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Has The Right Conceded Too Much On The Web?

Bob Cox, my fellow Examiner blog board member, wrote an excellent column about how liberals have made it their goal to dominate the internet as conservatives have dominated talk radio. Until I read Bob's piece I didn't fully realize just how succesful they have been.

They got me wondering whether the online "conservative elite" was aware of what the left had in mind and, if so, whether they were concerned. During the past few years, I have had the opportunity to ask this of Internet specialists working on the Bush-Cheney campaign, top officials in the Republican National Committee, communications specialists at the White House and dozens of top conservative bloggers.

A-List blogger and talk radio show host Hugh Hewitt's response was typical: "It doesn't matter who creates the tools used by bloggers, but what bloggers do with those tools."

When I suggested that ceding control of the major "nodes" in the online world to the left was a huge mistake, they were dismissive. It became clear they could not imagine one day finding themselves boxed out of what is fast becoming the biggest force in electoral politics.

Enter Fox News pundit, author and top-rated blogger Michelle Malkin. Last week she received notice from YouTube, the world's most popular video sharing service, that her video had been deemed "offensive." The result? Her account was terminated and her videos deleted.

YouTube refused to say why her videos were "offensive" and there was no avenue available to challenge the decision. Today, her videos are gone and her voice is suppressed on the most important video "node" on the Internet.

Read the whole thing. Congrats to Bob for having this column linked at Drudge today.


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Comments (12)

Easy cure. All conservative... (Below threshold)

Easy cure. All conservative blogger's quit using You-Tube, remove all links and notify the sponsors that millions of people will no longer be using the service they (sponsors) pay for. How long will it take for the sponsors to jump ship. 24 hours? Pressure people, pressure. The pocket book is the only thing a sponsor worries about. Hell, I wouldn't use google to look for a lost dog anyway.

Of course! The old "blind t... (Below threshold)

Of course! The old "blind them with a worthless boycott" approach. That's bleeding edge, Scrappy. Don't forget your catapult and suit of armor.

This just in:

"It's been an interesting few weeks online. The Foley scandal put the Republican propaganda machine on its heels, and they're still wobbly. Many conservative bloggers are still trying to find the message they thought they had just 11 days ago, pre-Foley."

"Meanwhile important chunks of the conservative constituency are breaking off and crashing into the ocean (imagery intentional). Everyone under 25, and females with three digit IQs of all ages, are leaving the Republican Party."

"At the same time many conservatives are still trying to figure out how to log on to AOL over dial-up, Internet-based media is taking off, leaving the slower-learning mouth breathers out of the channel."

"The banning of the GOP-sponsored Zucker viral video -- a perfect example. The under-25 crowd, and all women, are turning their backs on the hate-filled message of the conservative right."

"Just what the Republican message-bearers need right now... more shifting sands under their feet."


Of course, the left will se... (Below threshold)

Of course, the left will seek to silence the right. It is their conception of "free speech."

YouTube uses a similar method as Google: they delete things based on the number of objections. There isn't any management review; the process is automated.

The left - and the pro-terrorists, if you can tell the difference - have mastered the art of orchestrated "offensive" complaint campaigns. They have nothing productive to do anyway, so they spend their time organizing thousands to click on Malkin's vids or Wizbang! Google links as "offensive," and eventually get them deleted/banned.

We wouldn't call them communists if they didn't act like communists.

Lee, the old meds just aren... (Below threshold)

Lee, the old meds just aren't doing their job any more, you are spinning out. What's your obsession with this place anyway?

Sorry, forgot that irrational obsession is part of the DSM-IV diagnosis of the BDS deranged.

Back on topic, Brit Hume covered the YouTube Malkin story tonight. If the rest of the right is not keeping up -- at least FoxNews is.

"ceding control of the majo... (Below threshold)

"ceding control of the major "nodes" in the online world to the left"
I wouldn't say (ceding), maybe (separating) is more descriptive.
Screw Youtube and the crap they have on that site anyway. Michelle will have an outlet elsewhere I am sure.
Just as I would NEVER even peek at the Daily KookooKos site, we need to slap any moonbats who would try to hijack a conservative blog.
Just as FOX news, counters the left garbage on MSM to a point, so shall we. Except we can counter the left in a more creative and fun way. Fun being, making moonbats do what they do best...cry and whine.....

We need Michelle et al to c... (Below threshold)

We need Michelle et al to convince Rupert to do for the internet what he did for cable news. I'll bet a real non-biased search site would even become profitable in the end...

Lee, your response on this ... (Below threshold)

Lee, your response on this was hate-filled. I have yet to see Michelle do ANYTHING hate-filled. Her detractors are the ones full of hate-filled speech, photoshopping her pictures and claiming that she's a hypocrite.

I say we boycott Youtube.com. I don't think we ceded control, it's probably just a matter of the most vocal asshats get their way while the masses who enjoy it get ignored.

There are other websites that can host pictures/videos. Use them. That starts with the post below with the Republican Advertisement. Delete it from Youtube and move it somewhere else.

I think there is too much c... (Below threshold)

I think there is too much concern here.

Go to places like Wikipedia and you see the exact same thing in effect. They have all these rules in place to make sure each article is balanced and all you end up with is the sort of balance you see in Newspapers and on ABC, CBS and NBC.

But so what? Just like Fox News has found a niche and has most of the people watching, the same thing will happen with the Internet.

You Tube might be popular now, but pretty soon Michelle will find some other means to post her video. Then people will keep watching from that other means. More will join the bandwagon and this new place will become just like the old, outdated You Tube. You Tube will be forgotten, like CNN and MSNBC. It will become a punchline for a joke.

As long as the government does not control the internet, i'm not worried.

The Right Blogoverse has a ... (Below threshold)

The Right Blogoverse has a problem. They seem to be satisfied with making a point within only the Right Blogoverse and particulary to RB regulars.

When they figure out something is fake. The post a story and often don't touch the issue again. Sometimes they even snear at other Right Bloggers for 'dwelling on the issue'.

The Left on the otherhand is interested in reaching outside the Left Blogoverse to the great unwashed. For them they are trying to use a story to win elections and win converts from the undecided. Also the Left side realizes the value '64,000 repitions equals one truth' or however it goes.

Meanwhile Righties usually just want to win argument with Lefties. A reactionary and nearly futile effort. An intellectual victory that changes little outside a sense of satisfaction for some.

Sure the left believes in f... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Sure the left believes in free speech as long as that speech is Perfectly Communist (a.k.a. PC). Bunch of freaking fascists.

Given the rather low start ... (Below threshold)

Given the rather low start up capital needed to create an internet site and to keep it up and running (in comparison to starting up ones own cable or radio station) and the rather large potential of generating income through traffic, someone, somewhere will fill those niches. Thats what the right does best, individual initiative. No need for boycotts, equal time laws, government grants or George Soros to bankroll a project, if there exists a need to be filled in the internet arena in the realm of the Right, it will be filled. As previous posters stated, it is only a matter of time before an alternative to Goo-Tube is created.

Aren't there already a 1/2 ... (Below threshold)

Aren't there already a 1/2 dozen decent YouTube alternatives? Can anyone suggest one with the usability and good search engines?






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