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Programmers Are Funny

If there's anything to be learned from Google's new Code Search tool, it is: A) Don't leave full system backups on publicly accessible web servers (something a few WordPress users have found out the hard way), and B) There's some funny stuff hidden in the source code of programs littered on the interweb...

Should be shot
TPS Report
Brain fart

You can find a few more along the lines of those above at The Daily WTF and Kottke.org.

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"this sucks" turns up some ... (Below threshold)

"this sucks" turns up some stuff, too.

I like this one better than... (Below threshold)
I'm a programmer for a govt... (Below threshold)

I'm a programmer for a govt contractor, you should see what we add to the comments.

What immediately struck me ... (Below threshold)

What immediately struck me was how many of this are related to Motif bit-level color manipulations. I sympathize, guys, I really do.

Also try: blows goats and sucks rocks.

funny stuff!Where ... (Below threshold)

funny stuff!

Where have you been Kevin? Haven't seen you post in a while.






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