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What's Spanish for "Chutzpah?"

Two recent stories have convinced me (well, reaffirmed my belief) that the illegal alien problem in this country has gone beyond crisis, to beyond insanity, to the point of sheer incomprehensible lunacy. I mean, no satirist could make up some of these incidents.

In Royse City, Texas, a police officer was suspicious of a man and ordered to lay on the ground. When he didn't comply, the officer made him do so.

The man's defense: although he has been coming to the US from Mexico for work for 23 years (illegally), he didn't understand the police officer's "down!" Now he's suing because the cop didn't speak Spanish.

And if that isn't bad enough, now we have this story that falls under the category of "no good deed goes unpunished."

Wendy's subsidiary, Cafe Express, had quite a few illegal aliens working for them. But that was OK; the aliens were enrolled in a program to become legal. But the law firm handling the matter dropped the ball and never filed the paperwork. When Wendy's found out that its illegal aliens were not covered by the program, it did the only thing it could: it fired them.

And, naturally, now they're suing.

I see a simple solution to this: The next time there's a hearing, meeting, deposition, anything official, Wendy's attorneys show up with immigration officials. The instant the plaintiffs admit that they are illegal aliens, they are arrested and deported on the spot. End of lawsuit, end of problem.

One of the problems illegal aliens have is that they are often afraid of complaining against exploitation and abuse, because that brings them to the attention of the authorities. But in these cases, especially the Wendy's matter, there was no real exploitation. The police are under no obligation to cater to illegal aliens who can't even be bothered to learn the rudiments of the language of the nation they are invading, and the problem with the Wendy's workers was not Wendy's fault. The illegal aliens -- who had everything at stake in making sure that they were in compliance with the program to legitimize them -- should not have been so trusting of the law firm that apparently screwed them over.

But these two suits strike me as going way, way too far. These people all need to be shown the door (or, rather, the border) posthaste. They're learning how to be exactly the WRONG kind of immigrants we need. We have an overabundance of sue-happy asshats in this country already.

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I'm in So Cal and I can't t... (Below threshold)

I'm in So Cal and I can't tell you how often police question or detain suspects who speak English just fine until they are asked a question they don't want to answer. Suddenly it's "no hable"...

Why is it that these illega... (Below threshold)

Why is it that these illegals, whose first act on American soil is to break our law, feel they are afforded the rights and protections given to citizens of the U.S. by our Constitution?

I say let the lawsuits go forward and then arrest the plaintiffs when they walk into the courtroom. Once they are deported, dismiss the lawsuits.

Something needs to be done or pretty soon the courts will be filled with these criminals suing to essentially obtain legitimate standing in the U.S.

More bad news for conservat... (Below threshold)

More bad news for conservatives! John Derbyshire over at NRO points out that Bush will screw conservatives on boarder protection:

"Bush will wriggle, squirm, and lie (look at the CNN exchanges Kaus includes) to avoid doing anything about mass illegal immigration, which he adores. The American people, who overwhelmingly want a secure southern border, are being betrayed. I would not vote for this man again. I am seriously weighing whether to vote for his party in November."

The man didn't understand t... (Below threshold)

The man didn't understand the word "down" ?

What kind of job did this guy have? Are there jobs in America that you can escape the need to understand the basic concept of "down" ?

Freaking DOGS learn down quickly. Freaking CATS learn down quickly. I left Sesame Street on one and Piper picked up on Grover saying "Up" and "Down" jumping from the floor to the chair and back for no reason whatsoever.

I believe that if you don't learn "down" in 23 years in this country, whatever beatdowns you get you richly deserve.

Hell, establish a special branch of the Army or Coast Guard to issue those out, like mutaween bashing women who flash too much ankle (i.e. any) in Riyadh.

How is it, in this universe... (Below threshold)

How is it, in this universe, that illegals even have ACCESS to our legal system? Shouldn't they show up at a courthouse with the same consequences as someone who offers a joint to the judge?

"But they fired..." OUT!
"He didn't speak..." OUT!

Send them the heck home, then charge them for the trip. I know rounding up illegals is too great a task. But really now, what the cr**?

The illegals should sue Wen... (Below threshold)

The illegals should sue Wendy's (as well as the law firm that botched the job). According to the report, Wendy's deducted $25 a week from the illegals paychecks for 4 plus years as "legal fees" to pay for their change in citizenship. The illegals didn't get what they paid for, and should sue.

It looks to me like Wendy's hands were tied, and that they had to fire the workers, but that just adds to the damages resulting from the failure of Wendy's to deliver the immigration services they promised the illegals.

The illegals aren't sueing Wendy's for following the law - they are suing Wendy's for failing to deliver the services promised to -- and paid for, by the workers.

... but let's leave out the facts and see if we can stir up enough anger on the part of conservatives to get them down to the polls on election day! Just more deception on the part of the party behind in the polls, and slipping further behind every minute.

Treating American voters like cattle, and "prodding " them with bunk like this... it's shameful.

BarneyIt might jus... (Below threshold)


It might just surprise you that a lot of us conservatives are not really enamored of Derbyshire.

Personally, I usually skip his drivel.

Local Police radio traffic:... (Below threshold)

Local Police radio traffic:

10-38 (stop for weaving) with a brown van, several subjects.

All subjects Under the influence of Alchol or drugs and deny having I.D. or speaking english.

Send Backup.

Send Jail bus.

All subjects to be placed under arrest.

All subjects now have I.D. and speak english.

Not only God creates miracles. Deputy Sheriff's do to. He taught 12 criminals to speak english in less than 5 minutes.

Do you guys get this stup... (Below threshold)

Do you guys get this stupid all on your own or do your handlers help in the proccess?

"I would not vote for this man again"

He can't run for office again numbnuts. Keep on spewing Lee and friends , nobody points out what a party of incompetant criminal frauds the democrats are better than you losers.

As the robot in LOST IN SPA... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

As the robot in LOST IN SPACE would say DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON ALEINS APPROCHING ALEINS APPROCHING and we are indeed endangered by illegal aleins its time to ban illegal imagration,build a border fence and screw mexico

Lee just tell me why the il... (Below threshold)

Lee just tell me why the illegals should sue Wendys. Didn't Wendys hire a law firm to handle this situation and had no idea they had not complied?

Oh yeah, that's right. Deep pockets. Law firm not near as well off as Wendys so let's sue the pants off old deep pockets Wendys.

I saw that type lawsuit time afte time while working for a major transportation company.

Rob from L.A. says: "He ... (Below threshold)

Rob from L.A. says: "He can't run for office again numbnuts. Keep on spewing Lee and friends , nobody points out what a party of incompetant criminal frauds the democrats are better than you losers."

The quote that you are referencing -- "I would not vote for this man again" came from John Derbyshire, a conservative columnist for the New Republic Online. It appears that Derbyshire voted for Bush in the past, but now says he would not vote for Bush again.

Thanks for showing just how stupid Bush supporters really are, Rob - I knew we could count on you.

"He can't run for office ag... (Below threshold)

"He can't run for office again numbnuts." roblaca

I did not say that, a conservative republican columnist over at the National Review said that!

"Didn't Wendys hire a la... (Below threshold)

"Didn't Wendys hire a law firm to handle this situation and had no idea they had not complied?"

Apparently, yes. Did the responsibile persons at Wendy's -- the persons responsible for hiring and overseeing the law firm, did they check to make sure the law firm they hired did the job they were hired to do? Apparently, no.

As I said, the law firm should be sued also - but Wendy's accepted money from these workers for a service they failed to deliver and Wendy's should be sued as well.

Thanks for the "moo"...

Lee, the article states no ... (Below threshold)

Lee, the article states no such thing. There is no mention of when the monies were collected from the paychecks. There is a mention though that the whole mess happened before Wendy's purchased Cafe Express (where these illegals were employed) and that the Law Firm no longer represents the company.

I agree that the illegals should get that money they paid to the law firm restored to them. They can have it once they're escorted across the border. But their beef is with the law firm, not with Wendy's.

Per the article:<i... (Below threshold)

Per the article:

Attorneys for Olivares said the company deducted $25 from his weekly paycheck of $313.20 for 4 1/2 years to cover legal fees associated with the program. With the rest of his paycheck, Olivares said he helped support his sister, her two daughters and his ill mother in Mexico City.

Lee is correct. The illegal immigrants agreed to pay for a service that would make them legal by law. The lawyers failed to file the paperwork and Wendy's was coreect in firing them because of the same law.

Lee,Thanks for ... (Below threshold)


Thanks for the "moo"... ?

You must be hearing voices, Howard Dean maybe?

So when I lived in So. Flor... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

So when I lived in So. Florida some years ago, there was a move afoot to make English the official language of the state. Now what would this have actually meant? Only two things:

1. No entity, public or private, could be compelled by any force of law to communicate in any language other than English.

2. Lack of knowledge of English could not be used as a criminal defense.

That's all it would have done. Of course, the opponents made it out to be a censorship measure; they stirred up sh*t in Miami by telling people that the measure would have prohibited store signs in Spanish, and so forth. Nonsense. It would not have banned other languages. It only would have English speakers of legal requirements to deal with other lanuages.

(The measure was inspired by two things: (1) A bunch of allegedly Creole-speaking Haitians sued Dade and Broward counties because the 12 or so lanuages in which the printed the "how to get welfare benefits" brochures didn't include Creole. (2) Illegals, speaking an ignorant, illeterate form of pidgin Spanish, who managed to get criminal convictions overturned because the trial wasn't conducted in a a lanaguage of their choosing. The police knew it was a scam: Whenever they heard "No pickey Engie!" from somoeone they just arrested, they knew to put a mic on the guy and they'd get some bad English as soon as all uniforms were out of sight. And BTW, the bulk of the Cuban population was all in favor of the measure; the stupid illegals were just as much of an irritation to them as they were to everybody else.)

> The quote that you are re... (Below threshold)

> The quote that you are referencing -- "I would not vote for this man again"

Please look up "subjunctive" on a grammar site. It needn't be a condition which will actually have the chance to occur. "If the Shrub could run for re-election, I would, again, not vote for him, nor for anyone from the Demoblican half of the Repucrat party."

Besides, the Shrub could still run for dog catcher or city commissioner or the water conservation board or president of the garden club if he wished; he just can't run for president of the USA... unless the constitution has been amended.

Here in California, English... (Below threshold)

Here in California, English is the offical language of the State, for all the goood that did. Now my area of Anaheim has billboards in Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean, and none in English. With some people, laws don't do any good unless they are enforced.

I will say that the illegal... (Below threshold)

I will say that the illegal immigration crisis is an imbroglio that has been exacerbated by politics on both sides of the aisle. This is the point at which I depart with our President. I've agreed with him on many issues, but he has not done his job on this particular issue. Of course he will not be up for re-election. However, any member of congress who voted against the border wall and for immigration amnesty should not be re-elected. This is an issue that will break the back of this country unless it is addressed now.

Luke:If you hire a... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:


If you hire a lawyer to do something for you, say prepare your taxes, you are still the one responsible for making sure the taxes get paid. If the lawyer screws up, you can sue him for malpractice, but you are still on the hook for failing to make sure your taxes were paid.

The fact that Wendy's (or the company they bought, including its liabilities) hired a lawyer, does not relieve them of delivering what they collected money for.

This is such an ignorant po... (Below threshold)

This is such an ignorant post. More than a few Cuban refugees have become very prosperous, even attained millionaire status without speaking a single word of English.

But of course they don't count because they're staunch Republican.

If employers don't want problems from certain kinds of employees like illegals, DON'T HIRE THEM!!

Its called "huevos," or Caj... (Below threshold)

Its called "huevos," or Cajones, both translating into "balls."

The only millionaire Mexica... (Below threshold)

The only millionaire Mexicans I see that can't speak English end up in prison as drug dealers.

What an argument for a Cons... (Below threshold)

What an argument for a Constitutional amendment making English the official language of the United States! Here's my proposed text:

The official language of the United States is and shall be the English language. All official business of the United States shall be conducted in the English language.

No provision in this Constitution shall require, or shall be construed as requiring, any business of the United States or any State or any political subdivision thereof, or any private contract or transaction, to be conducted in any language other than English. The inability to speak or understand English shall not excuse the failure of any person to comply with any law, statute, regulation or ordinance, or the orders and directions of any agent of the United States or any State or political subdivision thereof.

I'll see your two Chutzpahs... (Below threshold)

I'll see your two Chutzpahs and raise you one Cojones:

Mexico may take fence dispute to U.N.

What's Spanish for "chut... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

What's Spanish for "chutzpah?"

My first choice would be "descarado/a"...shameless.

Its called "huevos," or ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Its called "huevos," or Cajones, both translating into "balls."

huevos grande...but I like "shameless" better.

All the Cubans I know speak... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

All the Cubans I know speak better English than the native speakers!

How did I know that it was ... (Below threshold)

How did I know that it was a post by old "pucker puss" (lee lee) by just the 1st 3 words?

Perhaps Wendy's ought to be... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Wendy's ought to be asking, "Where's the Beef?" The company did collect money for the lawyers. When the new group bought the old group, they assumed the liabilities of the old group. They may have a beef with the old owners for not doing due diligence or, perhaps, for not informing them of the possible issues that might arise.

Everyone has a beef with the lawyers. This may be a chance for the courts to make a ruling on how much US citizenship is worth. The plaintiffs ought to get the money collected for legal fees back from Wendy's (or the law firm if the funds were sent to the law firm) and a sum equal to the value of what US citizenship would be worth from the law firm.






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