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Mark Warner will not run for President

The Democratic former Governor of Virginia will announce his decision in Richmond today. More detail at Wizbang! Politics.

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If true, how will the Kossa... (Below threshold)

If true, how will the Kossacks react?

Most likely Hillary's peopl... (Below threshold)

Most likely Hillary's people have already told him she has some real dirt on him, and he should be prepared to declare his support for her as the nominee.

Who the hell is Mark Warner... (Below threshold)
the wolf:

Who the hell is Mark Warner?

I'd say the fix is in for C... (Below threshold)

I'd say the fix is in for Clinton?Obama in 2008.

Heaven help us!

The cynical side of me says... (Below threshold)

The cynical side of me says that he is just spinning the news cycle to get a better hype out of it (i.e. its a bigger story that he is running if it is first thought he isn't running).

I'm not sure if he sees the Bush 2000 tactic of tying up the major funding sources as practiced by Bubba and wife or if someone found a bit of dirt he doesn't want to see come out (perhaps he and Byrd shared a laundry at one time, who knows).

From a strategic and tactical sense, he wasn't sitting pretty for 2008, but he had a decent chance, so I'm not sure why he would be quiting before the race is really underway.

Most likely Hillary's pe... (Below threshold)

Most likely Hillary's people have already told him she has some real dirt on him

You think it was Hillary or Barbara?

Hillary probably sent him t... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Hillary probably sent him this link:


You had better be happy. I ... (Below threshold)

You had better be happy. I will take the people of Va 20 years to get out of the mess he put us in. We'll be paying for his tax and fee (it's not a tax,it's a fee) add on's for life. Once it's (tax/fee)on it never comes off.
Sometimes you get what you deserve, the retarded factions in Va put another just like him in the Gov's office. Now everything has been increased again, but as normal for a democrat they can't find the money, so they must have more.

The fix is in...Nothing is ... (Below threshold)

The fix is in...Nothing is going to stop Hildabeast from the White House!

I think Warner could have b... (Below threshold)

I think Warner could have been the most formidable Democrat in 2008. No illusions that he is truly "moderate" or any such nonsense, but he manages to convince enough voters he is with the assistance of the Democratic fMSM.

The other prominently mentioned center-left potential candidates, Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh and NM Gov. Bill Richardson, will have tough sledding in the primaries unless they capitulate to the moonbat left. Warner had wisely bought off Kos by hiring his "long time partner," Jerome Armstrong, as a "consultant."

As I noted on the thread over in Politics, the last time a Democrat who was not from the south won the Presidency was 1960. That's a long time ago. Warner's departure leaves John "Breck Girl" Edwards as the only (nominally) southern candidate in the Democratic field.

Watch for Warner to change ... (Below threshold)

Watch for Warner to change his mind and re-enter the race, once he sees how badly Hillary will fair. Just a hunch...

Warner? ...???...Warner? He... (Below threshold)

Warner? ...???...Warner? He only has a chance because 99% of the people outside of my state of Virginia don't have a clue who he is.

He is a John Edwards clone only not as much charisma with a single thought that higher taxes solve everything. If he ran he might gain some traction on the slogan of "I'll probably not screw up the economy any slightly less than Hillary."

One less liberal to laugh a... (Below threshold)

One less liberal to laugh at.






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