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A Close Up View of Detainees at Gitmo

Patterico interviewed a military nurse who spoke with many of the terrorists at Gitmo. It's a fascinating read.

"Stashiu" had a position at Gitmo that allowed him to get up close and personal with some of the worst terrorists in the world:

Stashiu's title was Division Officer for Behavioral Health Services, which meant he spent hours talking to terrorists about what makes them tick.


I talked to many of the detainees there at one time or another, sometimes for hours upon hours to build a rapport. Some of the hardest ones in there would do things for Psych that they would never do for guards.

Wow. What it must be like to delve into the mind of a terrorist. Read the rest of Patterico's interesting post.

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This is fascinating, we hav... (Below threshold)

This is fascinating, we have have precious little insight to these detainees, and I beleive interviews like this are important.

What probably left the most impact was this:

Some are truly ill and were taken advantage of because of it. For example, one routinely asked us for an explosive suicide vest so he could assassinate Osama Bin Laden or George Bush for us, whoever he could find first (he was completely serious).

I'm not sure what's more scary, the ones who are methodical and lucid about what they do, or these drones, these thralls that are simply looking for somone, anyone to destroy.

Looking forward to the next part.

I need a cheaper nicer plac... (Below threshold)

I need a cheaper nicer place to live!! How do I get a place reserved at Gitmo??






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