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Where Did The Foley Story Start?

If you guessed somewhere in the depths of Daily Kos, you'd be correct... Radar Online has the details.


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» RightLinx linked with ABC News Obsession with Sex Chat

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Ahem.I'm shocked, ... (Below threshold)


I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

It seems all the StopSexPre... (Below threshold)

It seems all the StopSexPredators site did was scoop ABC. The person who fed the emails to the media in July is a Republican staffer, according to The Hill. Good try on Radar's part trying to give it to Kos, but I don't think it'll stick.

Where did the Foley story s... (Below threshold)

Where did the Foley story start? That isn't as interesting as WHEN.That is,1998-when Democrats were successful in getting Newt Gingrich out as speaker using false chrges of misconduct-and the GOP let them.They followed up that success by getting Bob Livingston to resign.Just a few months ago they took out Tom Delay.Dennis Hastert is such a dull knife that they haven't bothered with him until now-with the election just a few short weeks away. Make no mistake-this isn't about anything Foley did.It's an attempt to decapitate the Republican party leadership-again.I'll make a prediction-win or lose,Hastert won't be party leader after the election.When that occurs the GOP will be down to their fourth string choice for speaker.Anybody know of any football teams that win when they get that far down into their bench?

Mantis - it's no use. The s... (Below threshold)

Mantis - it's no use. The scrambling for any kind of scapegoat will continue unabated.

Desperate, and more than a little sad.

The Foley scandal story did... (Below threshold)

The Foley scandal story didn't start with Kos or with the blog cited in your link.

It started when Foley began sending sexual emails and IMs to House pages.

So jp2 is correct --

"The scrambling for any kind of scapegoat will continue unabated. Despertate, and more than a little sad."

Turn it on yourselves and it's even more true.

For someone who runs a blog... (Below threshold)

For someone who runs a blog that accepts comments, I would think you'd be a little more careful about what accusations you throw around. Contrary to your misleading posting, the Foley story was posted on an open thread by a commenter, who had already posted it on his blog. Trying to use the Daily Kos boogeyman isn't really surprising, but do you really want to own every comment someone makes on Wizbang?

The lies from the right are... (Below threshold)

The lies from the right are coming fast and furious now. There was a post here a few days ago about Scowcroft denying quotes attributed to him by Woodward in his new book. The "denial" was a phony as a three dollar bill, but when this was brought to the attention of the blogger she shrugged it off. Not even the obligatory "correction" a few days after the fact.

The mistake about KOS, forget it - you won't see a correction. The Republicans are ion full-boat lie and smear mode, and will remain there.






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