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Stop Whining And Get Busy

Scott Elliott has a message everyone in the GOP needs to hear -- enough with the doom and gloom. Do something to make a difference.

After suffering through a withering summer in which their fortunes seemed to steadily decline into resignation, many Republicans feel the Foley scandal is indeed the coup de resistance for Democrats ravenous to regain the gavel of power on Capitol Hill. The undersea earth has shifted; the tsunami is on its way. And there's nothing we can do to stop the coming tidal wave from crashing down on November 7. There is no force to stand against the swelling political seas. Hey, we had a nice run; it's time to close up shop and accept the inevitable, right?

I can hear Jimmy V. turning in his grave and the editorial board at The New York Times shrieking with delight. Are we really giving up? With so much to lose, so much on the table, with America's very future hanging in the balance, surely we can't be calling it quits. If we learned anything from the last three elections, it is that participation, not polls, pundits or pooh-poohing, makes or breaks an election.

In 2000, ineffective GOP mobilization efforts and disaffected GOP voters afforded Al Gore 500,000 more votes than George W. Bush. In 2002 and 2004, a transformation of miraculous proportions took place in the Republican get-out-the-vote machine. It culminated in the GOP control of both congressional chambers and the re-election of a Republican president who received over 3 million more votes than his opponent and nearly 8 million more than any previous presidential candidate in history.

As an NC State alum, the reference to the words of Jimmy V. definitely inspires me. Never, ever give up. Look at the examples of George Allen and Joe Lieberman. There is a month to go and although the Foley scandal slowed the momentum Republican candidates were experiencing, it did not determine the election unless you let it. Read all of Scott's post. He does not just give a rosy pep talk, he includes facts and figures, and some history.

For those unfamiliar with Scott Elliott's site, Election Projection, he projects election results based on a formula he created which allowed him to call 48 of 50 states correctly in the last presidential election. His site should be a daily stop for anyone wanting to follow the hot races across the country.

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Clowns testing bombs, tend ... (Below threshold)

Clowns testing bombs, tend to bring in to focus what is important. GOP is not as shakey as any polls might suggest.

Courts,taxes,immigration.....RED STATE, BLUE STATE, can be a fun game to play.

Scott does a terrific job w... (Below threshold)

Scott does a terrific job with his site. It's a huge amount of data gathering and number crunching. Definitely worth bookmarking.

Uhh "pucker puss" (lee lee)... (Below threshold)

Uhh "pucker puss" (lee lee) are having a change of heart? (opps forgot you don't have one of those either.)

This guy broke down the pre... (Below threshold)

This guy broke down the precinct results as they came in during the last elections. He had the best site on the internet. He knew Ohio was in the bag before everyone by having local people looking at the results and sending them in. I have bookmarked him, again.

I subscribe to the Frank Lu... (Below threshold)

I subscribe to the Frank Luntz side of this equation - the current GOP hierarchy has become what it ran against in 1994.

The beginning of the downfall was the quasi-forced resignation of Robert Livingston as Speaker in light of a possible adultery investigation instigated by Larry Flynt. That gave us the ole rasslin' coach, Dennis Hastert.

Hastert's stewardship of the house since the departure of Tom DeLay has been, in short, abominable. The only thing that makes it look anything toward positive in reflection is the utter and complete ineptitude displayed by Bill Frist over in the Senate.

If the GOP is returned, then the current leadership structure will remain in place. And if they cannot figure out how to respond to a silly scandal like Foley, how on earth does anyone think they will respond to another attack on the Homeland?

The GOP, especially the House, needs a seriuous Drano enema right now. Regrettably, the only way to produce it is to toss their butts out of the leadership. And yes, that is a dangerous proposition, but the danger of a Donk congress is (theoretically) vitiated somewhat by a GOP president.

Ah, well. It matters not in my case, as my congresscritter is up to his arse in Abramoff money, his wife is taking a cut of his fundraising as "consulting fees," and he still will be returned to the tune of 65%-35%. And yes, he is in a (lower) post in the house leadership. I won't vote for the Donk, but I won't vote for the Elephant in question either.

But as a result of the recent incompetence, every national GOP fundraising mailer I get goes straight into the trash, and will continue to do so until they start making some big-time changes.






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