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Foley Panel Podcast

Thanks to Michael Illions for inviting me to participate in a GOP USA Northeast Conservatives With Attitude podcast panel discussion with John Hawkins, Betsy Newmark and Ed Morrisey. The topic was the Foley scandal and it was definitely an interesting and colorful discussion. Betsy has a unique perspective on the scandal, being a high school teacher, and raised some points I have not heard elsewhere. The NC delegation (Betsy, John and I) took the position that Hastert should not be blamed, while Ed was in the "Mr. Speaker resign" camp. Oh, and John used the phrase "naked piggy pile" (at least I think that is what he said).

I realized that I rambled quite a bit during the discussion and knew that my hick accent would come out, but did not even know I had said "ahm" and "um" until I listened to the replay. I "ahmed" and "umed" about every other word. Hosts Michael Illions and Richard Ross, and the panel, were great though and it is definitely worth suffering through my rambling "ahms" to hear them. Listen here

Update: I am with Bull Dog Pundit on the subject of Foley's claims of alcoholism and sexual abuse. ABP is asking for predictions -- who will get the first Foley interview?

Already a sleazy campaign ad citing the Foley scandal?

Update II: Scarborough has gone off the deep end. Maybe he has forgotten that Foley sent the IMs, not Dennis Hastert.


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Bad link on the "listen her... (Below threshold)

Bad link on the "listen here".

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Lorie Byrd:

Thanks. I think it is good now.

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Please help me, I very fat and do not know that to me to do with my body.
Diets do not help, nothing helps.
Who can advise me as me to grow thin?






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