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Due to circumstances beyond my control...

Last night, I got called out from home shortly after midnight to help a friend in need, and didn't get net access back until just now. I have a couple of pieces brewing in the back of my mind, but I don't have time to pull them together before work. With luck, I'll have something before too late today.

This is why I'm SO glad I'm part of a group blog.

Comments (11)

Good, it saves me from scro... (Below threshold)

Good, it saves me from scrolling over your mindless dribble

If it's such "mindless drib... (Below threshold)

If it's such "mindless dribble", why do you come here?

hmmm let's see ..oh yeah-Th... (Below threshold)

hmmm let's see ..oh yeah-The other bloggers??(yikes)

Why "yikes"? Can't you jus... (Below threshold)

Why "yikes"? Can't you just skip the reader you don't like?

Pompiea,Lefties ge... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Lefties generally love "mindless dribble". So, they are constantly seeking it out. See e.g. DailyKos, Eschaton, firedoglake, etc.

heymike (speaking of "mindless dribble"),

Dribble is something you do on a basketball court. DRIVEL is the word you were looking for.

Unless, of course, you think JT mindlessly dribbles basketballs. In which case, never mind.

I like of a lot of what Jay... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I like of a lot of what Jay posts. Other things I just skip over, but will all due respect, posts like this one are completly unnessary, but sadly not uncommon. I doubt anyone's world revolves around the necessity for multiple posts from Jay everyday- again with all do respect.

pompiea, Geez--thats what I... (Below threshold)

pompiea, Geez--thats what Im saying -thats what scroll over means--you asked why Im here at all. I just dont find I want to spend time reading JT-I enjoy most of the other blogs. get it? The yikes was for you for being so bloody dense. Thanks Sheik for the correction.

Bunyan--it's "due" respect-... (Below threshold)

Bunyan--it's "due" respect-since we're correcting comments :-)

Thanks for the correction H... (Below threshold)
P. Buynan:

Thanks for the correction Heymike. That was a typo. (You'll notice I did get it right the first time I typed it...)

heymike,So this sa... (Below threshold)


So this saves you from reading his "mindless dibble," yet you find time to comment your mindless divel here in the comment section.

Really. Is it necessary to be so rude? I am so sick of rudeness on the blogs.

Now...to Jay:

Last night, I got called out from home shortly after midnight to help a friend in need

So, who did you get out of jail?..;-) J/K!!

It's not rude at all. Just ... (Below threshold)

It's not rude at all. Just an opinion. I think I'm entitled.






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