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Parties and Patriotism

Betsy Newmark looks at patriotism and poll data and finds there are some real differences between the parties.


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More about divisions. Linc... (Below threshold)
Peter S:

More about divisions. Lincoln also said that a house divided against itself shall fall. It would be more interesting to read what the partiies have in common.

And Lincoln knew this passa... (Below threshold)

And Lincoln knew this passage was from the Bible. Matthew 12:25:

"And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand".

It would be more interes... (Below threshold)

It would be more interesting to read what the partiies have in common.

Spending habits?

Peter SNot trying to... (Below threshold)

Peter S
Not trying to be snide here, but how about starting us off with some simularities?

I think we all value our freedom and privacy.

would be more interestin... (Below threshold)

would be more interesting to read what the parties have in common.

They are identical in there fight against terrorists! (tic)

What they have in common?<b... (Below threshold)

What they have in common?
That will be somewhere between a blank page and a couple of one liners (jokes).

1. Republicans
--Christians,Catholic, etc
--Love freedon and want to spread it around
--Believe in work and love of family

2. Democrats
--None of the above
--Traitors in time of war
--believe in welfare, no work
--Have no plans to protect the citizens
--Have no plans, not a clue about how to better America.
--Think Freedom is something we have and the he** with everyone else, that is if there is a possibility that it will cost them a dime of their welfare money used to buy votes.

That is just a short list, fill it out.

I second "scrapiron".... (Below threshold)

I second "scrapiron".

Seriously, I think that at ... (Below threshold)

Seriously, I think that at times, folks on the left really come off as more anti-establishment than they are unpatriotic. Patriotism might represent to a liberal a dangerous allegiance to the opposition party (I'm sure there's a better way to phrase that, so forgive me) - that's just what it seems like.

For example, one similarity that the left and right seem to agree upon is the illegal alien issue. I happened on to Air America before it, heh, was dismissed and became a conservative Catholic format recently in Dallas (910 AM), and the talking points from whoever the host was about immigration were virtually identical to that of the right.

So as far as the interpretation of what Patriotism is, to me, it's more about the left having more of a rebellious anti-establishment identity than trying to say, I love America - even with the opposition power in office.

I'm sort of intrigued by the constant shift in the "identity" of the left along these lines.

Interesting topic and good article.

comeonsense,Commen... (Below threshold)
Peter S:


Commentators aren't always expected to come up with content for the blogs they post on.






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