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You can judge a blog by the nature of its enemies

In most countries, the "Interior Ministry" is usually the state security branch -- the secret police, and whatnot. But as George Carlin once so famously pointed out, here in the United States the Deparment of the Interior is in charge of everything that's outside -- the wilderness, the parks, and whatnot.

But apparently some of our Department of the Interior are jealous of their foreign colleagues, who apparently taunt them at international Interior gatherings. ("Hey, Joe, how many subversive trees did you round up last week?") So they have started to play with similar responsibilities, and are starting to block certain conservative blogs.

According to the most recent reports from Baron Bodissey, the blogs discovered to be blocked thus far are:

Captain's Quarters Cox and Forkum Gates of Vienna Little Green Footballs Michael J. Totten Michelle Malkin Power Line Protein Wisdom Rantings of a Sandmonkey Roger L. Simon The Adventures of Chester The American Thinker The Belmont Club The Doctor is In Wizbang

(Emphasis added, of course)

The Baron's source says that he has yet to find a single liberal blog that is blocked.

I fully expect that this situation will not stand. Now that the double standard has been exposed, the blocks will all be lifted or (more likely) the liberal blogs will get added to the list.

But in the meantime, I think I will revel in the prestigious company we here at Wizbang find ourselves in. August personages indeed.

Kevin adds:

It turns out there was a reason for the clampdown that had nothing to do with blogs. The DOI Inspector General released a report on Internet use within the agency and the results weren't pretty...

WASHINGTON (MSNBC) - Interior Department employees aren't just using their computers to oversee parks and wildlife, an investigation found. They're spending thousands of hours a week visiting shopping, sex and gambling Web sites.

A report made public Wednesday on an internal investigation examining a week of computer use found more than more than 1 million log entries in which 7,700 employees visited game and auction sites.

More than 4,700 log entries were to sexually explicit and gambling Web sites.

The findings are "egregious" and "alarming," the department's inspector general, Earl Devaney, wrote in the report [PDF].

"Computer users at the department have continued to access sexually explicit and gambling Web sites due to the lack of consistency in department controls over Internet use," he wrote.

Clearly there are IT issues at Interior, and blogs (mostly conservative ones) have been unfairly lumped in with the porn and gambling sites.

Bonus: Among the vast number of interesting tidbits is this:

"The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) was not included in our review because of the Cobell Court's injunction against Internet use by BIA."

It turns out that BIA has been offline since 2001 because Interior could not secure the network.

Jay Tea adds: Thanks, Kevin, for killing my gosh-darn fun conspiracy theory. Stupid facts...


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Comments (9)

I'm kinda hoping that my os... (Below threshold)

I'm kinda hoping that my osn series of sites is blocked.

No reason on Earth why the DOI would need to be watching catcams. Unless they're on some Indian reservation.

It's only because some DU n... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

It's only because some DU nerd probably is the Department of Interior's IT guy.

I hope he gets fired so he can claim victim class in real time reality.

Wow! On the one ha... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


On the one hand, the typical leftist behavior of "free speech for me but not for thee" is apalling to behold.

On the other hand, they've actually helped me discover some blogs that I obviously need to start reading!!

Thanks, you leftist hipocrites!

The e-mail linked to said a... (Below threshold)

The e-mail linked to said all Blogspot urls.

I'm betting this isn't an attack on conservative blogs so much as a work-place policy to reduce work-place blog reading.

Going by the rules it seems... (Below threshold)

Going by the rules it seems that they block the sites that 'people actually read' and do not block those that no one reads.

Makes sense, as those in th... (Below threshold)
The Babaganoosh:

Makes sense, as those in the department are more likely to be wasting valuable work hours reading Wizbang (and wizbang pop!) and Captain's quarters than they are to be reading the Daily Kos.

Hey, maybe Lee, and ... (Below threshold)

Hey, maybe Lee, and Barney, and Hugh work at Dept of Interior!

That would explain a lot.

I expect they'd have trouble holding down anything but a meaningless govvy job.

To heck with blocking sites... (Below threshold)

To heck with blocking sites.

Just find out which employees were logged onto the computers at the times of the visits to forbidden places, and FIRE THEM.

I promise: after the first wave of firings, the illicit use of work computers will drop dramatically.

I hate to say this - but ... (Below threshold)

I hate to say this - but a lot of companies block employees from using the Internet with company computers and on company time. Come on - right now I am at work. I'm not blocked on anything. But I know one major company within a mile that even blocks personal e-mail accounts.

While the Internet brings us much more information (and useful at that) than sitting around the lunch room reading a paper - it has also cut into productive time at work.

I don't think the DOI will lift the ban - I think it will increase. Kos will be blcoked soon.






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