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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Women dressed in traditional Bavarian clothes enjoy their beer in a beer tent during the 173rd Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival in the world, in Munich, October 2, 2006. Germans, in party mood after the World Cup and cheered by a pickup in the economy, have 18 days to consume millions of litres of beer and hundreds of thousands of sausages as the festival has been extended to include October 3 public holiday. REUTERS/Alexandra Beier (GERMANY)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (170)

Those are a pretty big pair... (Below threshold)

Those are a pretty big pair of mugs.

Woah! Check out the babes..... (Below threshold)

Woah! Check out the babes...oh God, I 've had too much....that's Stanley and Frank...

Beer, blondes and boobs....... (Below threshold)

Beer, blondes and boobs.........I'm so happy.

argh. previous post should ... (Below threshold)

argh. previous post should have been...

"Beer, blondes, and boobs...(sniff)....I'm so happy...(sniff)...it's the trifecta.

Prost! Drink up while we ca... (Below threshold)

Prost! Drink up while we can & enjoy life---We'll be wearing burquas here in Germany next year!

Ziggy Zoggy Ziggy Zoggy....... (Below threshold)

Ziggy Zoggy Ziggy Zoggy........ Oy Oy Oy!!

And after this, we go to Ro... (Below threshold)

And after this, we go to Romeo's in Landstuhl, grab us up a pizza and a couple of those American Soldier Boys and get the hell out of this Burg.

Bartender, I'll take two of... (Below threshold)

Bartender, I'll take two of those!

Steins and jugs... (Below threshold)

Steins and jugs

To hell with this contest, ... (Below threshold)

To hell with this contest, where is this festival being held?

Octbooberfest in Munich... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

Octbooberfest in Munich

Oktober breasts!!!!!!... (Below threshold)

Oktober breasts!!!!!!

Mark Foley's worst nightmar... (Below threshold)

Mark Foley's worst nightmare.....

"...and then he said, get t... (Below threshold)

"...and then he said, get this, 'Isn't it curious that gas prices have dropped right before the election?' "
"You were right to ditch that wanker."

"Ya know, this stuff goes s... (Below threshold)

"Ya know, this stuff goes straight to my boobs."

An optimist's perception: g... (Below threshold)

An optimist's perception: glasses and dresses half empty.

Two candidates prepare for ... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Two candidates prepare for theirinterviews for the new Bill Clinton ex-President "page" program.

Our cups runneth over! Our ... (Below threshold)

Our cups runneth over! Our mugs need a refill though...

Drink up and let's blow thi... (Below threshold)

Drink up and let's blow this joint.

Nein. I've got a cold sore....

Bartender, I'd like to orde... (Below threshold)

Bartender, I'd like to order one giant beer and two of those dumplings...

Titzkrieg!... (Below threshold)


Got milk?... (Below threshold)

Got milk?

Titties and beer, titties a... (Below threshold)

Titties and beer, titties and beer, titties and beer, titties and beeeeeer.....

"If you want me to do that ... (Below threshold)

"If you want me to do that I'm gonna need another pint!"

More boobs in more location... (Below threshold)

More boobs in more locations.

There hasn't been this big ... (Below threshold)

There hasn't been this big a boob fest since the last Democratic National Convention.

Ist das nicht ein dream com... (Below threshold)
Jim in Cleveland:

Ist das nicht ein dream come true? Ja, das ist ein dream come true!

WOW! This orientation m... (Below threshold)

WOW! This orientation meeting for female Congressional Pages is AWESOME!! I wonder what the orientation is like for the male Pages??

If only Scalia could see us... (Below threshold)

If only Scalia could see us, now. He'd rethink equating Mexican alcohol with tequila.

"Yay Beer!"... (Below threshold)

"Yay Beer!"

So do you think Karl meant ... (Below threshold)

So do you think Karl meant when he said he was planning an "October Surprise"?

Hey, are we going to have a... (Below threshold)

Hey, are we going to have a similar photo to caption every Oktoberfest? I'm not complaining, mind you, just hoping.
I had a winning entry last year with "Titzkrieg!", but I see someone's already beaten me to it this year.

And here we have for year n... (Below threshold)
Mighty Dwight:

And here we have for year number two
An Octoberfest contest with big boobs and a brew
What a way to celebrate the end of the week
With two beautiful blondes and a wee little peek
Throw in a big stein of great tasting brew
And a caption contest for me and for you
Now I'll go on my way with a laugh and a smile
Wizbang is the best - has been for a while!
Happy Friday to all!

Wait a minute, isn't this a... (Below threshold)

Wait a minute, isn't this a repeat from last year?

Deja Vu. Though, I'm not c... (Below threshold)

Deja Vu. Though, I'm not complaining either. In protest, I'm posting my brilliant, though losing entry from last year's virtually indentical Oktoberfest photo contest:


And I will continue to post it every October until Kevin acknowledges the subtle nuances of it's awesomeness.

Scientific research conclud... (Below threshold)

Scientific research concluded the average american male takes 20.1 minutes to see the mugs of beer hidden in this photo.

With that amount of consump... (Below threshold)

With that amount of consumption, we've got hot girl-on-girl action coming up in 3... 2... 1...

Got Milk?... (Below threshold)

Got Milk?

The Clinton Library holds i... (Below threshold)

The Clinton Library holds its annual fundraiser.

Kevin's October Surprise.</... (Below threshold)

Kevin's October Surprise.

As Gretchen leared at Inga,... (Below threshold)

As Gretchen leared at Inga, she thought how much she would love to drink her under the table

Gretchen: Hey Inga, are you... (Below threshold)

Gretchen: Hey Inga, are you ready to go back to the bartender and ask for some more head?

Guten morgen kinder. Todays... (Below threshold)

Guten morgen kinder. Todays Seasame street auf deutch is brought to you by the number two. How many groups of two can you see.

They say a picture is worth... (Below threshold)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Just look at how many diverse groups can enjoy these pictures. Children can learn about ethnic dress and customs in a far away land. Women can study fashion, hairstyles and jewelry. Teenage girls can see a lesson on drinking responsibly. Now if there was only something to attract the eyes of the men.

Milk vs Beer. The eternal d... (Below threshold)

Milk vs Beer. The eternal dilema of which we like more.

I think its really cheap wh... (Below threshold)

I think its really cheap when companies use beer to sell sex.

Blonde #1: "Aren't you glad... (Below threshold)

Blonde #1: "Aren't you glad we're not Congressional pages? Imagine the humiliation of being ogled by perverts and having sexual comments made about us online."
Blonde #2: "I guess you've never heard of the Wizbang Caption Contest."

Vould you like another schn... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Vould you like another schnitzengruben?

...and the farther you bend... (Below threshold)
doug wood:

...and the farther you bend over when you give them thier mug, the more tip money you get.

Ach Himmel! Now we know wh... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Ach Himmel! Now we know where Werner Von Braun found inspration for that nose cone on the Saturn V rockets.

Enough with the Alps, let's... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Enough with the Alps, let's go see the Chunnel!

You know, Helga, the more b... (Below threshold)

You know, Helga, the more beer I drink the more masculine you look.


Hey, Gretchen, do that thing you do with the weisswurst again.


Dirndl or burkha--you make the call.


Deutchland uber boobies.

Hofbrauhaus & full bra frau... (Below threshold)

Hofbrauhaus & full bra fraus

Kevin to Jay Tea:"... (Below threshold)

Kevin to Jay Tea:

"I think it's revealed our true identities to Wizbang readers."


I'm thinking of a new way t... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking of a new way to play Quarters.

That was supposed to read:<... (Below threshold)

That was supposed to read:

Kevin to Jay Tea:

"I think it's time we revealed our true identities to Wizbang readers."


Nice melons... (Below threshold)

Nice melons

Beer jugs... (Below threshold)

Beer jugs

Hugh Hefner eat your heart ... (Below threshold)

Hugh Hefner eat your heart out. Kevin Alyward has you beat again

Girl on Right (thinking): I... (Below threshold)

Girl on Right (thinking): I would love to put my nose in that perfectly shaped nose parking slot...
Girl on Left (thinking): I sure would like to bite that nose...

How many steins can you bal... (Below threshold)

How many steins can you balance on your breasts?

Cartman's plan worked to pe... (Below threshold)

Cartman's plan worked to perfection, and the sixth-graders agreed to protect the kids from Trent Boyett.

"It's true, what the guys s... (Below threshold)

"It's true, what the guys say -- the more beer you drink, the bigger they get."

Sure, I love milk with my b... (Below threshold)

Sure, I love milk with my beer!

1) Just another night at th... (Below threshold)

1) Just another night at the old Korova Milkbar.

Juggs & Muggs: or maybe mus... (Below threshold)

Juggs & Muggs: or maybe must mugs and jugs

Our enemies make their wome... (Below threshold)
John in CA:

Our enemies make their women wear burkhas. Our allies let their women dress like that. Yep, we're definitely the good guys

First: "I learned this from... (Below threshold)

First: "I learned this from guys - keep drinking until one of them looks good!"

Second: "How about you keep drinking until I look good?"

the breakroom at the Clinto... (Below threshold)

the breakroom at the Clinton Library is the best anywhere.

Here's to being single, see... (Below threshold)

Here's to being single, seeing double and sleeping triple..

Nice Mugs!Two fema... (Below threshold)

Nice Mugs!

Two female pages hold Sen. Kennedy's afternoon cocktail while he starts his car.

Are those breasts old enoug... (Below threshold)
Ken Schreiner:

Are those breasts old enough to drink?

"Yes, they are real, and th... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"Yes, they are real, and they are fantastic!"

All this beer, we need to g... (Below threshold)

All this beer, we need to get some schnitzengruben!
I'm worried about the feminization of the German male, Gretchen, this is our second liter and nobody has even ogled us!

2005: That's it girls: drin... (Below threshold)

2005: That's it girls: drink 'til I'm pretty.

2006: Am I pretty yet? OK, keep drinking.

I may be drunk enough to vo... (Below threshold)

I may be drunk enough to vote democrat.

Germany: Working to win the... (Below threshold)

Germany: Working to win the hearts and minds - and other parts - of American men.

The gang on the balcony che... (Below threshold)

The gang on the balcony cheered as Heike leaned forward for another quaff from her stein.

Double the pleasure with Do... (Below threshold)

Double the pleasure with Doublemint yum.

Oktoberfest in Hooterville<... (Below threshold)

Oktoberfest in Hooterville

Munich, Germany: The breast... (Below threshold)

Munich, Germany: The breast place to be during October

Mein Kamphs-Boobs,... (Below threshold)

Mein Kamphs-

Boobs,beer and hairdressers.....

My netry above should ahve ... (Below threshold)

My netry above should ahve read:

So what do you think Karl meant when he said he was planning an "October Surprise"?

Eich bein boobliner!... (Below threshold)
Jack Kennedy:

Eich bein boobliner!

Beer and Bavarian Alps... (Below threshold)

Beer and Bavarian Alps

When Tipsy met Nipsey..... (Below threshold)

When Tipsy met Nipsey..

Channeling the late Benny H... (Below threshold)

Channeling the late Benny Hill: "Einer Fraulein mit die kleine sitzen und die grossen titzen . . ."

I just don't know which to ... (Below threshold)

I just don't know which to drink from first.

So, Steve, do you think we ... (Below threshold)
Token Conservative:

So, Steve, do you think we will win the costume contest this year?

I gotta admit that I'm the ... (Below threshold)

I gotta admit that I'm the one that impersonating Hitler and Kennedy-and holy hell somehow I managed to sandwich Lee! {yoick!}

Anyways somebody, anybody what would Clinton say?

"I've got two jobs for you at the UN?"
"How would you like to work for Revlon?"
"How would you like to be my pollsters? I've fired Dick."

Anyways-you see I can't quite come up with it.

Double Debauchery.... (Below threshold)

Double Debauchery.

This is not an entry- I jus... (Below threshold)
Token Conservative:

This is not an entry- I just want to mention that the title of the thread immediately below would serve as a good caption.

That's it ladies, drink til... (Below threshold)

That's it ladies, drink till I'm pretty...

Yeah, I know I used the same last October. But damn it, it works.

"Helga, that cute American ... (Below threshold)

"Helga, that cute American Mr Foley is not looking at us at all!"

Four things found that will... (Below threshold)

Four things found that will make make men forget about beer

What the hell is Chloe doin... (Below threshold)

What the hell is Chloe doing barhopping in Germany when Jack's on a slow boat to China???

Four of a kind, bet em!... (Below threshold)

Four of a kind, bet em!

Wunder Bar!... (Below threshold)

Wunder Bar!

Wizbang remains two days be... (Below threshold)
Kasper Hauser:

Wizbang remains two days behind Ace O'Spades!

Did you hear the one about ... (Below threshold)
Charlie F.:

Did you hear the one about Raquel Welch and the Pope on lifeboat after their ship sinks.
Well they get in the lifeboat and yada yada yada Raquel Welch says "well those aren't bouys!

Last year's <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

Last year's picturewas cuter but not as revealing.

One for each hand - take it... (Below threshold)

One for each hand - take it as you may.

"Yah, it's true - it's true... (Below threshold)

"Yah, it's true - it's true - but then he says: Bitte Baby, I'm not from Havana!"

Looking to head-off accusat... (Below threshold)

Looking to head-off accusations from environmentalist, Wizbang shows that it can recycle Caption Contest themes. :)

I think our jugs are full!!... (Below threshold)

I think our jugs are full!!

"I admire YOUR stein holder... (Below threshold)

"I admire YOUR stein holders, too!"

Belinda Carlisle was right,... (Below threshold)

Belinda Carlisle was right, heaven really is a place on earth.

"The men in this place driv... (Below threshold)
Rachel Edith:

"The men in this place drive me to drink. Where are we anyhow?"
"A joint session of the United States Congress."
"Good. I think I need a joint."

No beer job here!... (Below threshold)
Charlie F.:

No beer job here!

Wizbang! sinks to a new low... (Below threshold)

Wizbang! sinks to a new low as they use yet another picture of large breasted, beer drinking German girls for their Caption Contest.

That's written as a joke and should be taken as such.

"Bartender, I'll have some ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Bartender, I'll have some beer. 2 Mugs and 4 jugs...errr..pitchers please"

Amazon's Releases New WWII ... (Below threshold)

Amazon's Releases New WWII book titled: "Tittskrieg - The Battle of my Bulge"

Thank you, I think they're ... (Below threshold)
Capt Mike:

Thank you, I think they're nice too, but we call them stines not jugs.

So I said, OK Senator Kenne... (Below threshold)

So I said, OK Senator Kennedy, what DOES rhyme with Schlitz?

Question: How do you say br... (Below threshold)

Question: How do you say bra in German?

Answer: stopemfloppin!

My Gut Gotten you slept wit... (Below threshold)

My Gut Gotten you slept with Lee!

Helga have another.

"Think Milk!" presented by ... (Below threshold)

"Think Milk!" presented by the American Dairy Association.

"My boobs are sinking."<br ... (Below threshold)

"My boobs are sinking."
"Vat are dey sinking?"

Wow, our boobs sure got big... (Below threshold)

Wow, our boobs sure got bigger in one year. Bier gut!

Boobfergnugen... (Below threshold)


Deutcheland Uber Booblan... (Below threshold)

Deutcheland Uber Boobland!

The dems new lure to get te... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The dems new lure to get teenage boys to vote.

Some would say these jugs a... (Below threshold)

Some would say these jugs are half-empty. Clearly they are quite full.

Beer googles not required.<... (Below threshold)

Beer googles not required.

Woman on left to woman on r... (Below threshold)

Woman on left to woman on right: Didn't I tell you that we would get free beer if we wore these dresses?

The Germans launch their ne... (Below threshold)

The Germans launch their new offensive, Operation Boobarosa, followed by the Battle of the Bulge....in my liederhosen.

Wollen Sie sehr heiß Mädche... (Below threshold)

Wollen Sie sehr heiß Mädchen auf Mädchen Tätigkeit
tun, Helga?

Welcome to Cleveage City. <... (Below threshold)
Dick Burns:

Welcome to Cleveage City.

Are these the breast implan... (Below threshold) "Who? That guy with the cam... (Below threshold)

"Who? That guy with the camera? I think we ditched him."

You know what Archie Bunker... (Below threshold)

You know what Archie Bunkers say's about beer:

"You can't buy beer, you can only rent it!"

a) Germans again celebrate ... (Below threshold)

a) Germans again celebrate that epador no longer lives here.

b) This is what epador misses most about Germany (the large mugs of brew to sip in crowded tents of Germans singing a disco version of John Denver's "Country Road.") (and the view)

Wow! THis must be paradise... (Below threshold)

Wow! THis must be paradise!! 2 down, 70 more to go!

"of course the prevailing c... (Below threshold)
Charles V:

"of course the prevailing conjecture, string theory, if followed to its logical conclusion creates a myriad of dimensions, the number which is indeterminate, contrasts with the definity of rapture I could bring to to your climax with this agile, erotic tongue of mine."

Only a glass this half/e... (Below threshold)

Only a glass this half/empty could be so full.

This Wizbang Weekend Captio... (Below threshold)

This Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest thing is tits!

Ya Can't Get Enough Vitamin... (Below threshold)

Ya Can't Get Enough Vitamin B

New Anthem of Germany. Deu... (Below threshold)

New Anthem of Germany. Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Areolas

"Beer and Breasts are proof... (Below threshold)

"Beer and Breasts are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

"Oh stop worrying about all... (Below threshold)

"Oh stop worrying about all this beer. Even if we do pass out it's not like our faces are in danger of hitting anything."

Gretchen: Did that man just... (Below threshold)

Gretchen: Did that man just order a "pair of knockwurst?"

Heidi: No, you didn't hear him clearly.

A study on perspective: ... (Below threshold)

A study on perspective: I cannot be convinced that Mark Foley couldn't find these specimens of Bavarian beauty fascinating.

If you put a coin in the sl... (Below threshold)

If you put a coin in the slot, she'll sing "99 Luftballoons"

The 'blitzedkrieg' begins.<... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

The 'blitzedkrieg' begins.

"Here's to women, beer and ... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

"Here's to women, beer and song, may none of them be flat."

"Nope Rodney Dill's not cut... (Below threshold)

"Nope Rodney Dill's not cute enough yet, better have another."

A social glass and a social... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

A social glass and a social lass
Go very well together;
But a social lass with a social ass
I deem a damn sight better.
Here's to the glass, and the lass, and the ass,
May they meet in all kinds of weather;
We'll drink from the glass, and feel of the ass,
And make the lass feel better.

"Pounds of Mounds"</... (Below threshold)

"Pounds of Mounds"

Here's to me. Here's... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

Here's to me.
Here's to you.
Here's to the guys we fuck and screw.
Here's to them for fucking us over,
and here's to us for never being sober!

WashingtonCongress... (Below threshold)


Congressional Pages get new uniforms. The FBI plans to open investigation on anyone that does not drool.

Photographer: "Dang, look a... (Below threshold)

Photographer: "Dang, look at the size of those jugs..."
Friend: "Yeah, that's like 3 pints of beer!"
Photographer: "Beer? What beer?"

Bodacious tata's for sale!<... (Below threshold)

Bodacious tata's for sale!

Will screw for drink's

Cuter Than A Mob Of Meerkat... (Below threshold)

Cuter Than A Mob Of Meerkats

"Let's go up on the roof, I... (Below threshold)

"Let's go up on the roof, I hear the drinks are on the house."

Sexist pigs can not be trus... (Below threshold)
Kate Shanahan:

Sexist pigs can not be trusted with a camera during Oktoberfest (or any other time) when there is beer.

What a couple of boobs! Dri... (Below threshold)

What a couple of boobs! Drinking beer while hanging out around all those eager powershot sexist pigs..

Drunken Puppy Smugglers Arr... (Below threshold)

Drunken Puppy Smugglers Arrested On German Border

I feel like I won already!<... (Below threshold)

I feel like I won already!

When I woke up the next mor... (Below threshold)
John in CA:

When I woke up the next morning, I found myself lying next to Cindy Sheehan and Nancy Pelosi. That's when I quit drinking

"Hmmm less filling... or ta... (Below threshold)

"Hmmm less filling... or tastes great, I can't decide.
(I'm talking about the beer, perverts)

Ted Kennedy suddenly decide... (Below threshold)

Ted Kennedy suddenly decides that harass really awght to be two words.

Girl on left: What did that... (Below threshold)

Girl on left: What did that staggering silver haired Man mean when He said "More cushion for the pushing?"

Girl on right: I dunno? What did He mean by " I'd rather swim then sink thru all them bubble's."

Girl on left: He must have had a champagne bath? The poor guy?

Girl on right: Yeah, sure smelled like it!

Definetly 4f material... (Below threshold)
Billy Clinton:

Definetly 4f material

Find em

Feel em

.... EM

Forget em

"Oh yeah, I can too squeeze... (Below threshold)

"Oh yeah, I can too squeeze a breast into this stein."
(Lord I love gambling)

Woman on left to woman on r... (Below threshold)

Woman on left to woman on right: Sure, we can still drive after drinking this beer. We have great airbags, remember?

Anyways,Uncle Teddy will ba... (Below threshold)

Anyways,Uncle Teddy will bail us out! Hes good in water.

Whoopee cushions and beer, ... (Below threshold)

Whoopee cushions and beer, may the farts be with you.

Oktoberbreast... (Below threshold)


I think we're all winners w... (Below threshold)

I think we're all winners with this one.

Update: <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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