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A peace of the action

A little over a week ago, I started considering the upcoming Nobel Peace Prize, and started speculating about who it would go to this year. The Prize has become a joke at best, and I made several snarky nominations about who this year's honoree would be.

Well, the Committee has spoken, and I have to say that I can't say anything bad about this year's choice. I first heard about the Grameen Bank in P. J. O'Rourke's "All The Trouble In The World," and was impressed then. They seem to actually be doing something worthwhile.

That being said, I find myself wishing that they had not won the Nobel Peace Prize.

As I said, the Prize has become a joke. By finding a worthwhile organization to bestow it upon, they ruin the trend and give people a false sense of hope that it might actually be a prize to be respected. It also gives credibility to the worthless sacks (Arafat, Carter, Annan, UN Peacekeeping Forces) who have been so "honored" in the past.

But the Grameen Bank certainly deserves praise.

So why not nominate it for the Nobel Prize for Economics?

The bank's goals might have been humanitarian, but they were not simple do-gooders. They found a way to harness the power of a free economy and channel it into solid, quantifiable, measurable, real improvements in people's lives. I'm sure that Dr. Edmund Phelps' "analysis of intertemporal tradeoffs in macroeconomic policy" is very impressive, but will it actually have anywhere near the immediate effect the Grameen Bank's works have?

I find myself thinking that the Grameen Bank's victory was just a sop to keep the Prize from descending even further into the den of absurdity it is currently mired in, and that's not right. The Grameen Bank should be praised -- but more importantly, it should be emulated. They've found a great way to actually help people, and as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Not lumping them in with useful idiots, kleptocrats, terrorists, and useless clods.


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Comments (7)

Jay:I agree the No... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


I agree the Nobel Peace Price is a joke. Why give it any credibility by commenting on it?

I agree that the Grameen Ba... (Below threshold)

I agree that the Grameen Bank is a very worthwhile recipient. It's amazing how such a simple idea has had such a profound effect on a nation and its people.

Who are you trying to impre... (Below threshold)

Who are you trying to impress "pucker puss" (lee lee)?

So why not nominate it f... (Below threshold)

So why not nominate it for the Nobel Prize for Economics?

Dr. Yunus' response:

Asked if the prize is appropriate for peace, Dr Yunus said, "I was not astonished to get the Nobel prize in peace because economics and peace are interrelated--economics influences people's life.

"Hunger is one of the main reasons of anarchy. If poverty can be reduced from the society, peace will prevail on earth," he added.

Would that were true, but surely helping women to help themselves does go a long way.

Hunger? Are all those Isla... (Below threshold)

Hunger? Are all those Islamic terrorists just hungry? Quick, air lift in a few tons of figs, rice and sweet tea, and peace will ensue!

>>So why not nominate it fo... (Below threshold)

>>So why not nominate it for the Nobel Prize for Economics?

Because M. Yunus (who is a Muslim BTW), though an economist didn't fundamentally deep questions about economics.

What he did do was use basic finance theory and use it in radically creative ways to eradicate poverty. I wholeheartedly support his getting the Nobel Peace. Yunus is a great man.

I hope all that talk goes t... (Below threshold)

I hope all that talk goes to the head to do something worthwhile too. It's time we move to the action part. The world needs a superman, who doesn't talk but DO things well.






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