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We Support The Troops -- So What If We Don't Know What They Look Like


Michelle Malkin has a hilarious post about the Democrats' efforts to portray themselves as a party that supports military veterans. What is so funny about it is that along with their "We Support Vets" campaign they ran a picture of a soldier from Canada (in the picture above in the beret).

Michelle also reports that LGF found the source of the photo and it appears that a badge on the beret was removed with Photoshop.

I'm with Blackfive on this one: "how screwed up must you be to post about how much your party supports the troops, but not know who your troops are? 'Embarassing' hardly begins to describe this error."

It is embarrassing to post a picture of another country's vets as your own, but I think the picture of all the Democrats is almost as strange. The people in the picture pumping their fists in the air look like they just won the lottery (or since they are Democrats, just got some tax cuts repealed), rather than voicing support for their troops and vets. Check out the guy in the bottom left corner. When is the last time you saw a Democrat look that excited about supporting our troops?

Update: Michelle has updated to note the DNC has removed the soldier's picture and replaced it with an American flag. A few readers noticed that the flag looks like it has been burned. It looks that way to me, too. I don't know if that is the picture I would have chosen if trying to distract voters from the flag burners supporting my party.

I think I have figured out where the picture of the people above came from -- a Democrat audience in a showing of the Bush assassination movie. Actually a commenter, Dave, says that LGF reader Cattt discovered it is a stock photo.

Update II: Hot Air says the DNC didn't do the photoshopping themselves.

Laura Lee Donoho thought the picture of the people they chose to use was strange, too.

Update III: It just dawned on me that if the Democrats needed to know what a veteran of the U.S. military looked like, they could have just asked me. I pulled this one out of my wedding album:


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The "pumping fists" photo i... (Below threshold)

The "pumping fists" photo is probably a stock photo like the Canadian soldier photo (which Michelle points out). I doubt all those people are all Democrats and are all "veterans & military families."

The two old gray haired guy... (Below threshold)

The two old gray haired guys on the far left looked like they're on drugs.

I just love it when WingNut... (Below threshold)

I just love it when WingNut Nation trumpets their
Pharisaical Shofer with the tune 'we support the

When troops come home they become Veterans.

What sort of support do they get when they need us?

Yeah. You guys are the leading edge of military
support. More sophist hyupocrisy from the Party
of Values. Heh

The last time I saw anyone ... (Below threshold)

The last time I saw anyone as deliriously happy as the guy in the bottom left corner. It was Dean during the banshee rant.
However they could be celebrating the defeat of the patriot act or even another anticipated Al quaeda successful attack in the U.S...Take Your pick..

I think the DNC banner pict... (Below threshold)

I think the DNC banner picture above was actually a photo of those folks who were informed by the Canadiann health system that they were approved for MRIs this month. I guess they were happy their wait was over.

<a href="http://seattletime... (Below threshold)

Is this how to support the troops?

Of course BUSHCO had nothing to do with it.

You can maybe... (Below threshold)

You can maybe give them a pass on the guy in the foreground. That is about the same color of green as our soldiers wear.

The guys in the backgound though-no American military group that I know of wears that particular shade of green.

It's a brighter green and really leaps out as foreign.

As a six-year veteran mysel... (Below threshold)
John Simpson:

As a six-year veteran myself, I can only conclude that Dean and the DNC found images of US Veterans so distateful they had to Photoshop a Candian for display on their website. With supporters like these, who needs enemies?

Jason, it is a stock photo.... (Below threshold)

Jason, it is a stock photo. LGF reader Catttt found it. http://www.fotosearch.com/DGV648/1992036/

Looks like someone <a href=... (Below threshold)

Looks like someone learned a trick from the Republicans.

Were conservatives outraged when Bush's campaign photoshopped soldiers? Or quickly threw together a Katrina graphic showing the White House helping Katrina victims - who in fact weren't Katrina victims?

Oh, hypocrisy -- thy name is "Republican".

Are you people morons? It ... (Below threshold)

Are you people morons? It sure seems like it.

Republicans complain of the Democrats hypocrisy when they use stock photos in ads.

Democrats complain that the Bush administration has squandered all of the integrity of the White House, while Sandy Berger is stuffing historical documents down his pants.

These scenes are repeated over and over and over.

And each side continues to blame the other, while nothing gets done. Is it any wonder that the public assumes a politician is a liar? That politicians are ranked below car salesmen for integrity and honesty?

Look at reality. Government officials don't care about the voters that put them in office. They are just there for their own personal gain, at whatever cost. It has nothing to do with political parties.

Lee-babycakes-sweetums... (Below threshold)


Where did you get your schoolin'?

Berkeley? They still doin' the pass/fail feel good grading system?

Anyhoo-how mant US Army soldiers are there?

How many Canadian soldiers are there?

Do they teach you statistics, the laws of probability?

What are the chances the DNC would pay for a photo shopped picture of a Canadian soldier on Rememberance Day -when they could have walked out of that hell hole they call DNC headquarters and taken a few photos of American military on Veteran's Day?

Well hell it's a trick question because you've got to factor in that ever present variable when it comes to the Democrats-they are lazy...

So once again the Democrats beat the prevailing odds-and they couldn't even do it all by themsleves-they paid someone else.

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaargh! Dean on to defeat Canada or something...wait...

Turn the USA into Canada! Holy Taxachusetts-finally the Democrats have a plan!

I thought the DNC banner pi... (Below threshold)

I thought the DNC banner picture looked like a beer ad. Yeah, those are the serious folks we want running the country.

Soldier pic now replaced by... (Below threshold)

Soldier pic now replaced by flag pic.

Sure looks like that flag i... (Below threshold)

Sure looks like that flag is burning. Trust the Dems to pick an image of a flag that looks like it's been burnt.

Jason, it is a stock pho... (Below threshold)

Jason, it is a stock photo. LGF reader Catttt found it. http://www.fotosearch.com/DGV648/1992036/

Ha! Figures. "Fake [vets and families], but accurate," I bet. Idiots.

Incidentally, I incorrectly stated that Michelle pointed out that the Canadian soldier photo came from a stock source. It was LGF where I first saw that fact.

Looks like someone learn... (Below threshold)

Looks like someone learned a trick from the Republicans.
Were conservatives outraged when Bush's campaign photoshopped soldiers? Or quickly threw together a Katrina graphic showing the White House helping Katrina victims - who in fact weren't Katrina victims?
Oh, hypocrisy -- thy name is "Republican".

Nincompoopery -- they name is "Lee."

The Republican photoshop didn't portray the soldiers as anything but American. IIRC, they did it to remove President Bush and a podium from the shot. Kind of silly, but it's certainly not on the level of portraying Canadian soldiers as American or a generic group of people from a stock photo as "veterans & military families."

Sorry, Lee, but the liberals have cornered the market on "fake, but accurate" photos. That Republicans have done it once or twice (figuratively speaking) doesn't give you nitwits a pass.

"When is the last time you ... (Below threshold)
Orbit Rain:

"When is the last time you saw a Democrat look that excited about supporting our troops?"

...this reminds me of propogandists from the Middle East who tell their subjects open their mouths to convey a stronger emotion...

...good job dems, more proof for history to laugh at your duplicity and ignorance...

I'm pretty sure Lee is in t... (Below threshold)

I'm pretty sure Lee is in that picture as one of the ham-handed blowhards shaking his fist in the air.

When is the last time yo... (Below threshold)

When is the last time you saw a Democrat look that excited...?

Let's see when they took to COURT the votes of US military serving overseas and voting by absentee ballot.

Every vote counts for the Dems {sometimes twice in your big Dem corruption cities}-and they aren't into details like voter ID until-it comes to military absentee votes-

Then they want DNA samples-off the back of the stamps the military postal system doesn't use.

So details, details about the military-the Democrats could care less-until it comes time to scrutinize their votes.

The Democrats knew the military wasn't voting for them. Scary.

Given the pic of the Canadi... (Below threshold)
S.A B.:

Given the pic of the Canadian soldier, it would make sense that the banner is a picture of the crowd at a Toronto Maple Leafs game after the Leafs scored in overtime. It must be an old pic.

As a veteran I'll comment.<... (Below threshold)

As a veteran I'll comment.

The stock photo of the crowd? Who cares. They needed a crowd. The Canadian soldeir labelled as a US soldier? Just more proof that the Dems understand the military so little no one noticed it wasn't even American.

I don't attribute this to malice. Brain dead stupid---yes.

When your party is being accused of not supporting the military and you decide to post up a pro-military site you should triple check that your i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

All this ad told me is that the Democratic party is either too ignorant or too careless about military matters. If they can't even get a correct picture of the correct Armed Forces in an ad how in the hell do I even begin to trust them with the real thing?

This is about as stupid as it gets. You claim to be pro-military and then hand your political opponent a gift showing you don't know your own soldiers from another nation. It's similar to Kerry giving his famous "I voted for before I voted against" during the height of being accused of flip-flopping. He may have had a legit argument at the time but he handed his opponents a sound-bite they could beat him over the ehad with.

This is similar.

What a moron of a page creator and a moron of an editor.

This is too comical but fit... (Below threshold)

This is too comical but fits with every democrat's post, evidently they slip them under the door at the local mental facility.

Almost as clever as Peloshi's rant that they are going to change the direction of the economy. Let's see how that will have to work.

Stock Market at record high.
Peloshi, Crash the stock market.

Tax rates for working class lowest in years.
Peloshi, Raise taxes on the working class.

Interest rates low and steady.
Peloshi, Revert to Dimmy Carter interest of 21% +

Gas prices going down.
Peloshi, Raise gas prices to $6.00 P.G. to equal Dimmy Carter years. Initiate price controls to make sure they stay high. The Islamic terrorists need more American money.

Home ownership rates highest in history.
Peloshi, raise interest rates so people can't buy and current owners lose their homes.

No terrorist attacks on American Soil for 5 YRS.
Peloshi, support the terrorists to enable a massive attack so they can blame Bush. More BDS.

Peloshi, Drain the swamp in the house of Rep's. Isn't she in the House? How many years?
Peloshi, refill the house swamp with taxpayer dollars.

Why is the Foley affair still on every democrats mind? They have no other agenda and there is only room in a pea brain for one item at a time.

A webb voter last week, an Allen voter this week. They just can't leave well enough alone. Dum De Dum Dum.

"That Republicans have d... (Below threshold)

"That Republicans have done it once or twice (figuratively speaking) doesn't give you nitwits a pass."

Wasn't suggesting it did -- just showing that the Republican"outrage" over this is as hypocritical as most other recent instances of Republican "outrage".

Funny, no Republicans were outraged when Foley practiced his sexual prepdation on under-aged Congressional pages -- at least no one was outraged enough to do anything about it until the news agencies published the sordid details - then they turned hypocrits and were condemning the man. Too little, too late. Why did the news agencies have to break this news first? And even then Foley resigned - the Republicans didn't kick him out.

Hastert knew about Foley's follies for several years - no outrage there - but let the Democrats use a stock photo in an ad (a common practice for Republicans and Democrats)and Republicans suddenly ignore their own photoshopped phoniness, and are up in arms. LOL! How phony can you get?

I'm not even faintly elucid... (Below threshold)

I'm not even faintly elucidated by Semanticleo's posts, or their relevance to the topic. Not much particularlee relevant in other ranters, either.

However, it doesn't seem to be a topic worth so much bluster from either side. Its just evidence of poor skills or effort on the part of the webmaster of the site.

Either that person gets fired, or the folks who hired 'em are too stupid to react. Faith+1 nailed it.

So who was the webmaster, and did they get fired yet?

Lee: "...LOL! How phony ca... (Below threshold)

Lee: "...LOL! How phony can you get?"

Well Lee, not as phony as you (nor as stupid).

What outrage Lee?Unl... (Below threshold)

What outrage Lee?
Unless you've mistaken for "laughing out of the chair" for outrage...

No "outrage" from me, Lee. ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

No "outrage" from me, Lee. Just hysterical laughing and amazement that they could be so sloppy or dumb on this issue. It is dumb when Republicans do it, but they already have huge credibility on military and national defense issues so most will see it as some low level person making a dumb mistake. The Democrats are trying to convince voters they know and care about those issues and this is certainly not the way to do that.

I have to concur with Laura... (Below threshold)

I have to concur with Laura Ingraham, the democrats don't want to talk about the issues, so they want people to focus on Foley.

Well, he's gone. He's not being censured or being put up in some committee, ala Studds.

Gas prices are down, the economy is rolling, recruitment is up (don't hear about that hey MSM?), the nation isn't crumbling because of the Foley mess, we haven't been attacked by terrorists in 5 years, Saddam is gone, Iran is sweating...and all the democrats can do is say they can do things better or let their MSM lapdogs trickle out trumped-up scandals right before the election. I heard rumors that there were others involved with this and they were democrats...wonder why that's not come out.

I guess it's easy to find o... (Below threshold)

I guess it's easy to find out who supports veterans more - look at the bills.

Anyone research at Wizbang? Or do you just spew?

Lee you silly twit if the D... (Below threshold)

Lee you silly twit if the DNC was smart enough to photoshop in an AMERICAN soldier to their web page no one would have complained or noticed.Doesn't ANYONE at the DNC know what a US Army uniform looks like? I know I'm not the first to say that this is jaw-droppingly stupid...but this is jaw-droppingly stupid.Oh...and Lee? Trying to change the subject to ex-congressman Foley just makes you look foolish.But what else is new.

Silly democratic party!!!! ... (Below threshold)

Silly democratic party!!!! Like they really support the Vets!!!


Oh on the above like click ... (Below threshold)

Oh on the above like click on Muster Roll.




Hey muirgeo: Why don't you ... (Below threshold)

Hey muirgeo: Why don't you send those links to the DNC so they can ring up one those Democratic veterans and ask them what a US army uniform looks like.

As a veteran, I am outraged... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

As a veteran, I am outraged at the picture of a foreign soldier depicted as an American Vereran. I want to know who in the Democratic party knew about this error and when they knew it. Who is responsible. When did Nancy Pelosi know and when did she know it. Is John Kerry behind this outrage? Has Howard Dean stepped down as Leader of the DNC yet? Who approved of this mistanke. This also insults our nearest neighors, the english speaking Canadians. I hope this matter does not end up before the UN. We simply must insist the leaderlesship of the Democratic party resign. Now you know how silly Foley sounds.

Much ado about nothing. It... (Below threshold)

Much ado about nothing. It would be an easy mistake for anyone who hasn't been in the military to make.

Zelda -- Just saw a poll q... (Below threshold)

Zelda -- Just saw a poll quoted that says the majority of Amerians think Hastert covered up on the Foley issue. Any comment?

As a veteran, I am outraged... (Below threshold)

As a veteran, I am outraged at the picture of a foreign soldier depicted as an American Vereran. I want to know who in the Democratic party knew about this error and when they knew it. Who is responsible.

Posted by: Zelsdorf

Zeldorf the Vet supporter made a funny.....LMFAOWSGKAMIIFACW...A

that's (Laugh my frickin azz off while soldeirs get killed and maimed in Iraq for a Chickhawk war.....AZZHOLE)

Oh and this just in FUNNY MAN!!! I'm sure these troops are feeling the "Republican" "support"


10/08/06 MNF: Task Force Lightning Soldier dies
A Task Force Lightning Soldier assigned to 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, based out of Fort Lewis, Washington, was killed Saturday, Oct. 7, by an improvised explosive device detonation

10/08/06 DoD Identifies Army Casualties (part 2)
Killed were: Staff Sgt. James D. Ellis, 25, of Valdosta, Ga.; Spc. Raymond S. Armijo, 22, of Phoenix, Ariz.;Spc. Justin R. Jarrett, 21, of Jonesboro, Ga.; Spc. Kristofer C. Walker, 20, of Creve Coeur, Ill.

10/08/06 DoD Identifies Army Casualties (part 1)
The Department of Defense announced today the death of four soldiers who were supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. They died in Taji, Iraq, on Oct. 2, of injuries sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle.

10/08/06 AP: Fort Lewis soldier killed when Stryker vehicle hit explosive
A Fort Lewis soldier was killed in Mosul, Iraq, when his Stryker vehicle hit an improvised explosive device....The soldier, whose name was not immediately released, died Saturday and was with the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division

10/08/06 MNF: Three Marines Die in Western Iraq
Three Marines assigned to Regimental Combat Team 5 died Oct. 6 from enemy action while operating in Al Anbar Province

10/08/06 AP: Worries over growing violence in northern Iraq
Bombings and shootings are increasing in Iraq's north as part of a power struggle between Arabs and Kurds. Car bombings in oil-rich Kirkuk grew fivefold last month and hundreds of Kurdish families have left the north's biggest city...

10/08/06 AP: Several hundred Iraqi police rushed to hospital after falling ill
Several hundred Iraqi police fell sick from poisoning during a meal breaking their daily Ramadan fast on Sunday, Iraqi officials said. The cause was under investigation. Ambulances and helicopters sent by the U.S. military ferried...

10/08/06 Reuters: Gunmen shot dead five people in Haditha
Gunmen shot dead five people in Haditha, a town near the Syrian border, police said.

10/08/06 RNZ: More murders in Baghdad
Baghdad police have found the bodies of 35 murder victims scattered around the Iraqi capital, many of them showing signs of torture and all shot dead at close range.

10/08/06 ABCNews: Battered Marines Adjust to Civilian Life
Lance Cpl. Mark Strahle, 22, coaches football at his alma mater. He took shrapnel in his right arm, stomach and groin in an explosion. The players know what he's been through, he said, but they don't talk about it.

10/08/06 ABCNews: Battered Marines Adjust to Civilian Life
"I feel like a different person," said Cpl. Seth Judy, 25, who had surgery in July to remove the last bit of shrapnel embedded in his left knee. "I don't have a free spirit the way I used to."

10/08/06 KUNA: Iraqi religious leaders agree to ban inter-Islamic fighting
Iraqi Sunni and Shiite religious leaders signed on Sunday a declaration forbidding inter-Islamic fighting. The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) announced that four representatives of Sunni and Shiite Muslim parties agreed...

10/08/06 dailymail: British corporal 'shot dead by colleague'
A British soldier killed in Iraq during an operation to capture a key terrorist leader was shot dead by one of his own men, defence sources said.

10/08/06 LATimes: Deaths Across Iraq Show It Is a Nation of Many Wars
Consider a recent day -- an average 24 hours in Iraq. Here in the capital, the bodies of eight young men were found chained together, stripped of identification papers, shot and dumped in a parking lot, the first of 20 corpses found in the city that day.
10/08/06 WaPo: Iraq Contractor's Work Is Further Criticized
The contractor that botched construction of a $75 million police academy in Baghdad so badly that human waste dripped from the ceilings has produced shoddy work on 13 out of 14 projects reviewed by federal auditors...
10/08/06 WaPo: U.S. Extends Iraq Tour For Another Army Unit
The Pentagon yesterday delayed for six weeks the return home of about 4,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq's volatile Anbar province - the second extension of U.S. forces in the country in two months - as the insurgency and rising sectarian violence...
10/08/06 WaPo: Iraqi Parties Reach Deal Postponing Federalism
Iraq's fractious political parties reached a deal Sunday meant to prevent the country from splintering into a federation of three autonomous zones until at least 2008.
10/08/06 NYTimes: Anti-U.S. Attack Videos Spread on Web
Videos showing insurgent attacks against American troops in Iraq, long available in Baghdad shops and on Jihadist Web sites, have steadily migrated in recent months to popular Internet video-sharing sites, including YouTube and Google Video.
10/08/06 NYTimes: Besieged by death, young Iraqis lose hope
BAGHDAD In a dimly lighted living room in central Baghdad, Noor is a lonely teenage prisoner. Many of his friends have left the country, and some who have stayed have strange new habits: A Shiite acts holier-than-thou; a Sunni joins an armed gang
10/08/06 RFE: Clashes Erupt In Southern Iraqi City
U.S. and Iraqi forces today clashed with armed gangs during a search operation in the town of Al-Diwaniyah, south of Baghdad. Iraqi police and the U.S. military said approximately 30 suspected Shi'ite militiamen were killed in heavy clashes...
10/08/06 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills police chief of Rabia
A roadside bomb killed Colonel Yahya Hamid, the police chief of Rabia, a small town near the Syrian border, police said.
10/08/06 Reuters: Bodies found in Khaldiya and Tigris River in Baghdad
Police found three bodies blindfolded with signs of torture and bullet wounds in the town of Khaldiya...Police retrieved three bodies with signs of torture and bullet wounds from the Tigris River in Baghdad, police said.
10/08/06 Reuters: Gunmen kill farmer in Ishaqi and university student in Baiji
Gunmen killed a farmer in the small town of Ishaqi, 100 km (60 km) north of Baghdad, on Saturday, police said...Gunmen killed a university student on Saturday in Baiji, 180 km (112 miles) north of Baghdad, local authorities said.
10/08/06 Reuters: Gunmen kill policeman in Samarra
Gunmen killed a policeman and his 8-year-old son on Saturday in the city of Samarra, 100 km (60 miles) north of Baghdad, police said
10/08/06 Reuters: Gunmen attacked a police patrol in Jurf al-Sakhar
Gunmen attacked a police patrol on Saturday while it was trying to retrieve a dumped body in the town of Jurf al-Sakhar, 80 km (60 miles) south of Baghdad. Police said one policeman was wounded.
10/08/06 Reuters: Mortar round kills man, wounds 2 others in Iskandariya
Mortar rounds on Saturday killed a man and wounded two others in Iskandariya, 40 km (25 miles) south of Baghdad, police said.
10/08/06 Reuters; Mortar rounds kills policeman in Baghdad
A mortar round landed near a police patrol, killing one policeman and wounding two people, an Interior Ministry source said.
10/08/06 Reuters: Roadside bombs wound police in northeastern and southern Baghdad
Two roadside bombs near a police patrol in northeastern Baghdad wounded at least six policemen, an Interior Ministry source said...A roadside bomb near a police patrol wounded a policeman in southern Baghdad, an Interior Ministry source said.
10/08/06 WaPo: Number of U.S. wounded highest since '04
The number of U.S troops wounded in Iraq has surged to its highest level in nearly two years as Americans fight block-by-block in Baghdad to try to check a spiral of sectarian violence that U.S. commanders warn could lead to civil war.
10/08/06 AP: U.S. hitting limits of influence in Iraq
As U.S. officials now acknowledge, the cycle of sectarian killings poses a greater threat than does al-Qaida or the anti-American insurgency.
10/08/06 AP: Forces sweep Kirkuk, try to curb bloodshed
Thousands of Iraqi troops launched a crackdown in Kirkuk on Saturday, ordering residents to stay in their homes in an effort to put down violence that has swelled in the north amid efforts to rein in bloodshed in Baghdad.
10/08/06 BBC: Inquiry over soldier's Iraq death
Defence officials are investigating the death of a Devon soldier in Iraq, nearly three months after he was killed by gunfire. Cpl John Cosby, 28, from Exeter, died during an operation in Basra in July.
10/08/06 iribnews: Iraqi internal affairs cop shot dead
A senior officer in the Iraqi police internal affairs department was shot dead in Baghdad on Sunday. Security officials identified the victim as Colonel Tamer Salman, assistant to the director of police internal affairs.
10/08/06 theolympian: Soldiers' work is easier in Mosul
There are an average of eight to 12 attacks a day in the province, a third of them against U.S. forces. The sound of car bombs in Mosul is often heard at Forward Operating Base Marez, where most Fort Lewis soldiers live.
10/08/06 AFP: US-Iraqi troops kill 30 in battle with Shiite militia
US and Iraqi forces have killed 30 militia fighters during a fierce street battle in the southern city of Diwaniyah in which a US main battle tank was severely damaged.

"Just saw a poll quoted tha... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Just saw a poll quoted that says the majority of Amerians think Hastert covered up on the Foley issue. Any comment?"

Heh. Given the inaccurate and incomplete 'reporting' that the MSM has done so far on this story, I'm not suprised that a (bare) majority thinks there was a cover-up for Foley.

As usual, as time goes by the truth will come out and we will probably see another example of 'sexed-up' reportage designed to hurt Republicans. By then, the MSM will say 'Nevermind'.

They wont even bother to sa... (Below threshold)

They wont even bother to say nevermind.They will just ignore it like all the other real news they ignore.

The same liberal demacrats ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

The same liberal demacrats that tried to block the GIs from voting yeah lets take a M-16 to to that jackass and ventilate it

So the lib's that photoshop... (Below threshold)

So the lib's that photoshopped this are so disgusted by our own military they could not even bear to look at a U.S. uniform as they were trying to lie their point across..

The U.S. flag must have made it to hard to take.

"I have to concur with L... (Below threshold)

"I have to concur with Laura Ingraham"

You don't mean this Laura Ingraham? She's a total moron!

That's Zelsdorf, Leah, you ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

That's Zelsdorf, Leah, you lop. How is this for a comment. They didn't call me, and they didn't call anyone I know. Maybe thay majority must be amongst their friends. Leah, I do not suffer fools well, and you are a fool. The only poll that counts is the one on the first tuesday of November. Hold your breath. I know this, if you side wins, America loses. Anytime, one side needs to use deceipt to gain office, America loses and history shows the Democrats have used deceipt way more often than the republican. From the Kennedy missle gap to lying about Goldwater willingness to use atomic weapons to Carter to Clinton and Kerry. Nothing but lies from the left. They can be documented. Leah, there is no reason for your existance. Go away, you bother me.

Yeah, the Democrats have mo... (Below threshold)

Yeah, the Democrats have moments where they aren't the sharpest pencils in the box. Nice to see so much attention being paid to a photograph. Hows the whole "defend and protect pedophiles" thing goin for ya? We know, we know...keep looking at the pretty pictures.

"They didn't call me, an... (Below threshold)

"They didn't call me, and they didn't call anyone I know."

Ahhhh, that explains it. The majority is wrong again, and the pollsters are wrong because they didn't check in the the closet Nazis for their opinion.

Thanks for the clarification, Zelda. And when you get a chance tell us about your name - Zelsdorf Ragshaft III - it has such a nice "goose-stepping" sound to it. Are you a skinhead, a skinhead sympathizer, or just a wannabe punk?

Syntax:Are you taking about... (Below threshold)

Syntax:Are you taking about when Bill Clinton pardoned Mel Reynolds-you know, an actual pedophile-not just someone who sent dirty emails and IMs? Or when Democrats were happy to keep pedophile Gerry Studds in the house when he was caught? But since you can't come up with a reason why Democrats don't know what the uniform of their own country looks like-you just try to change the subject.Lame.

muirgeo:Hey did you send th... (Below threshold)

muirgeo:Hey did you send the DNC your links yet? Maybe by this time tomorrow someone will have found them a picture of an actual US soldier.Posting a long list of war news-even carefully selected negative war news-demonstrates how utterly INEXCUSABLE and UNFORGIVABLE it is for the Democratic party-after FIVE YEARS of fighting-to be unable to recognize the uniform of a US soldier.Yeah,you care about the troops all right.Maybe that's why so many Democrats spit on troops returning from Vietnam-they didn't recognize that they were American! muirgeo...LOL...IDIOT!!!

Hey "mun-go" (linkman) a "l... (Below threshold)

Hey "mun-go" (linkman) a "link" that has the words AIR AMERICA and DAILY KOS in it and you expect anyone to do anything but laugh? he he Wait a minute I think you should change your name to CUT AND PASTE.

Mungo, Lee, et al:... (Below threshold)

Mungo, Lee, et al:

At least we pull for AMERICAN troops, and not Canadians.

What a bunch of friggin' idiots. Everything the average joe suspects is true of you guys, really is true.

Couldn't find a picture of an Iraqi terrorist, huh?

Perhaps all the focusing on... (Below threshold)

Perhaps all the focusing on Mr. Foley has distracted Dem's attention from "The Troops."

Or, perhaps they couldn't find a picture of a North Korean.

In any event, the world still turns, and busy adults in the Administration have to attend to a few emergent matters today, even if others only have to indulge their fantasies, and grudges.

These UN-AMERICAN blood ... (Below threshold)

These UN-AMERICAN blood farts are so brain dead they didn't even think to put up a picture of their "WAR HERO" Fraud Kerry the Traitor. Those are the ones the Democrats worship and support.

It is embarrassing... (Below threshold)
It is embarrassing to post a picture of another country's vets as your own, but I think the picture of all the Democrats is almost as strange.

Who says they're Democrats? All they're even supposed to be is a "Large Crowd of People Cheering and Raising Their Fists."

That is the democrat per... (Below threshold)

That is the democrat perpetual fraud for ya. It never ends and they never have to worry about being called on it thanks to their partners in the Media. Democrats just like Hollywood Movies are not real. They are a complete fantasy and sick performance by despicable dishonest people. That is all.

Until the Dems can bog down... (Below threshold)

Until the Dems can bog down our soldiers in an unwinnable war with no exit strategy, not enough troops, not enough armor, and make them stay like sitting ducks as they get picked off by enemies in the 'last throes' of an insurgency, they are just amateurs blowing smoke.

Dems: Republican-lite.

That's a gorgeous photo Lor... (Below threshold)

That's a gorgeous photo Lorie.

What picture? The canadian ... (Below threshold)

What picture? The canadian soldier or the crackpots waiting for something with their mouths wide open?

Bubba must have made an appearance.

When will US soldiers come ... (Below threshold)

When will US soldiers come up to Canadian standards?






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