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NoKo Nuke Updates

Was North Korea's nuke test a hoax? Chester at The Adventures of Chester makes some compelling arguments that it may have been. One reason, NoKo has set off a huge explosion of large amounts of TNT before.

Drudge asks if it was a dud and links to an AP report that also questions whether the explosion was actually nuclear.

Jeffrey Lewis at Defense Tech also declares the test was a dud.

Kim Jong-il just doesn't undertand why he's not being congratulated on his nuke test.

According to AFP via the Australian, the US intelligence officials have detected another blast in NoKo, but they don't know if it was a nuke.


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Comments (3)

Soon we will be facing a nu... (Below threshold)

Soon we will be facing a nuclear weapon in the hands of a mad man and we bought the weapon during the 90's. I guess the picture of the toast between Kim and Madam AllNotTooBright says it all. Guess Slick Willie and Hillary the weasel are real proud of the deal that gave 'Kim the mad man' the billions of dollars required to develop the nuclear bomb.

The nuclear bomb will be delivered on a missile with the most advanced guidance system in the world. We developed it and it was sold to China by Algore and Slick Willie for Campaign donations.

Someone tell me again how safe we will be with the democrats in power.

I preparation for the "Trin... (Below threshold)

I preparation for the "Trinity" nuclear test in July 1945, the Manhattan Project engineers detonated a tower of 108 tons of TNT. Got a nice mushroom cloud and everything. You can read about it here. So this kind of thing has been done before ...

If this "test" was just a large detonation of conventional explosives done to fool everyone, then pity the millions of poor North Koreans who starved to death just so their pot-bellied dictator with a bad haircut and coke-bottle glasses could delude himself into believing his pitiful nation was about to become a nuclear "superpower."

There is an old military ax... (Below threshold)

There is an old military axiom-

Worst Case Scenario- plan for that, yet hope for the best.

There is some benefit to doubting the North Koreans-what ever they hope to attain or prove by "testing" the more they perform the more information we can aquire.

As for the Chinese role in this-I am one of the most suspicious of the Chinese particularly with their intentions towards Taiwan and Japan.

However there is a possibility that North Korea wanted to assert its independence. That idea can be bolstered by a cultural phenomenon that Kim Jung-Il has taken advantage of and it is predicated on Confucianism. It is something that has been synthesized as a form of Neo-Confucianism known as-

Juche- is the principle of being self-reliant and has been one of the overriding factors in North Korea's ever increasing isolationism. It has been one of the major barriers to our ability to gather intelligience on the machinations of the North Koreans.

Could the North Koreans have wanted to send a message to China that they are now a power to be contended with, that they are independent and do not want to be dictated to-that they want international actors to deal with them seperately?

Is Kim Jung-Il that unpredictable?

It's highly possible.

For some background information on the North Korean principle of Juche here is the link to the wikipedia entry describing the North Korean cultural phenomena.







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