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A Feminist Blogger Will Abort Her Baby to Get Back at Pro-Lifers

I have commentary at my personal site, Kim Priestap. Here's a portion:

Unfortunately, she looks at abortion a way to strike back at pro-lifers. It's her way of saying screw you. She thinks this will hurt us; it won't. It will kill her baby. Her child. It will also destroy a piece of her soul, which she will never be able to get back.

As a result of publishing her intent to abort her baby, she has received a lot of hateful comments on her blog, which, in my opinion, are completely out of line. She is so misguided and self-absorbed that she is eager to kill one of her own children so her life won't be inconvenienced, even though she invited this child's conception. She shouldn't be hated. She should be prayed for. What a miserable life she must lead to have such deep hate for an innocent being who did nothing wrong but come into existence through no action of its own. Someday, she will be haunted by her decision. And when she is, I hope she turns to Operation Outcry for help.

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Excellent article you wrote... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Excellent article you wrote there Kim!

That's really sad. I'm not ... (Below threshold)

That's really sad. I'm not religious, but God help that woman.

"I am f***ing angry as hell that around every corner I am faced with people who believe that the life of this fetus is worth more than MY life, "

This I don't get. Will the pregnancy kill her? If not, then she needs to know that pro-lifers believe the baby has EQUAL value; not greater. And it won't ruin her life if she gives it up for adoption. However, maybe she's just worried that her kids will find out and, rightfully so, believe that what she's doing is wrong and that she should carry the pregnancy to term and raise the child.

Wow, this woman has three k... (Below threshold)

Wow, this woman has three kids!!!! I wonder why she finds this particular pregnancy so inconvenient. I am probably being way naive here but I cannot believe that any woman who already has three kids would stoop to this type of language on her blog. Can we be sure that she is not just some sort of nutcase who needs major amounts of attention???

The woman got pregnant vi... (Below threshold)

The woman got pregnant via a broken condom and sought emergency contraception that is supposed to be available over the counter. Apparently, not in Ohio.

Great story, Kim.

I sometimes think that it's... (Below threshold)

I sometimes think that it's not so much about how a woman will feel later (infanticide has existed forever) but about what it tells young people about their worth. Even something like "every child a wanted child" puts the value on being wanted and not on the simple fact that you exist.

Having an abortion to spite other people sounds like depression talking to me. When I've suffered from depression I'd have odd "and then they'll be sorry" thoughts that had no relation to reality or reason. (Thankfully this never progressed to suicidal thoughts.)

Sounds like she had always ... (Below threshold)

Sounds like she had always planned to abort the baby. She is just using this as an excuse.

Kim says in her excellent p... (Below threshold)

Kim says in her excellent post: "She shouldn't be hated. She should be prayed for." I agree.

Wow, that was horrible to r... (Below threshold)

Wow, that was horrible to read. How very very sad.

Maybe somebody ought to sho... (Below threshold)

Maybe somebody ought to shoot her, to get back at her, on behalf of her aborted child.

Well I don't hate her, but ... (Below threshold)

Well I don't hate her, but I certainly think she is misguided with her logic.

But, after reading some of her blog entries, this woman is as hateful as some of the vile commenters deriding her. And regardless of all the hate mail she receives, she is still choosing to abort the baby. No one else is making that decision for her. She seems to be trying to spread blame to everyone else but her.

Hate the sin. Love the sinn... (Below threshold)

Hate the sin. Love the sinner.

Wow. Just....wow.I... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Wow. Just....wow.

I don't blame her for being angry at the vile and disgusting words that were aimed at her; they are completely inexcusable. Yet her utter contempt for her baby/fetus is equally appalling and inexcusable. It's heartless. No, it's souless.

Her hate, and I mean that word strongly, seems to be sorely misdirected at the fetus and a deflection from the real issue which is a lack of any real sort of deep personal or spiritual introspection into her choice to have an abortion. She blames "the penis" and "the fetus" first and foremost, and that's not taking responsibility for the first choice she made: to have sex. To not recognize that and the potential consequences of that is terribly sad.

I do not support her decision to have an abortion, but as sad and and hateful and souless as her decision is, I do support her in having the right to make that choice....

In the end, she is the one that will have to reconcile all of this with God. Not us.

Perhaps there are some peop... (Below threshold)

Perhaps there are some people who should not be allowed to attempt to have children for which they are grossly ill-equipped.

I have always wondered how ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I have always wondered how the children of the leaders of the abortion rights movement felt about their mothers' devotion to it. Would they feel special, as every child should, or would they feel guilt that they were spared while others were not? I've met someone whose mother tried to abort him, but it failed. Fortunately, his life has turned out well, but I can only imagine the issues he had to work through.

Definitely didn't deserve s... (Below threshold)

Definitely didn't deserve some of the hateful comments (and I wonder how many were legit, how many were planted to provide grist for the mill).
But such anger, such a victim mentality that she is living with. I pray for her, and for her existing children, that they may get past such toxic thoughts.

I never understood why pro-... (Below threshold)

I never understood why pro-life people would react with hate to a woman planning an abortion or a woman who has had an abortion. These women are people, too. True, they made/are making bad choices - dangerous choices - but we are no better if we tear them down. The most obvious example that comes to mind are the abortion clinic bombers, but it's more than that. Hate is murder, sometimes literally but more often not.

This woman needs our prayers, not our hate.

They can't stop their hate,... (Below threshold)

They can't stop their hate, SB - it's deep inside of them and gnawing at them constantly. You can see it in the language they use.






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