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Common Ground

As nasty as the poltical scene has gotten over the past few weeks, and no doubt will continue to be through election day, it is nice to be reminded of one issue that brought left and right together. Mark Tapscott is the perfect person to write about it, too, considering how much he did to promote the issue of transparency in government spending.

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Why thank you, Lorie. Most ... (Below threshold)

Why thank you, Lorie. Most appreciated.

That was a great job of for... (Below threshold)

That was a great job of forcing the politicians to pass the bill. There is still a problem, the democrats have already figured out a way to skirt the requirements. You may find the pork but you won't find the democrats name that put it there. Still more work to make all of them account 100%for the Americans hard earned tax dollars.

Yes Lorie, thank you very m... (Below threshold)
Peter S:

Yes Lorie, thank you very much!






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