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Some First Hand Reporting On Gas Prices

I have been watching gas prices fall the past few weeks, wondering whether they would hit below $2 a gallon in my area. Prices the past week leveled off and even ticked up a bit, settling between $2.12 and 2.22 according to the part of town where the stations were located. I heard a news report that OPEC would be decreasing production by a million barrels a day so I expected to see rising prices this morning. Instead, though, the station near my house that had gas at $2.22 yesterday dropped overnight to $2.15 today. That was a nice surprise that I guess I should enjoy while it lasts.

Yesterday I drove past a small gas station/country store about 15 miles from my house. I was shocked to see the price of regular gas at $1.65 a gallon. Premium was $2.05. I wondered if the store was open, or if it had possibly been closed a while back, with the ancient gas prices frozen there in time. The lights in the store were on though and it appeared to be open, but did not look like it enjoyed much traffic. I was on my way to an appointment and did not have time to stop and ask, but I noted that it was a Citgo station. I wonder if the boycott of Citgo stations had anything to do with the rock bottom gas prices. The next time I am in that neck of the woods I will make it a point to stop and ask. I would love to know if any Wizbang readers have noticed any change in traffic and/or prices at their local Citgo stations? And since I am asking, what is the cost of a gallon of gas in your neck of the woods?

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You have to read this artic... (Below threshold)

You have to read this article:
URL: http://www.nysun.com/article/41127
"The Rise of Russia May Mean Freedom From Saudi Oil"

The gist of the article is that OPEC only control 34% of the oil production. Russia is dominating.

$1.97 in Marietta, GA today... (Below threshold)

$1.97 in Marietta, GA today, Lorie - it's been under $2 for the last week to ten days.

As for Citgo, I haven't really been paying attention to their traffic, but then again, that's primarily because I stopped filling up there myself about a year ago. Not due to Chavez and his insanity, but because RaceTrac just has better coffee :-)

You gotta check out <a href... (Below threshold)
Space of aides:

You gotta check out gasbuddy.com for an excellent resource on your local gas prices.

Also check out the "Gas temperature map" for relative prices across the country.

There's also a facility to see historical gas prices charted over time (you can choose national average, or by selected cities, including some in Canadia.

1.98 in Trenton, GA. Citgo... (Below threshold)

1.98 in Trenton, GA. Citgo has a couple stations in town but I avoid them.

$1.96 in the South Carolina... (Below threshold)

$1.96 in the South Carolina Lowcountry. The price is typically about a dime less in Charleston and Spartanburg, due to the depots there.

Our local Citgo station closed.

2.13 in phoenix... (Below threshold)

2.13 in phoenix

We just saw a mild bump of ... (Below threshold)

We just saw a mild bump of gas prices of about five cents in the Detroit area, not sure if it's related to the change in seasonal blends -- it's at about $2.15 here. Citgo stations seem to be the same as other stations.

It's going to take a while for OPEC to offset the bubble that was created over the last year, it will be interesting to see if the Russian production mentioned by Sergei will make a difference. My gas guzzling Durango needs to know.

Gas is down to $1.97/gal he... (Below threshold)

Gas is down to $1.97/gal here in Fort Worth, Lorie. It fact, it averages around $1.99-$2.03 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.

As for CITGO, I've been paying attention and there has been a noticeable decrease in the amount of traffic I've seen going to those stations - even the ones with lower prices.

Not sure if that's a function of that idiot Chavez or because RaceTrac and QuikTrip (QT) have nicer facilities...and MUCH better coffee ;-)

$5.00 plus here in Germany.... (Below threshold)
DL From Heidelberg:

$5.00 plus here in Germany.

We're starting to see gas b... (Below threshold)

We're starting to see gas below $2 here in New Jersey. While on vacation last week I drove through Virginia Beach and saw one station at $1.79 (others in the area were around $2.00).

As for Citgo - I don't see many cars in those stations anymore. At least I wont stop at one - even if I have to pay more somewhere else. Hugo can go blow...

The lowest gas price (regul... (Below threshold)

The lowest gas price (regular unleaded) I've seen anywhere recently is $2.09 last night at a couple of stations in Salem NH. The highest recent price I can remember is $2.29 at a certain station near Manchester which shall remain nameless but routinely gets away with extortionate prices because of its location.

I generally don't notice traffic at gas stations, but I have noticed that Citgos around here generally have prices that are below average but not the best. The best prices are typically at the 'nonaffiliated chains' -- that's chains that use their own brand names, not any of the big oil companies. Irving, Hess, Cumberland Farms, places like that. Right now they're charging prices in the $2.15-$2.20 range.

Its $3.43 a gallon in St. T... (Below threshold)

Its $3.43 a gallon in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands...ahhh, paradise.

In Indianapolis area our pr... (Below threshold)

In Indianapolis area our prices have ranged from $1.92 through $2.15 for the past 2 weeks. We are one of the few states which has a sales tax on gas (6%) or it would have been even lower here. Am not aware of any Citgo stations in the communities where I usually buy gas.

Gas prices change here like clockwork--at Noon on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and then occasionally on Saturdays if the barrels have had a big rise or fall in price at the end of the week.

Here in RI the lowest I've ... (Below threshold)
K in RI:

Here in RI the lowest I've seen lately is $2.19 for regular unleaded... Also avoiding Citgo, but there aren't many here.

The People's Republic of Po... (Below threshold)

The People's Republic of Portland has gas cheap for $2.49 if you look hard enough.

Timely post, Lorie. Oil pri... (Below threshold)

Timely post, Lorie. Oil price and gas prices appear to have hit bottom, based on today's news regarding inventories.

If OPEC decides to limit production we'll see further rises. I suspect they will wait until after election day, in deference to their partner in the White House.

Here in deep South Texas, g... (Below threshold)

Here in deep South Texas, gas is slightly over $2.00/gallon for regular unleaded. I have not noticed prices at Citgo stations noticeable lower than at other stations, but even if I did I would not buy gas there.

<a href="http://www.dallasg... (Below threshold)

http://www.dallasgasprices.com is a customer fed site for getting up to the minute gas prices.

It's been holding fairly st... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

It's been holding fairly steady at $2.09 here in the Minneapolis area for the past month or so. I wouldn't even know where to find a Citgo around here. SuperAmerica and Holiday seem to dominate the market.

Here in northern calfornia ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Here in northern calfornia where i live its down to $2:77 and $2:78

Yesterday it dropped to $1.... (Below threshold)

Yesterday it dropped to $1.99 in my neighborhood.

My brother said he saw it at $1.95 on Sept. 29.

Those prices are in Houston.

As for Citgo at $1.65, some... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

As for Citgo at $1.65, someone is losing money. The wholesale price of gasoline, exclusive of transportation, state and federal taxes, distributor and dealer markups, has been in the $1.45-1.53 range in the past three weeks. This translates into about $2.10-2.25/gal. retail.

I suspect Citgo is sitting on a substantial oversupply with the consumer "boycott" and the 7-11 switch. They have a limited storage capacity. It would make sense for them to quietly dump their supplies in rural areas rather than in high visibility urban areas. Noone being boycotted wants publicity that a boycott is successful.

Check some of the independant "no name" independant stations. They are fed by distributors who buy up excess inventories at discounted prices. If anyone, inckuding most likely Citgo, is dumping, it would be reflected there.

I think very few were aware Citgo was owned by Chavez's Venezuela until his putrid speech ant the UN. He is reaping his own reward.

Here in San Diego, you're h... (Below threshold)

Here in San Diego, you're happy to find it at about $2.35. But California is always more expensive, due to the additives for "clean air" (Nevermind the polluted water tables, move along here, there's nothing to see....)

Don't know about Citgo stations, we try to patronize Costco.

Mercer Island, WA, near Sea... (Below threshold)

Mercer Island, WA, near Seattle is still at 2.77. That's because the Democratic dominated politicians have reduced the number of tankers that can ply their trade in Puget Sound, and also the refineries have reduced their operations nearby.

$2.05 in Huntsville, AL, as... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

$2.05 in Huntsville, AL, as of yesterday. I haven't seen anything under $2 yet, but the discount stations have been flirting with it for the past two weeks.

There's a Citgo on my way to work, on a stretch of highway with several other brands. My casual, non-scientific observation is that the Citgo doesn't get as much traffic as the other stations, but there's not a huge difference.

But, but, all these prices ... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

But, but, all these prices are merely indicative of a collapsing economy!

The poor (who run the gas stations) are being left behind, hardest hit by these falling prices!

We're less carbon neutral, SUVs are selling well, and this is harming the lower middle class!

Muirgeo, Hugh, Brian, Lee, where are you?!!?

$2.15 in Washington Court H... (Below threshold)

$2.15 in Washington Court House, Ohio

We have two small Citgo stations here in town, and I have noticed a significant decrease in traffic at these locations (I had a part in it, I bet, as one of my columns in the local paper pointed out the Citgo/Chavez connection). While you have to wait in line at most of the gas stations in town, you can drive right up to a Citgo pump. . . but why would you want to?

Hovering around $2.40 in Va... (Below threshold)

Hovering around $2.40 in Vancouver, WA

$2.59 in Rochester NY.<br /... (Below threshold)

$2.59 in Rochester NY.
But at least some of the taxes on it goes toward things like keeping the Thruway clear of snow and open to motorists...oops, nevermind.

I live north of Grand Rapid... (Below threshold)

I live north of Grand Rapids Minnesota..And I just paid 2.19 in town and the price is 2.29 at the local cenex.

Most all the citgos are within about a 100 mile radius of the twin city suburbs, not that I will ever go there again.

Hess is selling regular for... (Below threshold)

Hess is selling regular for $2.13 in Boston. I make a habit of paying extra attention to traffic when I pass Citgo, now or soon to be formerly, at the 7-eleven. I am pretty sure that I heard reports of Chritsty Meihos (sp?), the convenience store magnate and independent candidate for Governor of MA, dropped Citgo as his supplier.

I've worked at both a Mobil and a Motiva (Shell) port terminal in Providence, Rhode Island. From what I've seen of the gross distribution end, all stations take gas regardless of brand depending on availability of supply. I won't testify to seeing a Citgo tanker truck gas up at either rack site that I've worked at. But, it wouldn't surprise me. I believe fungible is the correct definition here.






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