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Earthquake Hits Hawaii

It was a 6.6 magnitude with many aftershocks. Reuters is reporting:

There were no immediate reports of injuries, but there were scattered reports of damage and power outages were widespread.

"It was the biggest earthquake we've been through. It was pretty serious and we've lived in Tokyo for 11 years," said Arthur Roberts, who lives 15 miles north of Hilo on Hawaii. "We heard that Kona community hospital suffered structural damage and is moving patients to another site."

The Honolulu Advertiser reported on its Web site that Honolulu International Airport was closed, there were landslides in Hamakua and Kealakekua and major damage at Kona Hospital, the Honokaa Long-term Care Facility and the Royal Kona Resort.

And Hawaiians need to be prepared for more aftershocks:

Stuart Koyanagi, another geophysicist at the tsunami warning center, said the 6.6 magnitude earthquake was followed seven minutes later by a 5.8 magnitude temblor and by several smaller quakes. Seismologists warned of aftershocks through Monday.

Governor Lingle declared Hawaii a disaster.

Update: Drudge's headline calls this a quake swarm. From the looks of the map below, I'd say that's about right:



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Comments (21)

Weird, Historically they sa... (Below threshold)

Weird, Historically they said that the biggest earthquake on record for that side of the island is a 4.0 so a 6.6 is really big.. How big? They even interrupted their foley schedule on CNN to to play the last 6 hours of Earthquake in Hawaii..

Wonder how Karl pulled this... (Below threshold)

Wonder how Karl pulled this one off.

I just saw a report that a ... (Below threshold)

I just saw a report that a caravan of FEMA trucks loaded with forms and bureaucratic red tape is leaving San Diego within the hour.

They're not sure of the route they need to take to reach the islands, but they are "pedal to the metal" and headed for the beach.

I just saw a report that a ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

I just saw a report that a caravan of FEMA trucks loaded with forms and bureaucratic red tape is leaving San Diego within the hour.

They're not sure of the route they need to take to reach the islands, but they are "pedal to the metal" and headed for the beach.
Thanks for stating one more reason to vote for Rep. With the Dems, the liberals just ignored the massive ineffiency of FEMA in reaching the hurricane victims in Florida (under Clinton). With Rep gov, everyone from conservatives to liberals would demand more efficiency and ethics from the gov.

Maybe were witnessing the b... (Below threshold)

Maybe were witnessing the birth of a new Hawaiian island which could become Mona kai leesa.

I see Lee is once again try... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I see Lee is once again trying to convert yet another piece into a partisan issue. He said earlier that "every single posting here" is about the election; I guess this is his way of trying to make it happen.


Lee is living (I think) pro... (Below threshold)

Lee is living (I think) proof that the democ'rat party has not morals and no ethics. He's so stupid he can't even be funny without stepping on his tongue.

Worrying about the 'people' is something they don't do.

Pray for the well being of all the people nn the Islands. Been there, lovely place.

"I see Lee is once again... (Below threshold)

"I see Lee is once again trying to convert yet another piece into a partisan issue. He said earlier that "every single posting here" is about the election;..."

A bad choice of words on my part, Jay. What I meant to convey is that each bit of news these days is (or at least can) effect voter opinions.

News about North Korea testing a nuke (or not) tends to favor of Republicans, and the death of Studds plays certainly against the Democrats. Ney pleading guilty and resisting moves to push him out of office,hurts sitting Republicans up for re-election.

Each story, even a quake in Hawaii -- which will start the FEMA jokes again -- has political ramifications this close to an election.

Every post here on Wizbang! (not literally every post but figuratively speaking) has something to do with the election in that it all plays in some way for and against the contests being played out.

As I sad, it was a poor choice of words -- and I apologize.

How long before this earthq... (Below threshold)

How long before this earthquake is blamed on Man-made Global Warming? The Green-house gas" crowd will surely release a statement complete with quotes from "Respected experts in the field of climatology" that PROVE this quake is the inevitable result of man burning fossil fuels.

Glad their are no serious i... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Glad their are no serious injuries or deaths reported. (A poker buddy of mine left for Maui on Thursday morning.)

Odd that there are no tsunami warnings out. Quake must've been centered in the island...

Prayers and hopes for quick... (Below threshold)

Prayers and hopes for quick recovery and safety for all.


Poor taste and poor judgement.

An apology is a start, I suppose.

I live in an earthquake, tsunami, mudslide, forest fire and even worse, a highly Democratic Party dominated area. I try to be prepared to deal with all these potential disasters, but there are some things you just have to deal with. At least I don't have to worry about the levees breaking, er undermining, er or whatever.

"Swarm" is a bit melodramat... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Swarm" is a bit melodramatic. There are multiple aftershocks, that number in the hundreds and, depending on the size of the quake, thousands. (Depending on the depth of the quake, too. The more shallow in the earth's crust where the quake happens, the more liklihood of aftershocks; deep quakes, like the Nisqually Quake here in Seattle in 2001, was 30 miles deep with very few aftershocks...thank God.) Residual quakes can occur along the same fault line after the initial major quake. (The cavaet to that is something like Hawaii's "hot spot", a weak spot in the crust that's formed the islands over millions of years.

My guess is that this quake suggests that there is major magma movement under the islands as there aren't any major fault lines in Hawaii itself. (By "major", I mean like the San Andreas or Hayward faults.) I'll be curious in the coming months to see how much volcanic activity results from this quake...

I can tell you first hand i... (Below threshold)
Ken Hupp:

I can tell you first hand it was pretty scary. I live 100 miles away from Kona in Hilo on the Island of Hawai`i, and it was still the most powerful one that I had personally experienced.
The intensity of the shaking just kept building and building and it seemed to last for about 45 seconds to a minute.

We've got closures on two major highways from landslides and structural damage, and had to do evacuations from two hospitals and two hotels and resorts. We still don't know the full extent of the damage to buildings and infrastructures, but amazingly there were deaths or even serious injuries reported.

Fortunately, we're tough and battle tested from countless disasters over the years. I'm still restoring my house from the extensive flooding we had in November 2000. We're also fortunate to have an outstanding civil defense system. Our current Mayor spent 24 years running civil defense and has really fine tuned it. Our friends and family in North and West Hawai`i, Maui and O`ahu will weather this with their usual strength and resilience. However, your thoughts and prayers are always appreciated.



We flew out of Hawaii Satur... (Below threshold)

We flew out of Hawaii Saturday night. All last week on Oahu, we had VOG, which is vulcanic fog! The newspapers front page was about how weird the weather was -- humid and no winds. My kids kept asking, if the vulcano would trigger earthquakes, and I said no. I hate being shown up by the youngins'. Too many Mai Tai's with the Hubby to realize it all made sense.

Lee: It's Bush's fault!! ... (Below threshold)

Lee: It's Bush's fault!!

Will the wackos at GREENPEA... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Will the wackos at GREENPEACE blame this on GLOBAL WARMING the same way they tried to blame it for the terrible Dec 26th 2004 earthquake and resulting tsunami or will the liberal blame GEORGE W. BUSH

"Lee: It's Bush's fault!... (Below threshold)

"Lee: It's Bush's fault!!

FEMA? Yes, it is.

Has the Bush administration learned how to respond to a disaster? It's big opportunity for George to look presidential. Someone teach him how to pronounce "Hawaii", quick.

Oh Gawd this is gonna hurt.... (Below threshold)

Oh Gawd this is gonna hurt....

Would you guys give Lee a break on this one....

I just saw a report that a caravan of FEMA trucks loaded with forms and bureaucratic red tape is leaving San Diego within the hour.

They're not sure of the route they need to take to reach the islands, but they are "pedal to the metal" and headed for the beach.

That was the funniest comment I've seen in a week. - Maybe a month.

If you think FEMA is not a fucking mess just because George Bush is in the oval office I have news for you. You're an idiot.

You don't have to be a Democrat to think FEMA is the most fucked up organization in the country.

How any fiscal conservative Republican can defend FEMA is beyond me. FEMA has pissed away billion -yes billions- of money that helped no one.

They've got a billion dollars worth of house trailers in Arkansas that they bought even though their own rules said they couldn't buy them. ... So instead of using them anyway, they just let them rot. (oddly the Carter administration gets an assist on that one... long story)

FEMA spent $175 per 100 square feet of tarp material for houses with no roofs and the people doing the work got paid $2 per. That's almost 99% waste. -- On a program that costs billions.

You think FEMA is a partisan issue? It ain't. It is an embarrassment to both parties. (although admittedly more to republicans)

Lee's comment was hysterical because (for once) it had that ring of truth to it that makes all humor like this funny.

FEMA's own man in New Orleans toured the city by helicopter and called Washington MONDAY, just hours after the storm and told them the whole town was flooded. -- Washington called back 2 hours later and said, "Are you sure?"

Climb down people it was funny. Well done Lee.



BTW- If you still think FEMA's Katrina response is a partisan issue, I invite you to A) come on down to New Orleans and learn what the hell you are talking about or B) Read a book and get a clue.

Thanks Paul - I appreciate ... (Below threshold)

Thanks Paul - I appreciate that. I'm here all month, and there are two shows on Saturday. Ba-Da-Boom.

I did check several sources yesterday before posting that remark, to verify that there weren't any deaths or serious injuries reported resulting from the quake-- at that time there were none. So I wasn't a total insensitive clod (not this time anyway).

Taepodong 'dim-mak' Tesla ... (Below threshold)

Taepodong 'dim-mak' Tesla Howitzer

The unusual 6.7 quake, 24.2 miles, beneath the ocean floor was in a Pacific Plate fault zone that was previously unknown.

"It's a tremendously interesting earthquake," said USGS seismologist Jack Boatwright. In general, there are three types of earthquake faulting mechanisms: reverse(thrust), strike-slip and normal. An reverse(thrust) is when two plates collide and one side of the fracture moves on top of another. A strike-slip(lateral) is when two plates slide past each other. A normal fault is when two plates are moving apart. Most Hawaii quakes are normal.

This 6.7 quake was an unusual combination of normal and strike-slip, and it appears to have occurred on a near-vertical fault, Boatwright said.

"Sunday's first earthquake were unusual and occurred so deep in the earth that it probably did not rupture the surface of the sea floor...". said Oppenheimer of USGS seimic monitoring of northern California.

"The mechanisms of this earthquake and its aftershocks are quite strange..." said Cecily Wolfe, a seismologist at the University of Hawai'i-Manoa. About 1,000 small earthquakes are detected every year, usually more than 13 kilometers below the earth's surface the nearest previously known fault called Kealakekua ranges from 5 -12 kilometers deep.

A second quake registered 6.0 just minutes later and was very different from the first, occurring at a much shallower depth.

The 6.7 earthquake looks like a digital signal
SEE: http://tux.wr.usgs.gov/waveforms/hv20953.rsec1.gif
Whay is it that at the 38Km epiccenter it's flat. Is it becuase it's a node of a standing wave?

Was Kim Il Sung's 'fizzle' really a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter (TMT) - an Telsa Howitzer - directed at Hawai'i - cuasing a exotic earthquake caused by a standing wave? Has North Korea developed a Taepodong 'dim-mak', (delft touch), using the harmonic resonance of the earth's qi?

A scalar interferometer works on the principle that two waves that coincide with the same phase will amplify each other while two waves that have opposite phases will cancel each other out.

A single intense pulse is fired. After a time delay a second and faster pulse form of the same shape is fired from the interferometer antennas. The second pulse overtakes the first, catching it over the target zone and pair-coupling with it to instantly form a violent electromagnetic pulse akin to a nuclear explosion.


Earthquake Prediction (Fore... (Below threshold)
Prabhakar Awasthi:

Earthquake Prediction (Forecast of Time) A New Approach

Prabhakar Kumar Awasthi*

Department of Geography*
Department of Physics**

R.S.S. (P.G.) College, Pilakhuwa,
Ghaziabad (U.P.), India.

(E-Mail- [email protected])
[email protected]


In this paper an attempt has been made for the forecast of time of earthquakes measuring on Richter scale 6 and above, on the Globe. For this purpose data of USGS and IMD have been used for earthquakes and for the crossing time of the Sun on a particular place, respectively. To avoid global differences in time, calculations are made according to coordinated Universal Time (UTC) so the results may be useful for the globe. A successful earthquake prediction of an individual Earthquake includes Date (Time), Place and its Magnitude, so here the emphasis have been given on its Date (Time), Magnitude and Methodology, opening a new avenue in this field. So we can simply say that whenever Sun crosses any sign of Zodiac at Ujjain (India) then after 12 to 36 hours or after 60 to 90 Hours Possibility of a major significant Earthquake on the Globe is Maximum.

Earthquake Prediction (Forecast of Time) A New Approach

Prabhakar Kumar Awasthi*

Department of Geography*
Department of Physics**

R.S.S. (P.G.) College, Pilakhuwa,
Ghaziabad (U.P.), India.

(E-Mail- [email protected])
[email protected]

We have observed so many Earthquakes in last years. It inspired me to think in a different way. So we have made some rules regarding the prediction of Dates of significant Earthquakes. On this basis one can predict the date of significant Earthquakes on the Globe. It should be remembered that these are only the rules, not the principles. Here we will talk about only one rule. This rule is related to the Sun.


Whenever Sun crosses any sign of Zodiac then on the same day the date of the earthquake can be predicted if earthquake does not occur on the same day then add two day more. It means the earthquake will occur on the third day including the date of crossing the sign of zodiac by the Sun.


On January 14,1995 the Sun had crossed the 9th sign which was Sagittarius and it came to the 10th sign which was Capricorn. On this basis we have decided that the earthquake will occur on January 14,1995, the same day. If it will not occur on January 14, 1995 then I will add two days more. It means 14 +2 =16 or third day including the date of crossing the sign. It also means January 16, 1995. So we were sure that the earthquake will occur either on January 14,1995 or on January 16,1995.According to the rule, on January 16,1995 a strong Earthquake hit Japan near the south coast of western Honshu. It was located on 34.06-degree north and 135.00 degree east. About 5502 persons lost their lives. Magnitude of this earthquake was 6.9. On the basis of this rule we have predicted so many dates of significant earthquakes, which later on proved to be true. A few instances are given below-

 15-06-1999 Mexico Earthquake - The Sun crossed the sign on 15-06-1999. It crossed from 2nd sign (Taurus) to 3rd sign (Gemini). Earthquake hit the Mexico on the same day.

 17-08-1999 Turkey Earthquake - The Sun crossed the sign on 17-08-1999. It crossed from 4th sign (Cancer) to 5th sign (Leo). Earthquake hit the Turkey on the same day.

 17-10-1999 California Earthquake - The Sun crossed the sign on 17-10-1999. It crossed from 6th sign (Virgo) to 7th sign (Libra). Earthquake hit the California on the same day.

 17-11-2000 New Britain Region Earthquake - The Sun crossed the sign on 15-11-2000. It crossed from 7th sign (Libra) to 8th sign (Scorpio). Earthquake hit the New Britain Region on the same day.

 13-01-2001 El Salvador Earthquake - The Sun crossed the sign on 13-01-2001. It crossed from 9th sign (Sagittarius) to 10th sign (Capricorn). Earthquake hit the El Salvador on the same day.

Exception to the rule -

Sometimes the dates of earthquake may vary. This variation may be of +- one day. We believe that this is due to influence of other planets.

 18-06-2000 South Indian Ocean Earthquake - The Sun crossed the sign on 14-06-2000. It crossed from 2nd sign (Taurus) to 3rd sign (Gemini). Earthquake hit south Indian Ocean on 18-06-2000.

But according to the rule it should be either on the 14-06-2000 (same day) or on 16-06-2000 (third day).

According to the exception it should be one day sooner or later but here the delay was of five days. So in this instance the rule of the Sun does not looks appropriate. It requires another rule and we did so but we are not discussing it here.

Keeping all the things in mind in this paper we have emphasized only on the date (Time) so selecting only one parameter according to the above rule, we have taken the data from India Meteorological Department (IMD) for the transition of the Sun in different Zodiac signs. This data is based on central place Ujjain. Same as IMD for the Earthquakes, data of United State Geological Survey (USGS) have been taken to avoid clashes in time.

Our firm belief is that: " The Space is the key of a successful Earthquake Prediction." The Planets are embedded in space.

We can use these planets in the two ways -

 As a Source of its triggering and
 As an Instrument.

Here we have used the Sun as an instrument. For the analysis, data of the earthquakes have been taken from April 1993 up to December 2005. Our Findings are as follows-

Number of Earthquakes on the Globe from the crossing of the Sun in Zodiac signs (From April 1993 up to December 2005) selecting only first one earthquake each day.

Before one day Same Day Second Day Third Day Fourth Day
Magnitude -7
And above 7 9 10 2 10
Magnitude -
6 to 7 45 41 47 45 50

Number of Earthquakes (From April 1993 up to December 2005) Magnitude 6 and above at the interval of 6 hours selecting only first one Earthquake each day.

One Day Before Same Day Second Day Third Day Fourth Day
15 18 07 12 15 09 16 10 19 16 04 17 13 08 15 11 17 14 21 08
------- * ----------- * ------------------- * --------- * ------------------------ *
-24-12 -6 + 6 +12 +36 +42 +54 +60 +90

 When we make cluster It is found that between -24 to -12 hours, -6 to +6 hours, +42 to + 56 hours and between +60 to + 90 hours number of Earthquakes are Maximum.

 While between - 12 to -6 hours, +6 to +12 hours, + 54 to +60 hours and +90 to + 96 hours number of Earthquakes are Minimum.

 On the Same Day number of Earthquake is Maximum between 12 to18 hours.

 On the Second Day number of earthquake is Maximum between 0 to 6 hours.

 On the Third Day number of earthquake is Maximum between 12 to 18 hours.

 On the fourth day number of earthquake is Maximum between 12 to 18 hours.

 Special feature is that on the second day number of earthquake is Minimum between 12 to 18 hours. A nice gap that need a further study of planetary influence why it is so?

 The most important thing is that our observations (without proper Data) through which we have made our rules are similar with the observation (with proper Data) because here we clearly find a gap of 12 hours.

When the Next Earthquake (According to the Sun) -

Whenever Sun crosses any sign of Zodiac at Ujjain (India) then after 12 to 36 hours or after 60 to 90 Hours Possibility of a major significant Earthquake on the Globe is Maximum.


On the basis of this method any person can take a view that this date is very sensitive for an earthquake but for the perfection more work is required in this direction. Same as the Sun we can calculate other planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Moon where the dates (Time) are similar there we can say that we are closer towards perfection.






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