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Uncle Jay Wants You -- or, at least, your suggestions

The Army, finding that "An Army Of One" just isn't that grabby a slogan, has come out with a new one. One that they hope will grab the imagination of young people and help convince them to enlist.

"Army Strong."

Now, I'm hardly the Army's target audience (I'm too old, too out of shape, and have way, WAY too many health concerns -- if I tried to enlist, the recruiter would probably injure himself laughing and start looking for the hidden cameras), but that slogan does less than nothing for me.

The Star Trek geek in me is reminded of the Pakleds. "We are strong. Make it work." Not exactly the most compelling image.

The internet geek in me is reminded of Strongbad. Again, not too persuasive.

I racked my brain to come up with a good alternative, one that is at least as good as the old "Be All You Can Be," but came up dry. The two best (well, least worst) I could come up with:

"The Answer To 'You And What Army?'"

"We Are Da Bomb"

Yeah, they suck. You should have seen the others.

So, any other ideas?

Comments (39)

"All your base are belong t... (Below threshold)

"All your base are belong to us."

Army Strong by itself seems... (Below threshold)

Army Strong by itself seems a bit weak. I did like the summary of the ads I heard (I haven't seen any of them) which seem a pairing of "strong for this thing" and "strong for that thing" one being "strong to get over obstacles" and "strong to get over yourself." I liked that one quite a lot.

I think that, like religion, the military would do better to emphasize the challenge and difficulty rather than try to make military service sound appealing. Our soldiers who are deployed and who volunteer for re-enlistment and often redeployment aren't doing it because there's anything pleasant about it.

My suggestion for recruiting slogans: Do something hard. Do something real.

Oh, and "You and what army"... (Below threshold)

Oh, and "You and what army" rocks. :-)

(along with a picture of Di... (Below threshold)

(along with a picture of Dick Cheney)
Be a dick, shoot someone.

"We have the cure for cance... (Below threshold)

"We have the cure for cancer... die young from politicians appeasing angry Muslims enemies with insipid Rules Of Engagement!"

For a bit of trivia, look a... (Below threshold)

For a bit of trivia, look at what GEN Max Thurman had put on his grave marker

Army.Arm me.... (Below threshold)


Arm me.

For duty, For Honor, For Life.

The old motto could have be... (Below threshold)

The old motto could have been improved by simple subtraction: Army 1

How about:"Come on... (Below threshold)

How about:

"Come on you guys please, PLEASE join - Yes, we don't have a legitimate reason to be in Iraq, but hey -- there are other good reasons to join!

What do you think...? Do I win? :^)

Diplomacy by other means</p... (Below threshold)

Diplomacy by other means

The Army: Protecting asshat... (Below threshold)

The Army: Protecting asshats' constitutional rights for over 200 years.

The Army: Still Better Than Slinging Fries at McD's.

The Army: We Kick Ass. When we're not being defunded by Democrats that is.

The Army: Be all you can be.

You and what army are going to defeat US?

How about something lifted ... (Below threshold)

How about something lifted out of the 1st divsion with a twist -- The thirst for a fight.

Army: Be a Turbinator... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Army: Be a Turbinator

We lowered our standards, s... (Below threshold)

We lowered our standards, so reapply

You can't print this, but t... (Below threshold)

You can't print this, but this would be best:

Motherfuckinshiteatintitbitin Bad Asses!

some good ones already take... (Below threshold)

some good ones already taken
Just Do It - as per Nike
Do or Do not (there is not try) - as per yoda

Latin approach
Solve Per Vires
(Free by Strength)

Well, I'm a First Sergeant ... (Below threshold)

Well, I'm a First Sergeant and I hate this sloganeering crap. "Be all you can be" was all the Army ever needed. I tied present accomplishment (physical and mental challenges) to future accomplishment (money for college).

"Army of One" was OK because it tried to create a sense of teamwork. For instance, it is estimated that it takes at least 8 service and support soldiers to keep 1 fighting in the field. But it failed to win me over for two reasons. First, the first commercial I ever saw for it had one lone grunt running down a dusty road toward the camera and a platoon running the other way. Not very teamlike. Second, the command says that Reserve, Guard, and Active component are "One Army." Yet when I retire as reservist, I won't draw my retirement until 62. Active component starts drawing it right away. Did I mention I took a pay cut to go to Iraq? Army of one, my ass.

"Army Strong," you really have to go with your first thought regarding these things, and mine was Conan the Barbarian. "Conan strong! Puny man die!"

How is this slogan,
"Women prefer employed ugly men 9 to 1 over unemployed ones!"

or, "I was talking to some girls from our class the other day...they said you're still a loser."

or, "I want the Pina Colada scent and try to get that gum out of the carpet."

They should return to the good old days. "Be all you can be." The Army has given a lot of people a leg up in life because a future trumps the present.

One thing the Dems don't want you to know...a strong economy always makes recruitment difficult. So when they say that the Army had to lower standards to meet recruitment goals don't assume the root cause is an unpopular war as they say. Recruitment is always tough but in a time of war, we cannot tolerate missing those goals. That is why the standard dropped. And it didn't really drop, per se, rather now we allow 4% of the goal to be filled by low scorers instead of the previous 2%.

Next on Inside Baseball, why the pick-up line "Me Sexy" doesn't work.

I think "Army Strong" can w... (Below threshold)
Half Canadian:

I think "Army Strong" can work, provided the right imagery is associated with it. Comparing strong with army strong, meaning that army strong is a higher grade, could increase the value of the army.
For example, comparing a hummer with a tank. The humer is strong, the tank is army strong. Imagery like that.

Army: Peace through superio... (Below threshold)
Chip Caboi:

Army: Peace through superior firepower!

So, if you got nothing to d... (Below threshold)

So, if you got nothing to do until the next decade..?

AP: "The U.S. Army has plans to keep the current level of soldiers in Iraq through 2010, the top Army officer said Wednesday"

"What do you think...? Do I... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"What do you think...? Do I win?"

Posted by: Lee


How about this slogan:<br /... (Below threshold)

How about this slogan:
"Yes, 'Army' is a French word, but then who the hell else is going to bail the French out every two or three decades?"

And Kim du Toit would like this one:
"Where blue staters can legally own a gun and red staters can show them how to use it."

The Army. Because you know ... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

The Army. Because you know you want to go to strange, exotica places, meet strange exotic people, and blow them up.

"Army Strong" makes me thin... (Below threshold)

"Army Strong" makes me think about a guy I knew named Herb Brav, who was the recreation director for the MFO (peacekeepers between Egypt & Israel). He used to walk around the base muttering to himself about being "Monkey Strong" "Gotta be monkey strong. If you wanna be strong, watch the monkeys!" Over & over & over again. Crazy old soldier who was about 70 when I knew him 15 years ago, and INSANELY fit. Physically, at least.

"We kick their a$$es so you... (Below threshold)

"We kick their a$$es so you don't have to!"

"Army! So that when you're old, your war stories will be about actual combat!"

"Army! HALO only WISHED it were this cool!"

"Where else could you get paid to blow s#it up?"

Now for a serious one...

"Because some things are worth fighting for."

Being a former Marine, I've always liked the Marine Corps take on recruiting. It was never "Hey, hey...join us!" It was more along the line of "So...what the hell makes you think you're worthy enough?"

FormerHostage,I re... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


I really like "some things are worth fighting for".

That says it all on SOOOOO many levels.

Army: If you want to fight ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Army: If you want to fight and kill bad guys, join us. If you want to surrender and appease the enemy, join the French. Or the DNC.

Army of One (at least it wi... (Below threshold)

Army of One (at least it will be after Rummy gets through with it)

BarneyFife2000,You... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


You're thinking of Clinton.

This one' more accurate:

Army of One: The combined IQ of Lee, Barney, Muirgeo, etc.

Army Strong! Hulk Smash!</p... (Below threshold)

Army Strong! Hulk Smash!

Sheik, you're on the high s... (Below threshold)

Sheik, you're on the high side with that IQ number.

Faith+1 made me laugh.... (Below threshold)

Faith+1 made me laugh.

"Kickass" has a nice ring to it, but it's probably not clean enough.

Hey "pucker puss" (lee lee)... (Below threshold)

Hey "pucker puss" (lee lee) the military will not take whimps such as you so you are not allowed in the contest.

I always thought "Army of O... (Below threshold)

I always thought "Army of One" sounded like a loner thing - didn't make sense. Changing "Army Strong" to "Be Army Strong" would work better.

How about: "Be Part of the Company"

Oh yeah! You and what ARMY... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah! You and what ARMY?

Kickin ass and takin names for 231 years

My family wears COMBAT BOOTS

this is fun stuff

As quoted by our Commander ... (Below threshold)

As quoted by our Commander in Chief:


Blackfive.net has the new A... (Below threshold)

Blackfive.net has the new Army add, in case anyone wants to see it.


"We are the future."<... (Below threshold)
Loren Meyer:

"We are the future."

Run this at the end of ads that show the military reacting quickly and efficiently to events that occur without any warning, but for which they have already arranged a response.

It's odd this subject should come up right now, as I had a dream just a few nights ago in which I was watching several of these ads from inside. (I wasn't one of the actors in them, though, just a spectator.) "We are the future" was the slogan that kept flashing up at the end.

Back when I was in, we had ... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Back when I was in, we had no end of fun with the whole Army-of-one campaign, as well as the transition to the black berets and all the rest of it.

My slogan suggestion --

"U.S. Army: Who wants some!??"






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