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An Entertaining Bleg

The Confederate Yankee's computer is on its last legs so he is conducting a "blegburst" to replace it. In typical Confederate Yankee fashion, he provides enough humor in his post to make even a bleg an entertaining read.

*Bleg* *verb.* To use one's blog to beg for assistance usually for information, occasionally for money). One who does so is a 'blegger'. Usually intended as humorous.

Yes, "usually intended as humorous", and I think I would be quite tickled, neigh, giddy at the thought of those of you who have visited this humble blog over the past year and eleven months contributing just one small dime for each visit you've made.

Granted, Sally Struthers claims that for one dime a day that you can "give the gift of hope, the gift of life," to some small child in Africa, but does that starving urchin plop down in front of a keyboard several times each day to keep you entertained with wit and insight?

I think not.

Besides, as a social conservative, I'm pretty sure that's pretty much welfare, and how are we going to force them to get off their sickbeds and learn to provide for themselves if we make them reliant on charity? Help them learn self-sufficiency, by giving me your money.

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