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Tigers Only One Game Away from World Series

The Tigers defeated the A's 3-0 to lead the ALSC 3-0. If the Tigers win tomorrow, they go to the World Series! Woo hoo!

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Kim, if the go to the WS, j... (Below threshold)

Kim, if the go to the WS, just this once, I will forget that you are a republican :)

As a Saint Louisan, and Car... (Below threshold)

As a Saint Louisan, and Cardinals fan, I have to admit the Tigers look unbeatable. The AL has probably six teams better than ANY team in the NL. Detroit will walk the World Series.

The standing O for Kenny Ro... (Below threshold)

The standing O for Kenny Rogers was touching. It had to make him feel vindicated.

The Tigers were obviously the class of baseball until their late-season collapse, which they seem to have put behind them.

Only the Mets might have had a chance against them, but minus Pedro and El Duque for the postseason, that becomes problematic.

Heh Jim, so if the Mets pla... (Below threshold)

Heh Jim, so if the Mets play the Tigers,would all of New York become Mets fans?

I hope others appreciate the irony.

I've been a lifelong Dodger... (Below threshold)

I've been a lifelong Dodgers fan and when the Yankees were knocked out early I was pleased. It would please me as well to see the A's knocked out as well. On the NL side, it really wouldn't matter if the Mets or the Cardinals make it to the WS. I like both teams. I hope the WS goes 7 games to make it as exciting as possible.

field negro:Fortun... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

field negro:

Fortunately, she won't!

Yay! It's not the Yankees!<... (Below threshold)

Yay! It's not the Yankees!

And that's the shame of it ... (Below threshold)

And that's the shame of it USMC Pilot, she could have had it all, a Tiger fan, AND a non-republican. Oh well, I guess some good traits are better than none.

F-N, Have you thou... (Below threshold)


Have you thought about having it all? You could be a Tigers fan and a Republican. : )

I'm heading down to the gam... (Below threshold)

I'm heading down to the game right now. If the Tigers wrap it up today, the party on Woodward is going to be tremendous.

Go Tigers!


Go Blue!






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