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David Zucker's Madeleine Albright Ad Too Hot for GOP

Drudge is reporting that the GOP is refusing to air David Zucker's ad that really slams Madeleine Albright by portraying her as going out of her way to help NoKo's Kim Jong-il and Osama Bin Laden.


The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained an exclusive copy of a "scary" campaign advertisement created by Hollywood producer and director David Zucker that was intended to be used by GOP organizations in the closing weeks of the 2006 campaign.

However, the advertisement was deemed "too hot" by GOP strategists all across Washington, DC who have refused to use it!


One GOP strategist said "jaws dropped" when the ad was first viewed. "Nobody could believe Zucker thought any political organization could use this ad. It makes a point, but it's way over the top."

Here's the ad. For sure, it's almost shocking in its criticism of Albright, but is it over the top?

David Zucker has a backbone I can respect, and I will forever be a loyal fan.

Update: Hot Air links to a great ad by Move America Forward.

Hat tip Stop the ACLU.

Update II: Newsbusters reports that YouTube has flagged Zucker's Albright ad as inappropriate.

The video sharing site YouTube, just recently purchased by Google, has once again allowed a band of determined users to censor something they don't like.

The latest casualty is a a controversial spoof political ad by a Republican filmmaker David Zucker (producer of such films as "Scary Movie 4," "Airplane," among others) which depicts former secretary of state Madeline Albright, a Democrat who served in the Clinton administration, acting as a maid, servant and cheerleader for Islamic terrorists and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. After the Republican party declined to run with it, the ad was sent to Matt Drudge who splashed it worldwide by embedding it in a page on his site.

The story doesn't end there, though. After Drudge picked it up, Democratic YouTube viewers used the site's software to "flag" the video as "inappropriate," a designation usually reserved for extremely violent or sexually explicit video clips. There is nothing even remotely sexual or violent in the clip. The closest thing to an explicit image in the ad is a scene in which "Albright" bends over and her skirt tears a bit in the seat, hardly the stuff that sets FCC commissioners' hearts aflutter.

I've done the same thing. The video is embedded into this post, so you can see it in here rather than having to jump through hoops at YouTube.

Update III: LGF notes that YouTube is just fine with video from the Bush assassination flick Death of a President.


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Comments (56)

Well to be fair, Albright d... (Below threshold)

Well to be fair, Albright doesn't look that good.

It's perfect! Run wih it<b... (Below threshold)

It's perfect! Run wih it

It's too fair! But run it ... (Below threshold)

It's too fair! But run it anyway!

Perfect, but the GOP are a ... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Perfect, but the GOP are a bunch of pussies who won't grow any balls till they are voted out of office, but by then it will be too late.

Geezus, guys, it's David Zu... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Geezus, guys, it's David Zucker of "Airplane!" and "Police Squad" fame! A spoofy Zucker send up if there ever was one...

An apropos joke, but a joke all the same. Made me laugh!

This could only be worse if... (Below threshold)

This could only be worse if it depicted Madeleine Albright tossing Kim Jong-il's salad...And even that would not go far enough in discrediting the miserable foreign policy of the Clinton administration.

Bush 5/23/03"We will... (Below threshold)

Bush 5/23/03
"We will not tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea. We will not give into blackmail. We will not settle for anything less than the complete, verifiable, and irreversible elimination of North Korea's nuclear weapons program."

So Mr. President, how is that working out?

Barney....Loosen your liber... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Barney....Loosen your liberal cumberbund, will ya...

Freaking funniest ad ever--... (Below threshold)

Freaking funniest ad ever--even if it was a parody. If we ever ran this ad anywhere--I'd love to see Bill's finger-pointing sputtering rebuttal. He might have a stroke.

It's just another Republica... (Below threshold)

It's just another Republican lie. This isn't an "ad" as Kim says - No television commericals run 1:32 long.

This is another Republican lie. I doubt it came from Zucker - that's probably a lie too.

Republicans sure do think their consituency is stupid.

Maybe they're right -- we'll see how many people fall for this...

I can't help but think of T... (Below threshold)

I can't help but think of Team America when i see that ad, a similar parody with truths in it...

Lee, Show us where... (Below threshold)


Show us where Drudge states that it's a television ad??? In case you haven't noticed, political campaigns and parties are starting to take a "YouTube" approach to "commercials" and posting them to their web sites for general consumption.

Lee,Follow the adv... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Follow the advice I gave Barney...

And just for the record:

Giving Kim Jong Il a basketball so he can perform tomahawk jams: Funny

Funny: Albright mowing the lawn while NKPR workers test fissel material: Funny

Jihadists singing Kumbahya (or however the hell you spell it): Funny

Watching the liberals on this thread go full-blown moonbat: priceless.

Over the top? Not even...<b... (Below threshold)

Over the top? Not even...
To bad those spineless twits can't see fit to run it.
If the truth hurts stick it to them.

Lee, you can squeal at the top of your lungs but thats the Clinton foreign policy, give the NoKo's 2 light water reactors and then turn a blind eye to violations that governed their use.

Over the top?As co... (Below threshold)

Over the top?

As compared to blaming Bush for what Kim does?

Run the thing!

ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN..run it ... (Below threshold)

ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN..run it please!

I was never a hughe fan o... (Below threshold)

I was never a hughe fan of Albright- especially those failed town hall mettings back in 1998 when they were trying to sell to the public an attack on Iraq.
Fortunately, people were not so stupid then -even in Ohio.

Good times...

I think that Zucker should ... (Below threshold)

I think that Zucker should have also added Reid, both Clintons, and Pelosi to the ad. Wet t-shirts during the car wash might have been interesting. ExPOTUS Clinton could have had a pants split from the front or the back. Reid could have cut the lawn.

No television commerical... (Below threshold)

No television commericals run 1:32 long

I don't know - the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze ones sure seem to, or is it just me?

The best part of that parody is when she slaps him on the ass during the basketball game, then he dunks the ball!!!!! HA!

Gizmo, responding to the id... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Gizmo, responding to the idiotic ramblings of fools like Leah is a waste of time. Sort of like giving Kim Jong Il money, oil and light water nuclear reactors. It is a fools errand. These fools, and we know who you are, are not capable of honesty just like the North Koreans, Iranians and al-Qaeda. Similar huh?

"Clinton foreign policy, gi... (Below threshold)

"Clinton foreign policy, give the NoKo's 2 light water reactors and then turn a blind eye to violations that governed their use." gmac

You do not know what you are talking about. Do you even have any proof that the reactors were built?

This is another Re... (Below threshold)
This is another Republican lie. I doubt it came from Zucker - that's probably a lie too.

According to Drudge, Lee, David Zucker is a lifelong Democrat who switched his allegiance after 9/11 b/c he felt the Dems weren't being serious enough about the threat Islamic Facism poses to the civilized world. He (Zucker) publicly admits to having voted for Bush in 2004.

Republicans sure do think their consituency is stupid.

Perhaps Republicans do think their constituents are stupid. Based on your comments here and and in other threads here at Wizbang, the Democrats, can be certain of that fact.

<a href="http://roxanne.typ... (Below threshold)


George W. pulled Bandar aside.
"Bandar, I guess you're the best asshole who knows about the world. Explain to me one thing."
"Governor, what is it?"
"Why should I care about North Korea?"
Bandar said he didn't really know. It was one of the few countries that he did not work on for King Fahd.
"I get these briefings on all parts of the world," Bush said, "and everybody is talking to me about North Korea."
"I'll tell you what, Governor," Bandar said. "One reason should make you care about North Korea."
"All right, smart alek," Bush said, "tell me."
"The 38,000 American troops right on the border." ..."If nothing else counts, this counts. One shot across the border and you lose half these people immediately. You lose 15,000 Americans in a chemical or biological or even regular attack. The United State of America is at war instantly."
"Hmmm," Bush said. "I wish those assholes would put things just point-blank to me. I get half a book telling me about the history of North Korea."
"Now I tell you another answer to that. You don't want to care about North Korea anymore?" Bandar asked. The Saudis wanted America to focus on the Middle East and not get drawn into a conflict in East Asia.
"I didn't say that," Bush replied.
"But if you don't, you withdrawl those troops back. Then it becomes a local conflict. Then you have the whole time to decide, 'Should I get involved? Not involved?' Etc."
At that moment, Colin Powell approached.
"Colin," Bush said, "come here. Bandar and I were shooting the bull, just two fighter pilots shooting the bull." He didn't mention the topic.
"Mr. Governor," Bandar said, "General Powell is almost a fighter pilot. He can shoot the bull almost as good as us."

Bob Woodward
State of Denial

yetanotherjohn:... (Below threshold)


Well to be fair, Albright doesn't look that good.

'Tis true: Zucker's Albright she wasn't wearing nearly enough jewelry. The real Albright was rivalled Mr. T. in her over-zealous accessorizing!

PIMF!'Tis true: Zu... (Below threshold)


'Tis true: Zucker's Albright wasn't wearing nearly enough jewelry. The real Albright rivalled Mr. T. in her over-zealous accessorizing!

Lots of "Mooos..." from the... (Below threshold)

Lots of "Mooos..." from the unthinking right. The GOP plays you guys like a string violin.

"Show us where Drudge states that it's a television ad???"

Kim stated that it was an ad. It isn't. Its a viral video designed to get chumps all excited about it -- ooooh baby --that's so hot. Did you see that video? Too hot for the GOP - wow!

Moooooooo.... What a bunch of chumps.

I don't care, it was... (Below threshold)

I don't care, it was just damn funny!

She's mowing the lawn and changing tires.... I love it. =)

Running this ad -- which I ... (Below threshold)

Running this ad -- which I certainly do endorse --and running it as often and as far and wide as possible across America, will enable a GOP win in November.

So, why, why, why, would anyone on behalf of the GOP, fail to run it?

That ad is precisely what i... (Below threshold)

That ad is precisely what is needed, and fast! It is brilliant and says it all. The buzz it will generate will multiply its impact.

Just let the Dems and the media try to criticize it! That will only help spread it more.


So, why, why, why, would... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

So, why, why, why, would anyone on behalf of the GOP, fail to run it?

Because it's NOT an ad. Period. It's a spoof, a parody, a satirical lark. But it is NOT an ad. Commericals are either :15, :30 or :60 seconds in length. This runs at 1:32. I''ve been in the ad biz 16 years. Trust me, it is NOT an ad. OK? Kim's pulling your leg. Got it? Good.

Try laughing because it was damn funny SHORT FILM.

Jesus H. Christmas....and you libs accuse we neocons of having no sense of humor...look in the mirror...

"Kim's pulling your leg.... (Below threshold)

"Kim's pulling your leg."

Kim was fooled by it too. Drudge is the leg puller - or was fooled also?

Hard to tell - it's hard to tell with all of this "moooing" going on.

Bob WoodwardState... (Below threshold)

Bob Woodward
State of Denial
Posted by: muirgeo at October 10, 2006 05:42 PM

"State of Denial is many things, but among those things it is something very close to a memoir by former Saudi ambassador to the US, Prince Bandar bin Sultan. Bandar has apparently talked at great length and with much seeming candor. But is he a trustworthy witness?"

"this is the same Prince Bandar who tells Woodward (on p. 47) that he described Yasser Arafat to the president as a "schmuck."

As the saying goes: "Believe it ... or not." "

David Frum
National Review Online
October 2006

No way is this ad too hot. ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

No way is this ad too hot. It's actually right on the money. One of those incovenient truths.

And you can tell that by the fact that Lee again tried to derail the tread with nonsense.

How in the he** do you insu... (Below threshold)

How in the he** do you insult Madam NotAllTooBright. Show her head coming out of a horse's a**. Na that would make her look normal.

Sorry--but using an image o... (Below threshold)

Sorry--but using an image of the USS Cole blown up to smitherines and the death site of embassy workers in a "comedy" ad about a subject the US military takes seriously is not wise.

I'm glad someone in the Republican party had the good sense not to run it.

A better ad that is running is this one-and it has a lot more class-

Todd Beamer-a real American hero-His father Speaks in Support of the President

Anyone who does not notice ... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Anyone who does not notice satire when they see it probably that the second "Airplane" and the "Naked Gun" movies were real...after all he was a screenwriter for them...
besides..as for the Cole..everyone knows after Clinton/Mad Albright bailed...within a week of being sworn in Bush/Cheney bombed the shit out of Al-Q in Afghanistan...making a statement that no one kills our troops and gets away with it...
(ok I am rewriting a little history..but both Dems and Repub's are these days.)
I find the video funny and right on...
I would rather see humor in political ads then the crap I am exposed to...
Crazy Kim dunking over the US (Clinton)(Bush)is the only truth I have seen this political season

You guys really don't get i... (Below threshold)
John S:

You guys really don't get it. Sure it's "too hot." The Repubs "disavow" it but it gets 1.5 million plays on YouTube and all YouTube's imitators. That's double the numbers of any CNN show and better than most network news shows. And it's for free. Just like the MSM, mainstream TV is increasingly irrelevant.

nogo postal-Well p... (Below threshold)

nogo postal-

Well put the shoe on the other foot-

What if the Democrats used the scene of the death of embassy workers and the death of US military-and surrounded it with "high camp" satire?

I want a party that takes terrorism seriously and this ad doesn't achieve that effect.

Well John S-I get ... (Below threshold)

Well John S-

I get that but people are claiming the Republican leadership should "get manly" and are stupid for not running it.

That's ludicrious.

Does anyone else picture Le... (Below threshold)

Does anyone else picture Lee foaming at the mouth everytime he puts up a comment?

John S. nails it. It doesn... (Below threshold)

John S. nails it. It doesn't run, but alot of people watch it because of the "furor." Smart.

Lee is spineless, and humorless. Ignore the little troll.

Add this scene and it's perfect: Clinton strolls in with Lewinsky in tow, pimps her out to Kim Il, and then she goes down on him, and his pompadour goes "erect." Priceless.

Jesus H. Christmas....an... (Below threshold)

Jesus H. Christmas....and you libs accuse we neocons of having no sense of humor...look in the mirror...

Uh, you wrote this in response to a post by a neocon. You need to aim your ad hominem attacks more carefully.

I laughed at both videos --... (Below threshold)

I laughed at both videos -- they're humorous, but they also clearly depict the desperation that is going through the minds of Republican strategists.

Bring out more, please. This election is turning out to be one of the best I've seen in a long time.

This election is turning... (Below threshold)

This election is turning out to be one of the best I've seen in a long time.

Wow and it hasn't even taken place yet. Lee must know something...

" but is it over the top?"<... (Below threshold)

" but is it over the top?"


Not for you, clearly. After all, Democrats aid terrorists, right?

Bush is a complete failure ... (Below threshold)

Bush is a complete failure unlike Clinton who made sure to get everything in writing, probably had it notarized too.

Too hot for You tube as wel... (Below threshold)

Too hot for You tube as well!!!!

"This video may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube's user community. To view this video, please verify you are 18 or older by logging in or signing up."

Those Google c*cksuckers are really starting to piss me off.

Ok, if an official arm of t... (Below threshold)

Ok, if an official arm of the GOP won't run it, I'm sure there are plenty of other groups that would. We in the VRC have plenty of outlets with plenty of cash to run this. Maybe Move America Forward, Club for Growth or the American Conservative Union.

Why are you people still bo... (Below threshold)
GeoBill Blushinton:

Why are you people still bothering with Democrats and Republicans?? Vote another party. Both Dems and Repubs work for the same people. Which is not the American public.

Just look at Henry Kissinger... He's one of Bush's biggest advisors, but is the business partner of a member of Clinton's former cabinet.

Both parties, but especially the GOP has been in volved in a child porn ring for decades. Vietnam was started by a democratic administration.

They're making you argue and fight against each other so you don't even attempt to find out the atrocities they both have commited against you.

Vote some other party than Repubs or Demos for once!!!

"Why are you people still b... (Below threshold)

"Why are you people still bothering with Democrats and Republicans?? Vote another party."

If a worthwhile candidate can't win a party nomination, what in the hell makes you think he can win a national election? Voting like this just robs the less offensive of the two viable parties of a vote. It's a formula for electing the worst candidate.

If this is about "sending a message" or whatever - you have countless opportunities to do this without ruining an election. The problem is people's inactivity between major elections, not that people vote among the viable candidates.

"Both parties, but especial... (Below threshold)

"Both parties, but especially the GOP has been in volved in a child porn ring for decades."

Also, you're a moron.

"Lee must know something... (Below threshold)

"Lee must know something..."

Comparatively speaking, yes.

What I predicted turned out... (Below threshold)

What I predicted turned out to be true. The RNC is behind this - funded it - and then lied about it. It never was an ad that was rejected by the GOP. It's paid-for lie. Conservative bloggers dutifully repearted the lies.

Funded by pro-Republican, tax-exempt 527 groups, the ads will appear on YouTube, the Drudge Report and America Weakly, a new parody site run by the Republican National Committee (RNC) that purports to show what the country would look like under Democratic control. The RNC asked Zucker to make the spoof ads because of his "stellar reputation and high-quality production," said Tara Wall, director of outreach communications.

Political strategist Arnold Steinberg thinks such ads "can be very effective" in making an impact. Although Steinberg had not seen Zucker's Internet ads when he spoke to a reporter, he said humorous spots might generate lots of media coverage, thereby broadcasting Zucker's message to a larger audience extending beyond the Internet.

Good for them.Meet... (Below threshold)

Good for them.

Meet lies with lies.

LOL! That ad's awesome.</p... (Below threshold)
The Other Steve:

LOL! That ad's awesome.

I wish the Republicans had run it. It would have been fun watching them spend a week on television with people laughing at them and calling them pathetic cowards.

Big Mac,What I was... (Below threshold)
GeoBill Blushinton:

Big Mac,

What I was talking about is not about "sending a message" or whatever. It's getting the Democrats and Republicans as much as possible out of the U.S. government. Give the other parties a try to see if they can do better in office, senate, or congress than the current two.

And if you can't find a good counter argument, then why call names???

As for the pedo ring:








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