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Make way for Senor Dumbo!

(Alternate Title: What's Spanish for "And The Band Played On"?)

Normally, I don't go for stupid political stunts done to garner PR for the candidate. Most of the time, they're just self-serving idiocies that demonstrate the candidate's utterly UNsuitability for elected office -- or any other position of responsibility.

That's not a hard and fast rule for me, though. Every now and then someone will pull one that is just so brilliant, so inspired, such a stroke of genius for demonstrating the sheer absurdity of a situation that I have no choice but to laugh and wish like hell I could vote for the candidate.

Such is the case for Raj Peter Bakhta, former contestant from "The Apprentice" (another stupid reality show I refuse to watch) who is running for the House of Representatives from Pennsylvania.

Anyone who can pull off the kind of stunt he did, and with such panache, NEEDS to be sent to DC. If anywhere is in more dire need of someone with a superb sense of the absurd -- and the ability to skewer it so magnificently -- than Capitol Hill, I don't want to know about it.

(Well, maybe Foggy Bottom, but you don't get elected there.)

Update: Thanks to both Rob Port, and Kevin, we now have this video report of the stunt.


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Comments (9)

Kind of makes me want to la... (Below threshold)

Kind of makes me want to laugh, until I realize how easily he accomplished his task. Then it's not so funny...but it certainly does elegantly prove his point, doesn't it?

According to Bable Fish, th... (Below threshold)

According to Bable Fish, that translation is:
Y La Venda Jugó Encendido

I think that is an excellen... (Below threshold)

I think that is an excellent illustration of what is wrong with our border security.

Does anyone know how Raj is... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know how Raj is doing in his district?

Sure, the elephants are fun... (Below threshold)

Sure, the elephants are funny, but the mariachi band? It just... a mariachi band is like adding insult to injury... like the elephants weren't *enough*.


I hope the band played the ... (Below threshold)

I hope the band played the Mexican Hat dance. That what was going through my head as I read the article. For up to 2000, you can donate to a candidate, for a couple million you can run a credible campaign for congress, three elephants and a mariachi band....priceless.

Yes, it does demonstrate ho... (Below threshold)

Yes, it does demonstrate how lax security is on the border and in a positive way at that.
Watch O'Reilly tonight for more.

But think how far he would ... (Below threshold)

But think how far he would have gotten riding a Donkey!

I have interviewed Raj, Har... (Below threshold)

I have interviewed Raj, Harris and talk to one of his campaign guys fairly often. I have asked him several times for polling data.

He says he doesn't have any numbers (a bad sign) but believes they have a fair shot at winning.

He is up a pretty well finannced incumbent but Raj has a flair for politics (This isn't his first stunt) He just might pull it off.






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