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Another Great Mike Bouchard Ad

Whoever Mike has as his ad man is a genius. Here's another great campaign ad from the Bouchard camp.

Hat tip: RedState.

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That's a great ad? Wow, tal... (Below threshold)

That's a great ad? Wow, talk about lowered expectations.

Survey USA:

Michigan Senate: Stabenow(D) 53%, Bouchard(R) 42%

Watch for Bouchard to get even more desparate as the elction draws near.

I'm voting for Bouchard no ... (Below threshold)

I'm voting for Bouchard no matter what ad he puts out. It is a good ad though. It lays out Stabenow's record nicely.

Debbie Stabenow has nice, n... (Below threshold)

Debbie Stabenow has nice, normal ads showing her smiling and talking about being bi-partisan.

Which is utter fiction. She only believes in free speech when she agrees with it. Otherwise, she threatens government retaliation.

So Lee, are you saying that... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

So Lee, are you saying that if someone is 9 points behind in one of those all-knowing polls they should just give up campaigning? I guess Webb should give up against Allen since he is 11 points behind. Great logic, but then we've come to expect that much from you.

Don't pay and attention to ... (Below threshold)

Don't pay and attention to democratic polls. Remember 'they're' post vote polls in 2004 had Hanoi John way ahead. They put out the lies in an attempt at convincing people to stay home. Didn't work then, won't work now. Any Republican voter is smarter than any democratic politician, must less the underlin's that are sleezy enough to work for them. Proves you don't have to be smart to be a democrat, just have to be a DA sleeze ball.

Get rid of the voter fraud ... (Below threshold)

Get rid of the voter fraud from the Dems in Michigan,such as by instituting voter i.d. and Bouchard will win..

By the way Kerry was way ahead ( supposedly ) according to exit polls even and He got His butt handed to Him. So I would not read much into any poll as they most likely reflect the views of the person taking it..

Sorry Scrapiron You beat Me... (Below threshold)

Sorry Scrapiron You beat Me to the truth about Kerry and polls..

This wont help the GOP caus... (Below threshold)

This wont help the GOP cause. Even Bush's hand picked Mr. Fix It says that Bush and GOP scrweed the pooch:
A 10-member bipartisan commission that is charged with assessing Bush's Iraq strategy has reportedly "ruled out the prospect for victory." The New York

Sun reports:
A commission formed to assess the Iraq war and recommend a new course has ruled out the prospect of victory for America, according to draft policy options shared with The New York Sun by commission officials.

Does old "barney google" re... (Below threshold)

Does old "barney google" remind you of the French?
tsk tsk looks like old 'pucker puss"(lee lee) is trying to catch "mun-go" (linkman) on who can post the most links.

I thought the fact that the... (Below threshold)

I thought the fact that they mentioned the Republican bridge to nowhere was a nice touch, but not very helpful to their cause.

They have another one where... (Below threshold)

They have another one where Stabenow'staffers carry around a cardboard cut out of the senator that makes the same points and that she hasn't gotten anything done for Michigan -- it's very good.

Lee, that poll is actually good news for Bouchard, he continues to close the gap and many of the "likely" dem voters polled won't show up. Stabenow has managed to avoid criticism by flying under the radar, even dem's here can't name anything that she has accomplished. That is changing quickly -- Bouchard is forcing her to campaign against him -- that's a battle Stabenow loses, and she knows it.

Ah, here it is: <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

Ah, here it is: video

"She's only passed one bill in six years, and that was to -- name a buidling.

"Debbie Stabenow -- there's not much there."

Apologies if everyone has already seen this.

Ha Ha Ha thanks for the lau... (Below threshold)

Ha Ha Ha thanks for the laugh mesablue

Watch for Bouchard to ge... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Watch for Bouchard to get even more desparate as the elction draws near.

And watch for Lee's spelling to get even more atrocious...

Hey LEE, Whats a Elction... (Below threshold)

Hey LEE, Whats a Elction?? A new breed of CARIBOU?

You ever notice when Lee ge... (Below threshold)

You ever notice when Lee gets really ticked off and tries to be, well you know - logical - that his spelling, syntax, and flow just seem to fall apart. I guess if he ever is forced to wonder far from "the message" he is lost.

Either that or Mommy is late with his milk and cookies.






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