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Not All Are Crazy About Free Speech

The Anchoress looks at a recent (and very moving) installment of CBS's Free Speech segment about school violence from a Columbine parent, and also to some of the reaction the commentary received.

Lots and lots of comments being left at CBS, and aside from a few people who appreciate that "free speech" means that controversial and unpopular views get aired, and that such an airing is useful in promoting dialogue, most of the comments fall into the "left" and "right" camp. Folks on the religious right are beside themselves to finally hear their views espoused in a network broadcast, folks on the left seem like they can't quite grasp the concept of "free speech" and are making noises that such a man shouldn't be allowed to talk on network television. They are simply not as accustomed as folks on the right are to hearing speech (on a network newscast) that offends their sensibilities.

What I found interesting was that some on the left were very angry that Rohrbough dared "politicize this tragedy." Well, I agree, sort of. I hate it when anyone uses a tragedy to advance their own agenda. But the folks on the left, so "appalled by Rohrbough's statement, indicate by their own comments that if only he'd talked about "gun control," why...that wouldn't be "politicizing" the event at all...that would just be talking sense!

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I don't think it is just th... (Below threshold)

I don't think it is just the "Hypocrisy makes the story" as to the differences. The MSM sees the democrats as the home team. They achnowledge that they root for the democrats to win. So it shouldn't be surprising that they also inflate or deflate the scandal based on the letter R or D.

"They achnowledge that t... (Below threshold)

"They achnowledge that they root for the democrats to win."

Wow, that's news. Where have you seen that? Do you have a link or a quote (from someone other than atinfoil-hatted conservoblogger)?

I mean, you weren't lyinglying

Fair-minded and objective p... (Below threshold)

Fair-minded and objective people know that the MSM is almost entirely left leaning. There have been numerous polls conducted that prove this - including numerous polls conducted by the MSM itself. So how is it possible that anyone has any doubts? The MSM is anti-American and wholly biased in favor of any Democrat, particularly those who push the socialistic class-envy platform that is based on feelings as opposed to critical thinking.

"They achnowledge that t... (Below threshold)

"They achnowledge that they root for the democrats to win."

I've never seen the MSM acknowledge any such thing.

Was that statement just another Republican lie?

Lee, you are an idiot STFU.... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Lee, you are an idiot STFU. Go back to Kos, or where ever it is you came from. For you to try to deny this truth, truly exposes you as the fool and liar that you are. One does not need a link to any source to prove this arguement. All that is required is that one do something you are incapable of.

You don't really pay much a... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

You don't really pay much attention to anything do you Lee. Do you really expect the MSM to admit they are bias? What kind of idiot are you?

Zelda - yetanotherjohn said... (Below threshold)

Zelda - yetanotherjohn said that the MSM acknwledged this - and I was suprised so I asked for some proof. Do you think yaj was lying also? You suggest that the MSM would never admit to such a bias - and I agree.

It's one thing to suggest that the MSM is biased - (and admit that Fox is biased as well).

It is another thing to say they've acknowledged it -- to say they've acknowledged it when they haven't is a LIE - but then Republicans live with lies daily - so I don't need to tell you that, now do I Zelda?

Lee, if you won't even ackn... (Below threshold)

Lee, if you won't even acknowledge the fact that the media would like the democrats to win, then it is no surprise you don't grasp far more difficult concepts.

We have actually had people like Evan Thomas of Newsweek admit that the media wanted Kerry to win and their news coverage/slant should give him at least a 15 point edge.

Of course that didn't work, because the MSM is so biased they have made the general public distrustful of what they read, thank God.

Since it is an undisputed f... (Below threshold)

Since it is an undisputed fact that the media go out of their way to help democrats win, you dems have to ask yourselves, where in the world would you be without the media?? It's the only way you even stay halfway in the game.

Well, that and voter fraud.

Lee,<a href="http:... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:




Former Washington Post senior political reporter, Thomas Edsall, admits liberal bias in MSM.

Newsweek's Jonathan Alter admits liberal bias in MSM.

Now will you STFU, you lying windbag?

Free speech is a free press... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:
Very sorry..wrong link abov... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Very sorry..wrong link above...this is what I wanted
via drudge

Sheik Yur Booty,Th... (Below threshold)

Sheik Yur Booty,

Thanks for the big laughs about the MSM liberal bias.
No matter how many times I hear such nonsense, its still funny to hear about someone who still believes it.

Note: The MSM is owned by corporations. Although corporations have both parties (wow, 2 whole political parties. How retro!) in their pockets. I still think the Repubs tout themselves as the party of big business.

Robert,You obvious... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


You obviously didn't read the links, fool.

Those were first hand admissions.

Do a little more reading next time.

MSM is not biased.Th... (Below threshold)

MSM is not biased.
They're just normal.
Normal people want democraps to win.

MSM is not biased.<br /... (Below threshold)

MSM is not biased.
They're just normal.
Normal people want democraps to win.

That's interesting. I had a similar thing said to me. I was told that news companies just do it for the money and show what the people want to see. So any bias in the news is because of bias in the population at large.

I asked if that's the case, why does Fox News (which I don't watch) always beat CNN?

He wasn't really sure.

CBS the Communist Broadcast... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

CBS the Communist Broadcasting System and the evil lying eye who can ever trust these lowlife reptiles






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