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The Tigers Win the Pennant! They're going to the World Series!


It was tied 3 - 3 in the bottom of the ninth. There were two outs with two runners on, and Magglio Ordonez came the plate and hit a home run!!

Woo hoo!

The Tigers are going to the World Series!!!

Update: Coverage from the AP:

Magglio Ordonez lofted a high fly ball to left field and when it landed, a most amazing thing: the Detroit Tigers in the World Series!

Written off by the entire baseball world only three years ago, the Tigers made it official Saturday. They're back, and on the prowl.

Update II: AFP has good coverage as well:

Magglio Ordonez smashed two home runs, the second a game-winning three-run blast in the ninth inning, to give Detroit a 6-3 victory over Oakland and a trip to the World Series.

The Venezuelan outfielder smacked a fastball from Oakland ace relief pitcher Huston Street over the leftfield wall to complete a sweep of the best-of-seven American League championship series by send the unlikely Tigers.

After 12 consecutive losing seasons and just three years after losing a league record 119 games, the Tigers reached the World Series exactly 22 years to the day after winning their most recent Major League Baseball crown.

The Tigers will host game one of the World Series here next Saturday against the winner of the National League championship, either St. Louis or the New York Mets.

Update III: Placido Polanco was just named ALCS MVP.

Update IV: The Popinjay at Jim-Rose.com:

The Detroit Tigers have won the America League Pennant. It's this kind of victory that can save the game of baseball that has been severly damaged in the past few decades by steroid-mad players and greedy owners that feel the championships should go to the highest bidder.

Update V: Bessed lists the top sites about the Detroit Tigers.

Update VI: Here's the MLB video of Magglio Ordonez' game winning homerun.


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Comments (10)

Excellent game. Go Tigers!!... (Below threshold)

Excellent game. Go Tigers!!!!!!

GOOOOOOOOOOOO TIGERS!... (Below threshold)


KIM!!!!! F&%* it! tonight I... (Below threshold)

KIM!!!!! F&%* it! tonight I will be a republican if you want me to :)

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like that little kid back in East Lansing, and it's 1968 allll over again.

F-N:I can't believ... (Below threshold)


I can't believe it either! I'm still absolutely giddy! Somebody pinch me.


Congrats to the Tigers and ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Congrats to the Tigers and their fans!

Being a west coast guy, I was rooting for the A's and Billy Beane, but I've follwed the Tigers story all year long and it just goes to show you that a good baseball team, one that can go all the way, need not have a $200mil+ payroll. This proves that it STILL takes talent, TEAMWORK and a group of guys who really get along and genuinely like each other to make it to the top. And only one of those you can buy.

Are you listening, Steninbrener?

I'm a Tacoma boy originally... (Below threshold)

I'm a Tacoma boy originally from the Detroit area.

Go Tigers!!!!!!!

And FN - I remember watching that 68 seies too and I can't wait for this one!


That was AWESOME!I... (Below threshold)

That was AWESOME!

I really hope the win it all. It would make a nice reward, of sorts, for that righteous ass-whuppin' they gave the Spankees.

Hallelujah! No more A's ga... (Below threshold)
John in CA:

Hallelujah! No more A's games pre-empting Hugh Hewitt on the San Jose station!!

Lord, FN, I thought you see... (Below threshold)

Lord, FN, I thought you seemed familiar. I left Ingham County over a decade ago and haven't looked back.

Win one for Sparky, boys!

That was awesome, I was in ... (Below threshold)

That was awesome, I was in the third row in left field -- the ball came right at us. It was crazy.

The party kept going all night and Michigan gave us a great victory to add to the celebration.

field, welcome to the party -- stick around for the World Series. I was a little kid in Lansing in '68 too, go Tigers!

Hopefully, the Ticketmaster gods will smile on me and I can score some Series tickets tomorrow.






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