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Rudy Giuliani's Ad for Ken Blackwell

I have always been a Ken Blackwell supporter, and I am looking forward to voting for him for Ohio's governor in November. Rudy Giuliani likes him too. Take a look at Rudy's ad supporting Ken Blackwell's candidacy for Ohio governor.

Here's an ad explaining why Ted Strickland should not be governor.

If you live in Ohio, please, please vote for Ken Blackwell for governor.

Update: Please read BizzyBlog's four part series on why Ted Strickland is dangerous for Ohio.

Comments (11)

That Ted Strickland, He's a... (Below threshold)

That Ted Strickland, He's a real bad ass. Sound's like He's got Kerryitis when it comes to His voting record.. In other words not doing what He's getting paid for. Sheesh

Don't expect any help from ... (Below threshold)

Don't expect any help from the retards. They lost an election in Ohio so the Black Guy must be a crook.
It seems to be a habit with the democrats. They support the Gays except then they try to destroy them and the same with Blacks, except they (democrats) get real racist at times.

it's "giuliani"... (Below threshold)

it's "giuliani"

Thanks, yomama. I knew it d... (Below threshold)

Thanks, yomama. I knew it didn't look right. I should've just taken the time and looked it up.

Facts, analysis and opinion... (Below threshold)

Facts, analysis and opinion on a critical 1999 vote Congressman Strickland made in 1999: Why Ted Stricklands 1999 'Present' Vote on H CON RES 107 Matters, and What It Means -- INDEX, Disclosure, and Overview

Quin Hillyer of the Ame... (Below threshold)

Quin Hillyer of the American Spectator says Blackwell still has a chance.

Rudy, remember what my gran... (Below threshold)

Rudy, remember what my grand mammy used to tell me: "You lay down with dogs and you will wake up with fleas"

Dear Lord, I certainly hope... (Below threshold)

Dear Lord, I certainly hope that Ken Blackwell still has a chance because Strickland would be an utter disaster for the State of Ohio!

That Blackwell, <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

That Blackwell, he's a real standup guy.

I wouldn't Vote for blackwe... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't Vote for blackwell if you paid me he's a republican election scam enabler. And a right wing NUT.

Blackwell is a nutjob you m... (Below threshold)

Blackwell is a nutjob you morons - watch this video where he talks about NAMBLA







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