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The Battle Of The View

Newsbusters is having a contest to see who can accurately predict who will be the next to leave The View and when. They are even offering prizes, although one of them is kinda scary. I don't know who might be next to go, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the lone conservative on the panel, or one of the reliable liberals, but I do know who I would like to see added to the group.

There has yet to be a replacement announced for the seat left open when Star Jones left. I think a perfect replacement would be Star Parker. It would help to balance the almost entirely liberal cast, while restoring the all important (to liberals) racial balance. As an added bonus, any View "gear" personalized with Star's name can be recycled. I am not holding my breath, though. The View probably couldn't handle two conservative women. I am beginning to wonder if they even realize there are as many as two conservative women watching the show. Eventually, there might not be.

Update: I apologize for the bad link -- it is now fixed. The Newsbusters contest ends this Wednesday.

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Fix the Newsbusters link...... (Below threshold)

Fix the Newsbusters link... it goes to The Hill.

Lorie:Seriously no... (Below threshold)


Seriously now. This liberal says who the hell cares what anyone on The View has to say about anything antime anywhere anyhow.

Many of the people who watc... (Below threshold)

Many of the people who watch the view, can cast votes. That is sort of why its important.

If you want to take those votes away from the View audience, I'll let it slide this time.

I think Ann Coulter would m... (Below threshold)

I think Ann Coulter would make an interesting addition to the panel--they need a blonde, don't they?

I cann't believe it!<... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

I cann't believe it!

I agree with Hugh.

What if somebody left The V... (Below threshold)

What if somebody left The View, and nobody cared?

What is this "The View" thi... (Below threshold)

What is this "The View" thing you speak of? My wife gets her marching orders from Oprah.

Daytime TV started going do... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Daytime TV started going downhill when they gave us Donahue and took away our game shows. No DNA tests, no endless celebrity gossip, no new age solutions to common sense problems. Just people like us making fools of themselves (Let's Make a Deal, The Gong Show), marital hilarity (Newlywed Game), and the Whammies (Press Your Luck). All with people like us winning prizes we would love to have.

The View is just a logical outcome of our culture's obsession with celebrity. Instead of a constant stream of TV stars, movie stars, and musical performers, they should interview normal people about normal things that happen in normal life. I would be more likely to watch that show than I would to watch what we are being subjected to now.

Here's what I think. We sh... (Below threshold)

Here's what I think. We should run an endless loop of The View at Gitmo - only episodes with Rosie O'Donnell flapping her big mouth! They'll tell us everything we need to know to win the WOT in record time! Just in hopes of getting our guys to turn off the TV!






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