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No honor among thieves

This morning, I noticed a news item that Nigeria had arrested numerous foreigners, charging them with "obtaining classified defense documents."

My sources confirm that the documents were numerous urgent business proposals, pleas from widows of politicians and businessmen, and lists of bids of items from EBay and Craig's List.

The government of Nigeria says that the release of these very sensitive documents could cause catastrophic damage to their nation's economy.


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Comments (7)

Here is one listing I found... (Below threshold)

Here is one listing I found on Craig's List
For Sale, 500 metric tons of yellow cake uranium. Hardly used. Contact Saddam

Hey look old barney google ... (Below threshold)

Hey look old barney google finally admitted that there was yellow cookies in Nigeria. The only thing you better hurry if you want to contact his buddy Saddam as he is going to a necktie party soon and will not be able to "talk" about it. he he

Sorry jhow, but I forgot to... (Below threshold)

Sorry jhow, but I forgot to include that I found the posting in history cache dated back to Jan. '03. The yellow cake is in North Korea now.

Actually several tons of Sa... (Below threshold)

Actually several tons of Saddam's Yellow cake and other WMD now resides in Oak Ridge Tn., so the little fat monkey in North Korea has been trying to obtain or make his own.

New rumor for the day. Mexico to take the U.S. to the U.N., and the U.S. to completely close the border and cancel all trade agreements with Mexico. Tit for Tat.

"The U.S. to completely clo... (Below threshold)

"The U.S. to completely close the border" Scrapie, what are smoking? The border is over 1,200 miles long. Who is going to close-off the border? The Minutemen? They couldn't protect the stage they were speaking on from a dozen ivy school preps!

"ivy school preps" ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"ivy school preps"

That's how Barney discribes fascist anti-free speech activists, a.k.a. typical "democrats".

It is not the Minute Men's ... (Below threshold)

It is not the Minute Men's function to seal off the borders. Theirs is to watch and notify the appropriate authority, so that the authorities do their job. The same with the Columbia 'students' storming the stage. It was the security officers job to 'protect the stage'. If the Minute Men would have tried to 'protect the stage', Barney would be the first one (well maybe Lee or Hugh) to critize them.






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