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Blog free or die!


A week from Saturday, the first "Blog Free Or Die" get-together is to be held at the Common Man restaurant in Concord, New Hampshire. Starting at 4:00 in the afternoon, bloggers (and readers, it seems) are invited to show up for food, drinks, and a chance to see the faces and bodies behind the words on the screen. (However, I strongly suspect that at least a couple of people will get... um... "pixelated" as the event proceeds.)

I'm planning on going, and bringing Mr. Duckie and The Electric Mayhem. However, Mr. Duckie will NOT be available for autographs.



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Comments (8)

Hey, cool! Not sure if I w... (Below threshold)

Hey, cool! Not sure if I will be able to go, but I will have to keep it in mind.

And Google says it's only 1... (Below threshold)

And Google says it's only 106 miles, so that's not bad.

Doh! I missed the part ini... (Below threshold)

Doh! I missed the part initially about it being a New Hampshire thing! I mean, NH... NE... They're similar, right? (And really I didn't even read the NH part on the graphic, or if I did I saw it as NE or something.) And who needs to go read source links when you've described it as well as needed.

I was just conspiring with Deb about the possibility we could both go, and planning to check with Chan whether he'd go, and maybe tell Sharon about it.

Nice - the Common Man!... (Below threshold)

Nice - the Common Man!

Its always a welcome sight to see whether one is just reaching the the Whites in Lincoln or coming off the Kangamagus after a day of hiking.

Good beer, good food, and a great atmosphere!

It makes me wish I was still living in MA so I could take a ride up for some hiking/camping and then boozing/blog discussion :)

Then I look at my property tax bill down here in the south and I think there are plenty of mountains and places with cold beer down here :P

Have a good time folks :)

Count me in! You bet I'll b... (Below threshold)

Count me in! You bet I'll be there!

This third (quarter?) of th... (Below threshold)

This third (quarter?) of the Weekend Pundit team will be there. After all, it's just down the road from my house :)

I look forward to seeing al... (Below threshold)

I look forward to seeing all of you there. We should have an excellent turn-out.

Oh man....I'm literally a d... (Below threshold)

Oh man....I'm literally a day late!

I wish I knew about this...is there going to be another gathering at some point? How did this one turn out?

Such is life,






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