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Just in Case You Haven't Gotten Enough of the Foley Debacle

There's more.

The Blotter is reporting that Foley interrupted a House vote in order to have internet sex with a former page. Not only is that repugnant, but it's incredibly juvenile as well.

Now Foley is saying that he was molested by a clergyman when he was a teenager. Here's some advice to Foley. Stop trying to defending yourself. Just accept responsibility for your deviant behavior and go away. Oh, and he's coming out with the news that he's gay.

Allahpundit at Hot Air has video of a former page who says that he received sexual instant messages from Foley after he returned home as well. The weird thing is, the page didn't know Foley personally. He simply knew of him. He reports that the pages had a nickname for Foley: FFF. Check out the video to find out what that stands for.

Michelle Malkin addresses the questions being raised by some who ask whether IM's can actually be saved. Answer: they can.

Dennis Hastert appeared on Rush Limbaugh's radio show today and announced that he has no intention of resigning over the Foley matter.

William Kerr at Passionate America will reveal tomorrow the name of one of the kids who communicated via IM's with former Rep. Foley . Apparently, the information was public and that anyone could have found it. He says that "there is the possibility that this story will not be well received by the some major news media."

President Bush made a statement today:

"I was dismayed and shocked to learn about Congressman Foley's unacceptable behavior," Bush told reporters.

"I was disgusted by the revelations and disappointed that he would violate the trust of the citizens who placed him in office," Bush said. "Families have every right to expect that when they send their children to be a congressional page in Washington that those children will be safe."


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And maybe next, he'll come ... (Below threshold)

And maybe next, he'll come out of rehab, claim that he was a Democrat trapped in a Republican body, move to Miami or Atlanta or Portland, run for congress again, get elected, and become untouchable or life.....

If I were just a tad more c... (Below threshold)

If I were just a tad more cynical, I would say the discussion of this scandal is designed to titillate as much as inform. Perversion screams the headlines.......come on in and be a witness is in smaller print. We are at war. Our fellow Americans have their lives on the line for...this? An idiotic, horny Congressman? Two political organizations more concerned about their electoral success than the sucess of the country. Now that is sick and perverted. And all too true.

IMs can be saved, but more ... (Below threshold)

IMs can be saved, but more importantly, unlike emails they are extremely easy to fake, as log files can EASILY be altered.

I'm not suggesting that the original IMs were fake, nor am I trying to defend Foley's reprehensible position, but knowing that IMs can be faked a LOT more easily than other forms of online communication should give us all pause about trusting their authenticity.

Essentially, faking IMs comes down to being able to alter time-stamps in an ASCII text file, and typing in the desired fakery. Nothing more, nothing less.

David makes a good point.</... (Below threshold)

David makes a good point.

While it's obvious that Foley is a miserable human being, I'm not convinced that EVERYTHING that is being alleged is true.

Holding up a vote because you're engaging in cyber sex? That sounds inplausible to me. We'll see.

If some of these allegations are exaggerated, then we'll start to see more and more bizarre "details" start to come out.

Why would William Kerr at P... (Below threshold)

Why would William Kerr at Passionate America name the kid involved? The authorities already know for the purposes of the investigation, so what's the point?

All I can think of is it's a sleazy way of punishing the kid.

Enough already! Life goes o... (Below threshold)

Enough already! Life goes on..

He revealed it -- then pull... (Below threshold)
Karl Rove:

He revealed it -- then pulled it. Turns out "Wild" Bill Kerr got his AOL users mixed up. "American Review" has posted the cache of the Kerr's highly actionable gaffe.

I smell a HUEUEUEUEUGE lawsuit against Wild Bill in the works. The aggrieved ex-page comes from a loyalist GOP familt.

Grab the popcorn!

Wow! You Republicans sound ... (Below threshold)
Ken Lay:

Wow! You Republicans sound so tepid here! Where's the moral outrage?

Let me help you find your moral compass - PRETEND FOLEY IS A DEMOCRAT.

Is it easier now?

You pathetic hypocritical chumps make me sick.






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