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Everything I needed to know about the Foley scandal I learned from the Democratic talking points

1) A gay man who expresses concern and interest in the welfare of children cannot be trusted to hold a position of authority over minors, such as a congressman.

2) A gay man who expresses concern and interest in the welfare of children can be trusted to other positions of authority, such as a scout master, a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a coach, or a member of the clergy. The should also be allowed to adopt children.

3) There is no difference between e-mail and instant messaging.

4) Congressmen should be subjected to a higher level of scrutiny before the investigators run afoul of the law than suspected terrorists.

5) A congressman who resigns in disgrace and withdraws from the re-election race the instant a scandal becomes public should be kept on the ballot anyway, even if another candidate legally takes his place in the election. In fact, the voters cannot even be told that a vote for the disgraced former condidate will be counted towards that successor.

Have I missed anything?


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Comments (29)

Jay you're forgetting that ... (Below threshold)

Jay you're forgetting that the talking points of the Democrats don't even KNOW about clergy. In the case of the Catholic priest scandals, they were the first to howl against priests. In the case of the new pope and the Episcopalian church, they were the first to howl FOR gays as priests.

Didn't quite make sense.

"They railed for gay priests before they were against them"

Yawn... (Below threshold)


Rule #6 IF:1) the el... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:

Rule #6 IF:
1) the election is for Senator
2) the candidate is indicted for corruption in office
3) The State law specifically forbids substituting the candidates name
4) Said candidate is a Democrat

Then Rule #5 is null and void and not changing the ballot would destroy democracy as we know it.

Jay Tea,You forgot... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

You forgot to add the modifier "Republican" in front of every instance of congressman.

Because we all know that only Republicans are untrustworthy, and Democrats are capable of doing no wrong.

I think Congress ought to i... (Below threshold)

I think Congress ought to investigate and out all its gay members and determine for certain whether they or Barney Frank had a legal sexual relationship with any former male pages.

It's only fair.

drjohnI'm sure you... (Below threshold)


I'm sure you would have been a happy participant in the Salem witch trials and the Inquisition.

"HUGHie" please repeat afte... (Below threshold)

"HUGHie" please repeat after me--I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN.

I've done an infromal stati... (Below threshold)

I've done an infromal statistical analysis of Wizbang.

It takes 1.375 posts about any issue whatsoever for one of you wingnut loons to bring Clinton into it. You guys make me laugh so hard I've given up the funny papers.

Ok....now you can retort with the old fall back: BDS.

Hugh, There is such a displ... (Below threshold)

Hugh, There is such a display of BDS every day it's always front and center. You can't turn on the news without a display of BDS by the newscasters. Democrats will make millionaire's out of health care workers for the next 50 years with BDS as the primary cause. They're days will filled with $1,000 an hour BS sessions, paid for by the taxpayers. Actually BDS is untreatable, Insanity has no cure.

HughYou brought Cl... (Below threshold)


You brought Clintons name into it !! not anyone else!

914If you can coun... (Below threshold)


If you can count. count 1 post above my last. You may use your toes if necessary.

<a href="http://news.yahoo.... (Below threshold)


Here ya go, Hugh.

Completely legal gay sexual activities are now fair game in the MSM.

Why not do the same for all members of Comgress? Hugh- that means Democrats too.

Huhgh, you've proven a poin... (Below threshold)

Huhgh, you've proven a point brought up in previous posts: Had Hassert et al investigated Foley agressively when the first whispers of improper behaivor came to light, folks like you would have cried "witch hunt".

Any Republican who denounce... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Any Republican who denounces the wrong behavior of a gay Republican must be denounced as a hypocrite. Actually, any Republican who gets a parking ticket must be denounced as a hypocrite.

scsiwuzzy:Thank yo... (Below threshold)


Thank you for knowing what's in my mind even after I've checked it and didn't find what you knew was there. You sure you don't have a tin foil hat?

Pardon Hugh. He's permenan... (Below threshold)

Pardon Hugh. He's permenantly stuck on stupid. Occassionly, he'll veer away, but then goes running back.

The Republicans.. fighting the jihadist at home and abroad.

The Democrats.. fighting Republicans at home... and abroad (see Carter, Clinton, and Gore criticize a sitting U.S. President on foreign soil).

Scrappy, here's some more i... (Below threshold)

Scrappy, here's some more info on "BDS". A syndrome is defined as a collection of symptoms without an underlying identifiable pathology, or disease. The symptoms of BDS, however, are caused by a malignant growth on the executive branch of our government, with some mild spreading to the legislative and judicial branches. Fortunately this tumor is scheduled for "elective" removal beginning next month and continuing over the next 2 years. Once the malignancy is removed, a complete recovery will hopefully take place.

Only crazed olons on the ri... (Below threshold)

Only crazed olons on the right, and you all know who you are, would bring war into a post about sex and accountability.

Martin, have you been abroad figitng the jihadists? If so, god bless you and I'm glad you're home safely.

oops....loons. don't know w... (Below threshold)

oops....loons. don't know what an olon is...but i'll bet a crazed loons does.

BDS, as describe by groucho... (Below threshold)

BDS, as describe by groucho, is actually a severe form of hypochondriasis usually accompanied with various other delusions.

I find it interesting how m... (Below threshold)

I find it interesting how many people equate pedophilia with homosexuality. I don't think ANY democratic talking point has ever said that a gay man can't be a congressmen, or that a pedophile could be a boy-scout leader.

Have I missed anything?<... (Below threshold)

Have I missed anything?

Yes, a few:

  • A leader who claims to "not remember" something is absolved of responsibility for it, even when there are witnesses and corroboration of his knowledge of it.

  • Any wrong-doing by a Republican was either directly caused by Clinton, or is the natural result of an environment created by Clinton.

  • The severity of an offense by a Republican can be lessened by identifying a Democrat who committed a similar offense anytime within the last 200 years.

  • A congressman can make a press statement, and when that statement is contradicted by others' statements, he is allowed to call the press back and change his statement to conform.

  • It is impossible to investigate suspicions of pedophilia in a gay man because there is a risk that it will be confused with a gay witch hunt.

  • A man who expresses a "creepy" and "over friendly" interest in children should be trusted, and even encouraged, to hold a position of authority over minors.

  • When you are aware of something illicit and conceal it for years, and then it is unexpectedly revealed, you can blame others for the timing of the revelation.

Forgot this one:De... (Below threshold)

Forgot this one:

Dems only refrain from gay-bashing if the gay is a Dem. Otherwise, they believe all must be outed and apparently hounded to death like newlywed and a bunch of mothers in law.

Hey, Hugh, I've done an "in... (Below threshold)

Hey, Hugh, I've done an "infromal[sic] statistical analysis" of my own and have found that it takes an average of 1.023 posts for a liberal to bring up events like the Salem witch trials and the inquisition and terms like "wingnut" when refering to conservatives.

Jason:You're just ... (Below threshold)


You're just a tad off. Wingnut/loonie is the undercurrent of the right...it just goes without saying...so it's 0.0000

Plus, like Mr B et al you're lying. Find more than 3 references to salem witch hunts and I'll but you a latte and a pair of sandals.

Dems only refrain from g... (Below threshold)

Dems only refrain from gay-bashing if the gay is a Dem. Otherwise, they believe all must be outed

LOL! Yeah, that's right. The Dems are gay-bashing Foley.

I guess we can add another rule:

  • In a Republican scandal, reality is whatever you want it to be.
Exactly what crime has Fole... (Below threshold)

Exactly what crime has Foley committed?

Is lascivious IM'ing a crime now?

Once again the lies flow fr... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Once again the lies flow from left in abundance. Foley, it has yet to be shown, is not a pedophile. The objects of his affection were not children. Many criminals of that age (16) are held for trial as adults. Another lie is that Hastert saw the racy e-mails. The e-mails were not very, if at all, suggestive. I still want to know who saves IM's I have seen no proof that they are accurate or genuine. Foley resigned. Jefferson still holds his seat. This is nothing but a ruse by a party that has no platform, plan or purpose. If the Democrats win, America loses.

Brian, you don't read much.... (Below threshold)

Brian, you don't read much. Google--republican--congress--list--gay--homosexual-- etc. I've read quite a bit about the Dem Mcarthyism heading our way.






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