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While I usually enjoy "dumb criminal" stories, every now and then I enjoy a tale that shows that the Thin Blue Line is filled with men and women who are all too human, all too fallible, and just as prone as the rest of us to misplace things.

For example, in Lowell, Massachusetts, a police officer responded to a call of a reported burglary. He raced to the scene, jumped out of his car, and checked for the burglar.

It turns out he should have been looking for a car thief, because while he was away, someone stole his cruiser.

Luckily, it turned up the next day.

In a slightly more serious vein, in Boston it appears someone may be living (ahem) "high on the hog."

During a routine audit of stored evidence in their warehouse, officials discovered a few minor discrepancies. When a "mountain" of marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs were moved around inside, it appears that a rather hefty amount of evidence in old cases just up and disappeared.

Officials say that the drugs are most likely just misplaced, and not really missing, but can't say for sure until the audit is finished.

Until then, though, it's a nice reminder that nobody's perfekt.

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Another conservative slam a... (Below threshold)

Another conservative slam at local law enforcement. Appearing in Wizbang just one day after the following..

Kim Preistap: "The investigators lost the evidence. Can you say total incompetence?"

What is this with the Republican supporters dissing on law enforcement? Do they hate police the same way they hate teachers, because they are in large part unionized?

Or is this increased covera... (Below threshold)

Or is this increased coverage in the conservative blogosphere of these types of happenings just part of the Republican effort to "get out the vote" -- make Americans concerned about their safety and security.

Heck - Conservative hacks like Sean Hannity have even resorted to giving away cars, requiring that people visit their website (and be exposed to his lies and spin) and listen to his radio show constantly in case your name is called (and having to listen to more of his lies and spin) -- all of this "coincidentally" occurring in the five weeks leading up to election day.

Conservative voters have to be most manipulated political group around. Dangle a car in front of them (winning is probably what -- a million to one shot?) so that they will be exposed to the Republican propaganda machine.

At least Wizbang isn't giving away any cars, but the apparent creeping ant-police spin around here is certainly a concern.

Because, you know, police a... (Below threshold)

Because, you know, police aren't like us normal humans who make mistakes.

Doctors too.

And airport security.

And teachers.

This is why we shouldn't presume to teach our own children at home, look to our own self-protection, fight terrorism overseas, and why Edwards can make a fortune destroying Doctors in court and no one seemed to care.

Lee mistakes our anti-incom... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Lee mistakes our anti-incompetence attitude for an anti-police attitude.

ListkeeperThat's o... (Below threshold)


That's only if you assume Lee is making "innocent mistakes."

Ahh, thanks for that Listke... (Below threshold)

Ahh, thanks for that Listkeeper - ignore Hastert's incompetence and pounce on the local police instead. That'll warm the hearts of the rank and file police and fire folks out there - good job!

ignore Hastert's incompe... (Below threshold)

ignore Hastert's incompetence

...and focus on the incompetence of the Democrats, who have been keeping tabs on what all of the gay members of Congress have been doing for years, and who apparently knew about the IMs since at least April.

Meanwhile, Hastert knew about some possibly problematic emails, and took action the day after the actually damaging IMs came to light. Yeah, he probably should have jumped right in and done something when he found out about the emails. But then the Democrats would have bitched about "prejudging" gay men. Like Lee demanded they should have done when he was arguing in the other thread.

No, cirby, I'll just wait u... (Below threshold)

No, cirby, I'll just wait until Wizbang posts their coverage of the Republican Senator George Allen's five years of lying about stock option compensation. It's been the top headline on practically all of the news sites today, so I'm sure Wizbang will have a story about it soon...


Maybe Lorie and Kim and Jay are arguing over who gets to write about this.

I'm sure they wouldn't over look a big story like this...


I mean, isn't that more important an taking a swipe at local law enforcement? This is a Senator who has been caught lying to Congress. Surely that is of at least the same importance ot Wizbang as a Boston cop losong his patrol car.

One would think...

Well, I thought it would be anyway.

Oh well, I'm sure it'll be up any minute now - I'll just check back later.

Lee, this "Wizbang is anti-... (Below threshold)

Lee, this "Wizbang is anti-police" spiel is quite possibly the stupidest argument you've ever made in a long, sad history of stupid arguments.

Now now everyone we don't w... (Below threshold)

Now now everyone we don't want to hurt old "pucker puss"s" (lee lee) feelings by calling him "dumb". But then again the Webster Dictionary gives the meaning of "dumb" as "all posts made by the troll name "pucker puss" (lee lee)".

"Lee, this "Wizbang is a... (Below threshold)

"Lee, this "Wizbang is anti-police" spiel is quite possibly the stupidest argument you've ever made in a long, sad history of stupid arguments."

You could be right, SB - but we'll see how many posts WB does on the subject of law and order between now and election day, then we'll talk about it, K?

And if I'm wrong about this, I'll apologize. How many Wizbang commenters offer that?

And if I'm wrong a... (Below threshold)
And if I'm wrong about this, I'll apologize. How many Wizbang commenters offer that?

That made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the chuckle Lee, you truly are a clown.






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