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The Will To Win

An excerpt from John Ashcroft's book, Never Again, is posted today at Townhall. The following quote from the book not only perfectly summarizes the War on Terror, but also captures the mindset voters should look for in any candidate for national office for the forseeable future.

One simple but difficult principle provides the opportunity for the United States to achieve "never again." That is: The will to win. The will to do whatever is necessary within the Constitution to protect America separates us from more death and destruction within our shores. It is the will to sacrifice, to persevere in the face of adversity and criticism just as generations of Americans did before us. It is no guarantee, but if we falter, grow complacent, or fail to do what we can, we give the terrorist network opportunities that, with time and patience, they will exploit to kill more innocent Americans.

A moral imperative for toughness exists if we are asking America's young people to go out and stand in harm's way, to risk getting shot, or to lay their lives on the line. Then we are not eligible to be "nice guys" who will take a soft and easy approach to the enemy when we realize what is needed to preserve American lives. When we ask for the lifeblood of the next generation of Americans in Afghanistan, Iraq, or on other fields of battle, the moral imperative demands we defend our freedoms with an unyielding mental toughness. If we lose our resolve, our will to win, by mistaking the tranquility of our daily lives for peace with terrorism, or caving in to propaganda campaigns built on a false sense of security, we will fail our moral obligation to young Americans who risk all to protect us.

Read it all.

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Lorie:The problem ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


The problem is, there are far too many people whose political goals outweigh the national "will to win", and many, many more who "want to do what's right", whatever the hell that is.

Mr Ashcroft talks about a m... (Below threshold)

Mr Ashcroft talks about a moral imperative for toughness. That's a stirring statement and, in a vacuum, sounds correct. However, when applied to the wrong war in the wrong place -Iraq - it is sad.

Mr Ashcroft is absolutely r... (Below threshold)

Mr Ashcroft is absolutely right. Further, until the Democrats recognize terrorism as a threat and put the security of the American people at the top of their priority list I will not even consider voting for any of them. Impeachment and obstruction has so consumed them they have no room to think of anything else.

The will to do whatever ... (Below threshold)

The will to do whatever is necessary within the Constitution to protect America

The only thing I'll say about that is I will do ANYTHING within or outside the law to protect my family...

You guys have NO,..." moral... (Below threshold)

You guys have NO,..." moral imperative for toughness"
when you ask the troops to put their lives on the line and then turn around bending over backwards to make excuse after excuse for this administrations failures, arrogance and incompetence that has made those very troops endangered.

I don't care what YOU SAY YOU DO...the fact is when you ignore and make excuses for the war profiteers like Haliburtons CEO who has seen his stock go up to $200,000,000 dollars since the conflict started and YOU DON"T HAVE THE MORAL FORTITUDE TO ASK YOUR FRICKIN LEADERS FOR A TRUMAN-LIKE COMMISSION TO INVESTIGATE......THEN YOU HAVE NO MORAL FORTITUDE and YOU ARE NOT SUPPORTING THE TROOPS.....you're KILLING them for your own SORRY AZZ political expedincy.

Mun-go you have to be the d... (Below threshold)

Mun-go you have to be the dumbest frigging asshole liberal on the earth-even ahead of Howie Dean. Sheezze

muirgeoWow defense... (Below threshold)


Wow defense contracts (therefore profits) go up during a war. happened during every war.

here's another fact, ice cream sales go up in summer.

Hugh:Your record i... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


Your record is stuck.


Your record is stuck.


You can play on my team anytime!

Why did I not hear about th... (Below threshold)

Why did I not hear about this book being released on CNN like Woodturds??


MurkyEggo, Kiss Murthas Ass

muirego,w... (Below threshold)


when you ask the troops to put their lives on the line and then turn around bending over backwards to make excuse after excuse for this administrations failures, arrogance and incompetence that has made those very troops endangered.

I'm sure I speak for most people when I say I have boundless respect for the profession chosen by the soldiers of the United States Armed forces.

Supporting this administration is in no way disrespectful of their efforts and sacrifices. Contrarily, on the far left, those who ally themselves with the people we try to fight, try to undermine war efforts, and ascribe to ideologies mirrored by our enemy, are the ones who risk the lives of our soldiers.

It appears you will take any side that is not on the side of the Bush administration, muirego, and that is a slippery slope; as indicated by Ayman al-Zawahri's recent statements...statements which to some degree, you likely find yourself agreeing with. You might also find yourself agreeing with Hugo Chavez or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, when they criticize our president and our country.

There is nothing wrong with criticism, but when coming from the likes of those people, one must consider the source.

Likewise, muirego, when you type, I consider the source.

As far as your little tantrum, typed mostly in caps...VagaBond says it best. Someone would get those contracts. If you're accusing Bush of starting a war to make profits for these companies, I believe you should review your sense of logic.

Look what the war is costing us on every front, then look at the profits of a few companies.

It's never too late to learn.

IIt doesn't matter when or ... (Below threshold)

IIt doesn't matter when or where the war is. There is a group of people in this country (american communist party/ACLU, one and the same) that's total drive is defeat for the United States. The wrong war/wrong place democratic crowd have fallen right into their hands. This is not the first and only war the 'defeat and retreat' crowd has screamed for 'defeat and retreat'. I served in Vietnam and the same people coupled with the democrats of this country were getting us killed by the thousands by supporting the enemy. They finally got the defeat and retreat they desired and it cost Southease Asia millions of lives. The blood of millions are on the democratic partys hands and they can't wash it off. It appears they have given up on washing it off and want to replace it with the blood of millions in the Middleeast, they have already killed hundreds of American Soldiers by supporting the terrorists.
All of this, both times, only to soothe a wounded ego from losing elections. Politic's has became a deadly game for the democrats, and they are doing the killing.

Hugh and Muirego:If ... (Below threshold)

Hugh and Muirego:
If your party wins the Congress next month I strongly suggest you run out and buy a Koran, and study hard. That is the only way you will keep your head when the terrorists take over.

I would like to add that we... (Below threshold)

I would like to add that we have a close family member who gave his life in Iraq to preserve freedom of speech as well as other freedoms in this country. Speech which the lefties use to give aid and comfort to the terrorists.

Thanks for your service, Sc... (Below threshold)

Thanks for your service, Scrapiron.

Thanks, USMC Pilot.<p... (Below threshold)

Thanks, USMC Pilot.

It would be an honor (although I was in the Navy..)

The lesson of VietNam: a li... (Below threshold)

The lesson of VietNam: a limited war is a lost war. The true immorality is sacrificing American lives to avoid killing the enemy too quickly. This is WWIV: when will we learn the lesson? William T. Sherman, where are you when we need you?

There is plenty of evidence... (Below threshold)

There is plenty of evidence that hundreds of millions and likely billions of dollars have been wasted by poor contracts or fraudulent abuse of contracts.

So you supporters of the military are OK with that? Money that cold have gone to buy more body and vehicle Armor to protect the soldiers you claim to support. But rather then hold your leaders responsible you'd rather give them a pass and call me a supporter of the terrorist and provide cover for your own corrupt political leaders.

Oh yeah!! You are "REAL PATRIOTS" all right.....BS!! Ya dam fools!

Does any of you even know what the Truman Commission was???? Anyone of you dunderheads????

Hugh, what you are saying, ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Hugh, what you are saying, by saying this is the wrong war in the wrong place is that you support Saddam Hussain, his lovely sons, and the Baathist rule in Iraq. The extermination of the Kurds and Shia. We know, because of the Oil for Food scandal that the sanctions would have been lifed by now, and at least 4,000 terrorists would have been alive to cause mischief elsewhere in the world, read U.S.A. This all proves my point that you are and idiot. Muirego, who owns Halliburton? I believe it is a publically held corporation. Even Nichael Moore owned stock in Halliburton. You have no proof of what you claim, you are just, as usual, flapping you lips. And like they said about your hero, W.J. Clinton. If your lips are moving your a lying.

Spelling correction. I mea... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Spelling correction. I meant Michael Moore.

Scrapiron:I applau... (Below threshold)


I applaud your service in Vietnam. I served in the Army from 1970-1976 although I was not sent to Vietnam. I did not want to go but would have if called upon to do so. If we had the same circumstances today I would not want to go to Iraq but would if called to do so. I was against the Vietnam War as I am against the war in Iraq.

When you and Zelldorf make your ludicrous claims about democrats who are against the war in Iraq (please note I said Iraq -not the war on terrorism) being communists or ACLU or the other absurd labels you use, it is you who are encouraging those who hate America. It is you who make a mockery of what this country is all about. It is you who makes your service in Vietnam look wasteful.

As for people who believe a democratic congress will mean the terrorists will swarm through our country and "take over" I suggest you pack your bags now so you can escape. That is such an absurd thought I really wonder if you actually believe it. Although I don't which is scarier: that you do belive it or that you're just making noise.

"The will to do whatever is... (Below threshold)

"The will to do whatever is necessary within the Constitution"

Now why did he have to go and spoil a perfect

Hugh, What would you call t... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Hugh, What would you call those foreign fighters the leader of AL-QAEDA IN IRAQ said died. I believe he put the number at 4,000. Just where is it, you fucking idiot, that you want to fight terrorism. Name the country were you would fight them. Are you stupid enough to believe some international police force can contain terrorism and the forces of Islamic radicals? In a perfect world, we would be able to give you and your ilk to them. Learn first hand what Nick Berg learned.

Zelsdorf:Thanks fo... (Below threshold)


Thanks for your reply. It says it all. God bless

Zelsdorf:Thanks fo... (Below threshold)


Thanks for your reply. It says it all. God bless

Posted by: Hugh

Yep the fact is the terrorist and Zelsdorf are the same kind of guy...just born into different countries and religions. Both conservatives with no ability to consider other points of view and both only able to settle things with violence.






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