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Connecting the dots

I've always been hit-and-miss on puzzles. I can dope my way through mazes, some logic puzzles grab me and others leave me cold. I dated a woman who loved jigsaw puzzles, but never had much patience.

I've got a rather odd set of pieces before me right now, and I can't quite find a way to put them all together -- if they even do fit together at all.

Media Matters For America describes itself as "a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media." Founded by David Brock, former conservative attack dog who found his liberal bent when he came out of the closet, and funded by convicted felon billionaire George Soros, they put their energies into uncovering and eradicating any trace of what they consider "right-wing bias" in the media. (Left-wing bias isn't really a problem for them, it seems.)

They don't talk much about their funding, but a couple of stories have come out of late that pique my curiosity about Media Matters.

First, Captain Ed of Captain's Quarters (celebrating his third blogiversary today, as Lorie noted) pointed out this post, where a blogger thought to track down a couple of former Democratic operatives who had impersonated Maryland's Lt. Governor, Michael Steele (who is currently running for the US Senate), and stolen his credit report. It turns out that Katie Barge, who had had to quit working for Congressman Charles Schumer (who, ironically, had crafted the identity-theft law that Barge ran afoul of), now is employed as "Director of Research" at Media Matters -- hopefully, NOT directing research into Republicans' credit ratings and other private information yet again.

Next up, we have this rather interesting tale. In Minnesota, the Republicans are finding themselves assailed by a couple of so-called "independent" sources. The Minnesota Monitor posts material by "Fellows of the Center for Independent Media," but it turns out that the Center shares office space with Media Matters in Washington, DC.

I once briefly visited Media Matters' headquarters, on an unannounced visit while I was in DC just to see what it was like. They have a beautiful space, a good chunk of a whole floor (I didn't get past the reception area) in a building that also houses the Airline Pilots union (I think the union owns the whole building). Do they have enough space to loan it out to this other group? Do some people "work" for both Media Matters and the Center? I don't know.

There's a lot of good material on all those sites, and they all trace back to Media Matters -- and their sugar daddy, George Soros. I just can't see how it all ties together.

Perhaps one of Media Matters' more vocal employees can clear this up for us in one of his first video blogs.

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All you can do is smear Sor... (Below threshold)

All you can do is smear Soros and Media Matters. Shows me that you don't have anything but lies and innuendo. Seems to me that MM would have a nice libel case against you if you were worth the trouble.

You hate George Soros because he fought communism and fights your President.

You hate Media Matters because they use wingers own words to discredit them. They don't peddle innuendo like you do and lies like you do.

"Soros has been active as a... (Below threshold)

"Soros has been active as a philanthropist since the 1970s, when he began providing funds to help black students attend the University of Cape Town in apartheid South Africa, and began funding dissident movements behind the iron curtain. Soros' philanthropic funding in Eastern Europe mostly occurs through the Open Society Institute (OSI) and national Soros Foundations, which sometimes go under other names, e.g. the Stefan Batory Foundation in Poland. As of 2003, PBS estimated that he had given away a total of $4 billion. The OSI says it has spent about $400 million annually in recent years. Notable projects have included aid to scientists and universities throughout Central and Eastern Europe, help to civilians during the siege of Sarajevo, worldwide efforts to repeal drug prohibition laws, and Transparency International. Soros also pledged an endowment of 420 million euros to the Central European University (CEU)."

Wow, $400 million in aid per year. What a monster!

By the way, what is the pro... (Below threshold)

By the way, what is the proven link between MM and Soros? Other than the connections that lunatic David Horowitz alleges without proof.

Not that there would be anything wrong with it, by the way.

Before you champion Soros y... (Below threshold)

Before you champion Soros you had better dig deep. He got rich through crime. To this day he can't go back to France (ain't that a hoot, the French will kiss anyone's a**) because of his criminal activity. He was actually convicted of ripping off billions of dollars in one of his scams and now he is scamming the weak minded in the democratic party. That's a simple group to scam since they are all retarded. You make a good match, criminal democrats and a worldwide habitual criminal. One smart criminal and a bunch of democrats that wear velcro straps on their shoes because they're too stupid to tie the strings. Soros pretends to be a socialist but he's a full blown communists who has vowed to destroy the free government in the United States. Remember the USSR leader that bragged he would bury us without firing a shot. You are working for one of his believers. Fortunetly he's an old man and will be dead and buried in a few years, he's already rotten to the core.

Just a few random observati... (Below threshold)

Just a few random observations:

Oliver Willis is an employee of MM? Ewwww. They could have picked a better "face", if you ask me.

Wasn't it Frank Rich of the NYT who helped out Brock?

Given that MM and the Dems work tight, I find it just a bit ironic that they have turned their site over to all Foley all the time. They also are trying to push memes about Hastert and Shimkus.

Finally, is "Reality" a MM employee?

A couple billion dollars bu... (Below threshold)

A couple billion dollars buys a lot of faithful toadies, doesn't it?

Wow, "reality," touch a ner... (Below threshold)

Wow, "reality," touch a nerve, did I?

To answer your first point, no, "smearing Media Matters" is not all I can do. It's just one trick in my vast (well, perhaps half-vast) repertoire.

To answer the rest... nah. I got better things to do.


You hate George Soros be... (Below threshold)

You hate George Soros because he fought communism and fights your President.

Because us right wingers sure to love us them commies. Seriously, dude, put the bong down!

As I figured, no facts just... (Below threshold)

As I figured, no facts just smears. I'm done here. Return to your regularly scheduled Fox News circle jerk.

-Still playing that Soros c... (Below threshold)

-Still playing that Soros convicted felon card?

What of the RNC salad-tossing Washington Times ownership?

I'm Robin Marty, and the ma... (Below threshold)

I'm Robin Marty, and the managing editor or Minnesota Monitor. All 10 of our Fellows are located in Minnesota. We do not receive any funding from Media Matters.


That was pretty funny. Tha... (Below threshold)

That was pretty funny. That Soros flunky must be charged with monitoring conservative leaning blogs as part of their monitoring of 'media'...most of their 'findings' seem to be about Rush Limbaugh or other pundits, not news...why not add thinking-out-loud on blogs to their tenuous list of 'right wing bias in "US media"'? I signed up to their daily email for a while, but got sick of reading summaries of what Rush Limbaugh talked about the previous afternoon day in and day out and the fact that someone on Fox News had reported on a Democratic scandal, so I unsubscribed. Incidentally, if anyone is aware of any legitimate outlets that monitor 'right wing bias' please let me know, I haven't found a counterweight to the MRC, yet.

What I want to know is: How... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

What I want to know is: How does an organization whose own self-description is explicitly political get 501(c)(3) status from the IRS?

What I want to kno... (Below threshold)
What I want to know is: How does an organization whose own self-description is explicitly political get 501(c)(3) status from the IRS?

My guess is that it is because Media Matters does not openly and explicitly endorse any political candidates, legislation, or judicial appointments.

Unsurprisingly, Wizbang get... (Below threshold)

Unsurprisingly, Wizbang gets practically every single fact wrong in yet another smear attempt. Katie Barge hasn't been research director at Media Matters for over two years now. And nowhere on the Media Matters site does it say anything about looking for a right wing bias in the media (when you put quotes around something, it usually means you're quoting actual words and not stuff you made up in your head). The mission statement for Media Matters: "Media Matters for America is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media." (you see, I put quotes around it because that's what it actually says).






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