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White Males Need Not Apply at the FBI

Go Pundit Go has the scoop.


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There's nothing new in this... (Below threshold)

There's nothing new in this -- you are talking about a policy that apparently goes back to 2002 (according to the linked article).

Why is this news now?

Oh yeah, the Republicans are trying to wake up the conservative bigots and get them to the polls - my bad.

I do not know of conservati... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I do not know of conservative bigots, I thought the left had all of them, but I see this post woke up a resident idiot. Morning Leah.

A friend of mine who works ... (Below threshold)

A friend of mine who works for the U.S. Forestry Dept. tells me this has been the case where he works for some years now. That is, minority candidates are aggressively recruited, quickly hired, and rapidly promoted. And if the candidate is also a woman, the sky's the limit. So it sounds like this may be the hiring policy for the entire federal government.






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