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For all the pundits who have said, "Yeah, the Saints are 4-1 BUT..."

They can now officially say "The Saints are 5-1 AND..."

In a thrilling game, the Saints outplayed, outhustled and most importantly, outthought the Philadelphia Eagles to beat them 27-24. Other than a good third quarter, (where they scored 21 of their 24 points) McNabb and the Eagles where confused all day.

The Saints have the 3rd hardest schedule in the NFL and so far are 5-1. And their only loss should have been a win. Anyone who thinks this is "just emotion" hasn't been watching.

Update: - A Few More:

Boy, ain't that the truth (Hint: He ain't talking football)

One for JFK in the comments.

Comments (15)

Yeah, they look pretty good... (Below threshold)

Yeah, they look pretty good.

Just better hope you don't get the Bears in the first round.

Go Bears!

They look good, They have h... (Below threshold)

They look good, They have had good starts like this before however. Where are they from again? Houston..or..? jk

Further proof #5 is a good ... (Below threshold)

Further proof #5 is a good or very good QB, but not great.

Brees to me is a more desirable QB, McNabb is a good athlete, but seems easily confused. Those fastballs in the dirt, or behind receivers dont help either.

I would really like to see ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I would really like to see Reggie Bush score some more touchdowns, if only for my fantasy team. I can't sit him, because he could break one at any time. But when?

Ouch... JFK That's a tough ... (Below threshold)

Ouch... JFK That's a tough one.

Most of what we've done this season has been with limited help from Bush. He is off to a rather pedestrian start......

But how DO you bench Reggie Bush?

As you say he could have 3 touchdown in his next game. -- At least he's getting a ton of catches for you... He was leading the league before this weekend, don't know if he's held that.

John F Not KerryIf... (Below threshold)

John F Not Kerry

If your luck is anything like mine..as soon as you sit Him he,ll have a big game..lol

My league doesn't give poin... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

My league doesn't give points for catches!

Paul,Given the Sai... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Given the Saints history, and not that I'm a pessimist and don't want the Saints to win and raise the fans' spirits in N.O., but aren't you just kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop?

P.S. Thanks for giving my god awful football team your old QB....Aaron Brooks.

Off to go watch the Carnage at Invesco...

Yeah sure PF but we have a ... (Below threshold)

Yeah sure PF but we have a whole new coaching staff and something like 23 new starters in a single year. This team has never existed....

But you notice I didn't post this last week huh? lol


LOL. Very good point, Paul.... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

LOL. Very good point, Paul.

Best of luck this year. I'm looking forward to next April and the #1 pick...

Panthers are coming around ... (Below threshold)

Panthers are coming around now that Smith is back....watch out

All those years of wearing ... (Below threshold)

All those years of wearing Saints jerseys and being mocked, is finally paying off! I just wish I could get into the dome for a game!

The difference that I've noticed with this team compared to previous teams, is that this team actually uses strategy (demonstrated by the referee saying to Coach Payton "that's really smart" in reference to the Saints running down the clock to 3 seconds).

Strategy, who'd a thunk it?

Peter F - enjoy Brooks!

Their "only loss should hav... (Below threshold)

Their "only loss should have been a win"? You've been eating too much of that gumbo. Carolina led most of the game. They're also undefeated since the return of Steve Smith, who just burned that Ravens defense for 189 yds today.

"should have won", indeed.

Given that I am from Clevel... (Below threshold)

Given that I am from Cleveland, all I can say is that I'm rooting for the Saints all the way. NO could use a little good news anyway!

I have to dig out my Bivian... (Below threshold)
Stevie the K:

I have to dig out my Bivian Lee jersey.






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