and useless. (That came back to bite me on the butt once.) My prize such item is a 2" green rubber Empire State Building.

The least important element of that equation is the "cheap" part. I don't want people spending a lot of money on these things. It also lets me exclude certain things that, for various and sundry reasons, I loathe. One of them is bobbleheads, another is Elmo.

They've finally gotten to me.

After seeing the newest Tickle Me Elmo, I WANT one. I think I might even NEED one. I've never seen him on Sesame Street, hope I never will, and used to have the WAV of "Elmo's song" that ended in automatic weapon fire ("This is the song /la la la la/ Elmo's song..." "DIE!" RAT-A-TAT-TAT-TAT"), but that TMX is AMAZING. Maybe it's because in the last cycle, he looks like he's being tortured (and not some namby-pamby ACLU version of torture, but REAL torture), but I can't stop laughing at it.

And as far as bobbleheads... not only do I want one of these, but I think I'd put it in my car. Forget Plastic Jesus, I need DASHBOARD MOHAMMED!

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin (who looks fabulous even when she's not wearing someone else's bikini -- and body) via Howie of the Jawa Report, neither of whom thought to use the term "bomblehead," so I'm claiming the word as my very own.


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Comments (6)

I kinda respected her as a ... (Below threshold)

I kinda respected her as a columnist until her run in with Muller and Vox Day over the internment issue. She has lied through her teeth to avoid a serious debate with them, Vox in particular. He has openly challenged her to a debate on the whole issue, including over the war statistics which disprove her entire thesis. She may look good in a bikini, but she's a half-assed political hack.

What a totally insensitive ... (Below threshold)

What a totally insensitive post to denegrate an Islamo-facist ideology that calls themselves the "religion on peace". Have you no shame?


"She may look good in a bikini, but she's a half-assed political hack."

For a "half-assed hack", Mike, she sure does her part in exposing the lunacy of the left.

I want one of these:<... (Below threshold)

I want one of these:

Pin cushion

I just showed a co-worker t... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I just showed a co-worker this video and she said (almost quoting her here): "II'm so glad I saw this. I was going to get him one for Christmas. Now I won't!" and she laughed.

I love the Dashboard Mohammad! I MUST get one of those!

So she's a pretty lightning... (Below threshold)

So she's a pretty lightning rod, big deal. The issue is that she frequently snipes at people like Vox and Muller instead of actually debating them because on some things, she knows that she'd lose to that eeeeevil liberal or libertarian who is significantly more knowledgeable than she is.

I can't blame Muller for mocking her. She's brought it on herself with her sniping.

Sorry brother. I coined the... (Below threshold)

Sorry brother. I coined the phrase Bomblehead before I even ordered the first production run.






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